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s'all good: It's all good. Used either when things are going well, or sarcastically when things are going terribly.
Example: Yeah, I have three papers due tomorrow morning. And, yeah, I get off work at 11 tonight. But hey, s'all good.

s'ok: It's OK.
Example: When Joe-Bob apologized for missing Bob-Joe's birthday, Bob-Joe just said, S'ok.

S'sup: A greeting, like S'up, but cooler.
Example: S'sup. What's new?

s'truth: Australian exclamation of surprise or disgust.
Example: S'truth, she's hot!

s'up: Short version of What's up? Usually stated forcefully, not with an inflected, questioning final syllable.
Example: Yo, bro, s'up!

S-cubed: S^3, from Skanky Sea Smell, something that reminds you of that unsavoury aroma created by a beach full of kelp and dead fish.
Example: No way am I eating this this paella-it's S-cubed.

S-L-easy: Easily sleazy.
Example: A: Seeya later, I'm going to the pub. B: Take it S-L-easy!

S.E.P. Field: From Douglas Adams' _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy._ Phenomon in books andmovies where the populace at large completely ignores something strange and otherwise very noticeable, because it's only of concern to the main characters.
Example: Fan1: There's a giant BAT flying above New York! Nobody noticed?
Fan2: SEP Field.

s/he: Way to refer to a person of unknown gender, formerly he/she.
Example: If s/he wants to become a firefighter, then s/he must be able to lift 150 lbs. without assistance.

s2: Brown-eyed, sweet, cute, hot chick that lives in, oh yeah! Canada.
Men have been known to go 5000 miles to see an s2.
Example: Let's head up to Ontario this weekend to check out some s2.
Mark, now that sounds like a plan!

sabi yo: A greeting using sabi as a variation of the popular wasabiand yo
as the general term for the person being greeted.
A handshake usually follows.
Example: Friend walks into room: Penguinn, sabi yo?

sacagrub: Dental floss, toothpick, something that removes food particles from teeth.
Example: As she finished her meal she asked the waitress for a sacagrub so she wouldn't have to brush her teeth.

Sack Up: To gain bravery, or be outgoing in manner. Frequently used in the Army.
Example: Private Wilkinson, you had best sack up and jump out of this airplane.

sacred pig: Used in place of holy cow!

Example: Sacred pig, Sarah! You can't play Nintendo at all.

sacrelicious: Really good, but also really evil. Homer uses it a bunch on The Simpsons.
Example: Mmmm, that hedonistic pagan girl is sacrelicious. (drool) OR
Getting drunk from communion wine in church because it tastes really good and goes well
with the crackers is a perfect example of being sacrelicious.

Saddict: Sad addict. Used mainly to describe someones slavish adherance to pop fashion or music.
Example: A: Look at him. Wearing dungarees and dancing to N-Sync.
B: What a saddict.

safe (!): An agreement; used in place of OK or Sounds good.
Example: John: do you want to go to the movies today?
Mary: Safe! I'll be there.

Safety: An unfinished cigarette that is purposely extinguished so it can be saved and re-lit later on.
Sometimes they will end up saving the day for you (hence the name safety) when you're out of cigs and craving like a madman.
Example: I'm smoked out. I'm makin' a safety.

safety: Warning to others nearby that you expect to flatulate.
Example: Safety.....PPBBppbbpppbbbpffff.

saffronious: Hard to get, over-priced, over-rated, and completely unnecessary.
Example: I finally found that Neil Sadaka demo tape on Ebay...it's saffronious.

safisterated: Someone pretending to have etiquette.

Example: Jim: I need some tissue.
Bob: Use your shirt.
Jim: That's gross, what if someone sees it?
Bob: Not if it's on the inside.
Jim: Oh yeah, Bob, you're real safisterated.

Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant: When faced with a complicated equation that persistently refuses to work out,
merely multiply whatever answer you do have by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant--
which is just a good name for the day's expected top temperature.
Example: This equation won't work out.
I'll just mulitply it by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant and use whatever I get.

sag aloo: To be very annoyed, often due to a trivial matter. (sometimes followed by Have you got one on you?)
Example: You've got egg on the telly. Sag alooooooo!

sageual: strange but cool
Example: that shirt is so sageual.

sagilent: Smart or sensible
Example: My, those are sagilent shoes you're wearing today.

sailor!: Used when someone speaks to you in a tone that could be mistaken for a double entantre. Usually followed with the reply Captin!
Example: Do you want me to give it to you? Sailor!

sakath: too good,amazing
Example: Your dressing sense is sakath.

salad dodger: An obese person.
Example: What does she look like? Well, she's a bit of a salad dodger.

salad garbage: All the vegetables other than lettuce included in a salad.
Example: This salad has carrot and celery and lots of other salad garbage.

Salada: See you later.
Example: Well guys, I guess I'll salada

sall: It's and all, as commonly slurred together.
Example: Don't worry. Sall right.

sally: Wimp
Example: Don't be a sally

salt: An insult for when someone does something stupid or dumb. Also said when someone is wrong. Can be used in many situations where someone is or should be humiliated or embarrassed by what she did. l, celax17
Example: Salt. Your fault. You simply fell off your chair, Chris. No one else had anything to do with it. It was gravity and your own stupidity that caused it. Gonna' hit someone for that, too? Typical response.

salt: Shortened slang for assault. used as an explanation of disgust.
Example: When someone's ass in in your face. eg. 'ahhh! salt! point that thing somewhere else!'

Salt: Persons, male or female, who happen to interfere with someone else picking-up one of the opposite sex--the object. They can, but are not limited to, being salt if they really suck, or by flat out being a dork (which results in that dorkiness reflecting on you in an unfavorable manner),
or they can be tactless and say something stupid that offends the object, or they can perhaps be a friend of a friend of a girlfriend--which could obviously be detrimental to the game in play.
Example: I don't want Chris to come with us. He is nothing but salt. OR If perhaps your buddy walks up and says anything dumb while you are talking to a lady. After she is gone you can point to him, shake your head, and say, Salt, thereby referring to his salty behavior and calling him salt.

salty: Feeling shame from being beaten or overtaken in an embarassing manner.
Example: He felt salty after I schooled him in Quake.

Salty: A slang word for something heavy in weight. Used mostly in the Lancaster County area of PA.
Example: Make sure that you lift with your legs, because that box is mighty salty.

same difference: 1. Although not identical, they are very similar. 2. Difference between the two is not much.
Example: A. It's violet, not purple! B. Oh, same difference.

sammich: Sandwich.
Example: I'm gonna eat me a sammich.

sampledelic or sampledelia: Created via use of sampling or a sampler (audio: MPC 2000). Also refers to Photoshop era that we live in, the sampledelic era. Anything that has to to with repurposing data, recontextualizing something for a completely different purpose.
Example: The composition of hip-hop music is a prime example of sampledelia

san frantastic: 1. What you say when you realize that San Francisco is great.
2. Something that would be considered good in San Francisco.
Example: 1. I've had so much Chinese food and seen so many gay bars, it's san frantastic!
2. That shirt is pretty san frantastic.

Sancho: Referring to people who believe they are better than everyone else. From the name of a character in Orgasmo.
Example: Sancho over there has been screening guests since he got here.
He tried to turn away my best friend because her hair wasn't good enough.

sancho/a: Spanish slang for boyfiend, girlfriend, or honey.
Example: I saw my Sancho at Lorraine's party.

sand clock, sand timer: Hourglass. (Alec is four.)
Example: Look at that sand clock up there.... It's not flat. How are you going to put it in the dictionary?....Can you get the sand clock down from there? Can I have a chocolate mint? Thank you. I love chocolate mints.

sandor: To consume food or beverages to the exclusion of others. Hog, bogart, pig-out.
Example: Alan sandored the nachos.

sandro: Anything short
Example: I never expected the line to be this sandro.

sandwich girl: A super-skinny girl who looks like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She needs a sandwich.
Example: Joe talks about how he's all about body acceptance and real women, but all he ever dates is sandwich girls.

sangwich: A sandwich in Mexico.
Example: There ain't enough salsa on my sangwich.

Sanies: Supersane people, who upon closer study, may in fact prove to be insane.
Example: Can you believe all the bloody Sanies out Christmas shopping today?

sanks: Thanks. Must be said with enthusiasm and drawn out in a musical and happy sounding way.
Example: Saannnks for the pony, Aunt Dorothy.

sans: Without.
Example: I enjoy black coffee sans sugar and cream.

sansipent: The relief of knowing a Bjork song so well that you can play it in your head from start to finish.
Example: Girl: (Humming final notes of Joga.)
Boy: How you doin'?
Girl: Feelin' sansipent.

Santa Paws: The mythical figure who brings toys to all the ugly children of the world.
Example: Oooh that guy is scoping you.
Yeah, I know he's putting me on his list for Santa Paws.

sap: A person who believes anything he's told.
Example: I told that guy I would give him $100,000. He believed me. What a sap.

sappa: Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, nik, vah.)
Example: Cripes, left my sappa at home. I'll have to go back. Won't go anywhere without my sappa.

sarcacism, sarcacistic: the noun and adjective for someone who is sarcastic and critical(criticism) at the same time
Example: He was filled with sarcacism when he heard about that idea. He was sarcacistic.

sarcasimistically: well, it's prettty much another way of decribing how someone is saying something.
Example: Could you not speak so sarcasimistically?

Sarcasm Mop: Used in reference to someone using too much sarcasm--dripping it all over.
Example: Jason ranted for ten minutes on how much he *loves* ingrown toenails. Someone hand him the sarcasm mop. Please.

sarcasmic: Deliciously sarcastic.
Example: Beth destroyed her debate opponent with an elegant, sarcasmic wit.

Sarcastascism: a particularly nasty sarcastic remark.
Example: Be careful of Dana, her sarcastascisms have been known to induce fainting.

sarcastibitch, sarcastabitch: Person who gets in the last remark, and it's usually sarcastic.
Ryan (alpha_male76@hotmail.com) says it refers to a someone who is making a rude, hurtful, and sacastic comment.
Made popular by _The Drew Carey Show_.
Example: I shot the ball and it hit the rim. Then Brittany says, Nice shot, ya loser. So I called her a sarcastibitch.

sarcasticate: To make sarcastic remarks.
Example: Realscott.com is a very cool site. Well, I really shouldn't sarcasticate.

sarcasticurse: Putting a curse on someone by sarcastically complimenting them.
Example: My tee shot was going to make it over the pond until my opponent sarcasticursed me, It's going to make it! At that point it took a dive and went right in.

sarcastify: To create a sarcastic person by imposing your sarcasm on that person so much.
Example: After months of sharp (and only rarely witty) criticism from Alan, Lisa decided to fight back in kind.
Alan had finally managed to sarcastify Lisa.

sarcaustic: Sarcasm that is especially biting. A combination of the words sarcastic and caustic.
Example: She found his response beyond sarcastic; it was sarcaustic.

sarcestion: Sarcastic inquiry made without expecting an answer.
Example: I asked him a sarcestion and he actually gave me an answer.

sarchasm: The gulf that exists between the author and his sarcastic wit and the reader who doesn't get it. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)
Example: There's usually a significant sarchasm between George Orwell and the high school senior assigned to read _Animal Farm_.

sarcomedy: Sarcasm without the viscious intent, played purely for laughs.
Example: Some thought that Grant was a real jerk,
but those of us who knew him best realized his caustic remarks
were nothing more than his attempts at sarcomedy.

sarcoustic: the deliberate playing of obtuse or ridiculous records or sounds in a d.j. set

Example: the birdy song- drill and bass remix?,
oh you are just being sarcoustic now.

sarf: (n) A freeloader. (v) To sponge or freeload.
Example: Jon's a sarf. He's always sponging off (or, sarfing from) someone.

sarong: What is wrong?
Example: You don't look happy today. Sarong with you?

sasquatch: An indescribable colour made up of all colours
Example: Let's paint the town sasquatch.

sassitude: an obvios combination of 'sassy' and attitude.
Example: I felt full of sassitude wearing my new snazzy boots.

sassooning: The action of catching fish (or underwater barbers) with clumps of hair as bait. From Sir Henry of Rawlinson's End by Vivian Stanshall.
Example: Right, I'm going sassooning.

sassy tuna: (n) someone who is being exceptionally flirty, jaunty, or stylish.
Example: 'Jane just patted my butt! She's one sassy tuna!'

satch: To do something with exceptional skill and speed.
Example: Their star player can really satch with a basketball.

satisfictitious: The state of false satisfaction.
Example: Her satisfictitious life led her to an obvious suicide.

satisinpain: 'Satisfaction in pain.' The practice of psychological masochism.
Example: He doesn't want to be cheered up. He just wants to be alone with his satisinpain for awhile.

saturdish: About Saturday.
Example: I'll be home saturdish.

Saturnight: Saturday night. Monight, Tuesnight, Wednesnight, Thursnight, Frinight, and Sunight.
Example: I'll see Fight Club with you on Saturnight.

sausage overload: Said to be unfavorable. Occurs on a Saturday night when you and your two cronies just add to the non-existing girl-guy party ratio.
Example: After a brief observation, Karl discreetly brings to Anthony's attention that the party is supporting a major sausage overload.

sausage party: A social gathering where the ratio of men to women is extremely high.
Example: Let's get outta this place. It's just one big sausage party.

saux: Sawks. A pair of filthy, usually very old, socks.
Example: Throw those saux away. I just bought a couple of new pairs.

Save me, Jebus!: From _The Simpsons_. Figurative sarcasm--to tremble in your boots.
Example: Oooh! You're gonna tell on me? I'm sooo scared. Save me, Jebus!

sawbuck: Ten dollar bill.
Example: Zak owes me a sawbuck.

sawbuck: A ten dollar bill. [A double sawbuck is a twenty. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see fin, sawbuck, and double sawbuck in action.]
Example: The cost to get into the club has gone up to a sawbuck now.

sawinlogs: a much needed nap or sleep
Example: I was out til 5 a.m. and was sawinlogs til 3 this afternoon.

sazy: Crazy and sane, almost at the same time.
Example: You're acting sazy today. One minute you're wild, the next you're acting civilised.

scab: Stuck-up, snotty, disagreeable, worthless, etc.
Example: Don't act that way, you're being a scab.

scaboobanickel: A trophy.
Example: I got a scaboobanickel when I won the state championships.

scadafah: Oh, well.
Example: Scadafah it's raining again.

scaddadle: Go, leave.
Example: I better scaddadle. I'll talk to ya soon.

Scallage: The layer of grime that is found on a night club or pub floor made up of any number of different substances.
Example: My trousers are a mess, I've been sitting in scallage all night.

scam-city: Similar to scams many cities pull on their captive citizens; a legalized rip-off.
Example: That government place where he worked was just another scam-city.

scambler: Somebody who scams...
Example: Chris is really a scambler, not inviting Charlotte to Adventure Landing, but making sure that Caitlyn was going.

scamel: A very scandalous person. Derived from scandal.
Example: Don't touch me there, you scamel!

scampaign: To methodically and systematically pick up a member of the opposite sex, combining campaigning and scamming.
Example: Hey, let's start our scampaigns early tonight.

scan-master: Someone who is the epitome of weird.
Example: Bob is so strange. He's a total scan-master.

scandafungitis: Inability to follow instructions no matter how simple.
Example: She's got scandafungitis. I asked her to file the papers in alphabetical order and she arranged them chronologically.

scandalicious: Scandal + delicious. To describe an event or gossip that you can't wait to repeat to someone else.
Example: Did you hear? Mary got caught having sex in the copier room. Oooh, how scandalicious!

scandalocity: The quality of being scandalous or vile.
Example: Of a person riding in a car with really loud and bad music, She is rank with an air of scandalocity.

scandocious: When something is so ultra-scandalous it causes you to exclaim it in a gnarly 80s Valley Girl accent;
often used in context of theme party name or directly following the words Sooo or Oooh.
Example: The Mexican Scandocious Party began with gold tequila, orange and cinnamon body shots
and ended with rampant rounds of spin-the-bottle and streaking through the park. Oooh, scandocious.

scanny: something bad, weird, or out of place.
Example: I can't believe Bob said that, it was so scanny.

scanny, scans: Geek-speak for something weird or strange. Maybe originating from the movie _Scanners_.
Example: Have you ever played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and watched _Wizard of Oz_ at the same time?
It's scanny.

The other day, my roommate flipped out 'cause I left a piece of toast on the table ... he kept raving about toast sweat ... that just scans.

scanvergenation: Used if someone is about to scan something
Example: I'm just on the scanvergenation.

scarf: To wolf down food, to eat ravenously
Example: I scarfed down the pizza in 5 minutes.

scarf, scarfing: Scarf: Noun. Used in the pizza delivery business. 1. A delivery driver who recognizes a particular customer address which is known to give a good tip (gratuity) to the delivery driver, and steals that delivery run from the driver to whom it belongs.
2. One who steals runs just so he will have more deliveries (thus, more money at the end of the night).

Scarf: Verb. to steal delivery runs
Scarfing: The act of stealing runs

Scarfer: One who scarfs.
Example: You've got to watch Chris--he'll scarf your runs.

There goes Bill, scarfing another run!

scariot: Someone who is a traitor.
Example: I can't believe that Alex switched sides on us.How could he be such a scariot?

scarpie: Someone who is of low economic and social standing, trailer trash.
Example: No matter how much he spends, Chris will never be any better than a scarpie.

scatillogical: Combination of scatterbrained and logic: the use incohesive or random logic to explain something.
Example: It was difficult to follow your letter because it was so scatillogical.

scatty: Crazy, freaky, grubby. Usually used to describe punks or skinheads.
Example: Those scatty kids are protesting something again.

scazed: to be seriously crazed in a good or bad way.
Example: 1. I'm scazed about that new dvd release. 2. The boss is scazed if she thinks we can get that project done in one hour.

scene: Exclamation of joy, amazement, or said when everything is going well
Example: I just got a promotion. Scene!

scenewhore: A person, generally a female, who you find to be at most social gatherings, usually just sitting around.
Example: Q: Why is she here? She doesn't say anything?
A: Oh, don't worry about her, she's just a scenewhore.

scenzarly: Good, gnarly.
Example: Did you see that scenzarly 180 on the kirb?

Sceptacemia: The condition where being sceptical gets into your blood.
Example: He's got really bad sceptacemia, He just won't accept anything anyone says.

scheisty: The act of being introverted and secretive amongst others, especially on matters of extreme sensitivity.
Example: I tried to ask him where he was last night, but he was being so scheisty about it.

schiakwerker: Shi-yaak-wehr-kehr. One who values a piece of garbage very highly. Almost obsessed with it.
Example: That schiakwerker's been carrying that banana peel for days. Doesn't he know it'll just rot?

schilled: taking a spill on your bike in the winter
Example: I schilled on the way to school, man.

sching *sparkle sparkle*: The common occurence of a dinging sound accompanied by a brief flash of light, often found in cheesy commercials.
Example: The model, with a pronounced smile, held the Arm and Hammer Wipes and drew her flat, upturned right hand from left to right under the bottom of the box. Simultaneously, there was a sching *sparkle sparkle* emanating from her blinding white teeth.

schlitzy: Drunk.
Example: Give me the keys, Jimmy. You're too schlitzy to drive.

schlockjob (verb): To advertise a job opening as one thing or to have one set of requirements--only for the applicant to find out the job is nowhere like what was described on the internet or in the newspaper.
Example: Bobbi soon found out that she had been schlockjobbed
the moment she began talking to the alien-like human resources person.

schlocky: To look shabbily or to do a shabby job on something.
Example: Your boss really did a schlocky job on that report.


My husband does a schlocky job when he does the dishes.


Why don't you get up a little earlier in the morning? You always look so schlocky when you come to work.

schloo: Someone who will say or do something stupid, or not realise the obvious.
Example: You're such a schloo.

schlorka: Expression to be used in place of something inappropriate or embarassing.
Example: Went back to my room for a little schlorka.

schmancy: From fancy, schmancy. Very fancy, ornate--much fancier than you're accustomed to.
Example: Let's not go to La Snooterie. That place is just too schmancy for words.

schmangled: To be completely and utterely smashed due to the mass consumption of alcohol
Example: I was absolutely schmangled.

schmca: used when asking why

Example: person one: lets go eat a garden hose person two: schmca would we do that?

schmear: The amount of mayo and or mustard the deli puts on your sandwich
Example: If you like mustard be sure to request more than a schmear on your sandwich.

schmeckle: a goofy and silly type person
Example: ex. you big schmeckle head

schmeep: It's used as a replacement for a swear. Usually usued when an adult is around or you cannot use profanity. Variation: Smeep
Example: Argh. Schmeep Devin for schmeeping my schmeeping keyboard!

schmeg: The last, stale bit of beer left in a can or bottle--usually backwash.
Example: Can I have a sip of your beer? Eww, it's only schmeg, take it back.

schmegegke: Left-over food.
Example: My friend's refrigerator is always full of his mom's disgusting schmegegkes.

Schmegma: An intrusive mass of something on ones skin.
Example: When waking up one may have some Schmegma in the corner of their eye.

schmick: Cool, great, awesome, etc. A way to express your approval.
Example: Very schmick, Mike.

schmingle: Schmooze + mingle. What sales reps do at parties instead of enjoying themselves.
Example: I tried to enjoy myself, but my date spent the entire evening schmingling with the club owners.

schminke: Funky, cool, great.

Note: Pronunciation is shming-key
Example: That new shirt you're wearing is completely schminke!

schmoodlapp: a danglish word (combination of german and english) used often at method - a total idiot/dolt
Example: hey, rico, do not be such a schmoodlapp always use the damn grid and the ever so friendly yet modern font helvetica

schmook: To get gunk, like a nose print, on someone's glasses.
Example: Watch out when you kiss me. You always schmook up my glasses!

Schmoolie Day: A religious holiday not observed by most people, but is taken as a day off by a select few.
Example: Where's Carl? He's not in his office.
He's not coming in, it's a Schmoolie Day.

schmoopie: Unbearably cute, intentionally disgusting pet name; Synonym: sweetie
Example: I love you, schmoopie!

Schmoot: Alternative to such words as crap and heck. Rhymes with put, not poot.
Example: What the schmoot happened here?

schmuck: Silly person.
Example: Chris is such a schmuck.

schmuda (pronounced schmooda): from the Yiddish. Generally, 1) any type of junk or gunk. Specifically, 2) The stuff that accumulates between the strings and the fret board by playing a guitar.
Example: You got some schmooda on your pants there...

schmudy: It's the same as study, in the bad kind of the word. Like you don't want to do it
Example: No, I'm not going for a drink, because I have to schmudy for my exams tomorrow.

schmul: A rare cheese that comes from the cattle of Upper Manhattan. Best when spread on kosher matzos.
Example: When I visited my aunt, she served schmul slices to go on my matzos.

schmutz: Unidentifiable object or group of objects - or, if known, can be a catch-all word for everything
Example: In a restaurant: Honey, you have some schmutz on your face. or eww, what's that schmutz all over the floor?

schnadle: Lumps in things that should not have lumps in them, such as gravy, pudding or cream of wheat.
Example: This gravy is full of schnadle.

schnazi: a word that derivied out of a speech team of mine...it means cool, good or to be used in a congratalatory remark.
Example: i.e. Your shirt looks schnazi with that suit. or Did you like ____? Yep it's schnazi.

schnazy: Sweet and cool.
Example: Schnazy outfit, Shorty.

schnazzlebopper: the precise name for the thing that is not a whatchamaccalit, or keys, or anything of monetary value.
Example: Where did you put the, um, what is it called...the schnazzlebopper?

schnib: Used to describe something small
Example: I need a schnib of paper for a note.

schnibbles: Small pieces of paper and lint, etc.
Example: After tearing off the paper from the spiral notebook, I got schnibbles all over my desk.


Look at all the schnibbles on the ground! Pick them up!

schnitz: stuff, especially yucky stuff but not limited to the gross
Example: Hey, you've got schnitz in the corner of your left eye.

schnokkered: Incredibly drunk.
Example: Check out Adam, Dave! He's clearly schnokkered.

schnonomere: A way of describing utter disbelief at a unimaginable action or fact.
Example: Billy yelled Schnonomere! when he found out his mum was dead

Schnoodle: Dog mutt who is part Schnauzer amd part Poodle.
Example: Our Schnoodle, Kitty, is larger than a mini-Schnauzer and smaller than a standard Schnauzer, but has some characteristics of a Poodle, too.

schnozzle: Nose
Example: Ow! That frisbee hit me right on the schnozzle!

schnuftie: Decorative design element. No apparent function other than to look good.
Example: A coupla schnufties would round out the home page nicely.

school: To teach one a lesson. To beat one into submission.
Example: He schooled us all in wrestling with his superior strength.

school-made bun: Any disgusting food.
Usually bounces, and has a strange retraction property that differs it from any other element
on earth.
The *true* school-made bun is considered by some to be a rare-earth element,
and is only created under certain very specific conditions in educational facility cafeterias
throughout the world.
Example: Ick...this tofu turkey is school-made bun. Let's go get Chinese.

schoolboy: To make one look foolish by resorting to the simplest possible means.
Example: We couldn't figure out why the car wouldn't start. We changed the battery and even thought about pulling the engine...then Felipe schoolboyed us and showed us we'd used the wrong car keys.

schoolish: pertaining to the better qualities inherent in going to school: studious, zealous of learning, polite and respectful
Example: Don't be foolish, be schoolish!

schoon: adjective. ugly, disgusting, or distasteful
Example: I can't believe he just picked his nose that's so schoon.

schooned: What an individual looks like after too many schooners of beer.
Example: You look schooned.

schram: To breathe through the nose so deeply that everyone within a mile radius can hear it.
Named for a priest whose breathing you hear from the back of the chapel.
Example: Breathe through your mouth would you? I can't take any more of your schramming.

schreibtischfuhrer: An expression of disbelief, anger, or dismay.
Example: When Bob found out he got ripped off for his computer, he muttered Schreibtischfuhrer.

schritzen: To frollick merrily in fields of daises or any alternative flower depending on the season

schtuck: Stuck.
Example: My foot got schtuck in the escalator yesterday.

schube: Acting so stupidly so as to be accused of being brain damaged.
Example: Did you see that guy just walk into the door jam? What a schube!

Schufosi: A derogatory term used by Formula One fans to describe bandwagon Ferrari Fans.
Historically used to describe Michael Schumacher fans.
Example: The Schufosi went wild as the Ferrari driver won the race.

schultzie: A piece of food stuck in your teeth or a booger hanging out of your nose.
Example: After eating, Hey, do I have a schultzie?

Schumi Army: The Schumi Army are the legion of largely German Michael Schumacher fans. They are not unlike a huge beer-swilling army.
Example: Wherever Schumi goes, the Schumi Army goes, too.

Schwaked Chair: A chair with uneven legs. When you sit in one, you rock from side to side
Example: I really hate this schwaked chair!

schwangdoodle: An unidentifiable object; something for which the proper name escapes you, as a tool.
Example: Hand me that schwangdoodle over there, would you?

Schwarzeneggerian: Possessing a massive or bodybuilder's physique.
Example: The criminal was Schwarzeneggarian in stature.

schway: Used to describe something for which one has a strong affinity.
Example: That is one schway babe. That movie was schway cool.

schway: Used by skaters and surfers in reference to something that is awesomely cool.
Example: That switch 360 hardflip over that 12 stair set was schway.

schwee: The collection of dust that gathers in your mouse. It must be removed from the rolling track ball to make the mouse function smoothly.
Example: I removed the schwee from my mouse, now I'm clicking smooth and free.

schwick: To adopt or to take as your own--generally in reference to habits, mannerisms, and elements of style or speech.
Sometimes spelled shwick.
Example: My roommate is dressing just like me--he's schwicking my whole look. He's trying to be me. Loser!

schwing: Reference to a man's physical reaction to sexual innuendo or stimulation.
Example: You should have seen his reaction to her thong - schwing!

schwit: Yet another word for pot.
Example: Do you want to do some schwit tonight

schwoogie: A road with many curves.
Example: Be careful, there is a schwoogie in the road. This is where the road schwoogies

schwoopy: Exceptionally curvy. Designed without a ruler. First official usage in Boyett's TREKS NOT TAKEN (Harper Collins).
Example: It's hard to say which is more schwoopy, Betty Page or a '69 Corvette. If you pour water on something schwoopy, it'll all run off.

science: Logic.
Example: Ed: Damn, I burned myself when I put my hand into the campfire.
Ted: Yeah, that's some science.

science project: The tupperware container in the back of the fridge that has been there so long that you have no idea what is inside and are terrified to find out.
Example: Honey, how long has this science project been back here?

scientifical: A word idiots use to sound intelligent.
Example: We found the results of the tests to be very scientifical, remarked Chester.

scipol: A scientist who rejects truth and knowledge for spin-doctoring, bad science, fake science, cooking the books, etc.--for political purposes.

Example: Many scientists turn into scipols because they are politically beholden to those who provide their funding.

scoche: A little bit. Something in a small porportion.
Example: I passed that exam by just a scoche

scodge: Disagreeable dirty substance.
Example: To friend who has dried taco sauce on his chin, You've got scodge on your chin.

scoff: To eat food
Example: Better go scoff, I'm starving.

scoffable: adj. worthy of scoffing. worthless. despicable.
Example: 'Battlefield Earth' is probably the most scoffable movie he'd seen in a long time.

scogag: A word effectively meaning morning. It was created by my eldest son 8 years ago, and is used daily by all 5 members of our immediate family.
Example: See you in the scogag. (said between all family members each night.)

scont: A word that referrs to a situation that is, from the experiencer's point of view, unfortunate. Synonym for sucks.
Example: I failed Algebra. That sconts!

scoo: A bastardization of is cool. Often pronounced doubly as scoo scoo, in emphasis of the coolness of the situation.
Example: Scoo scoo, I like it much better this way.

Scoob: 1. Deja Vu 2. Repetitiveness. Both terms derived from every Scooby Doo episode being essentially the same.
Example: And I woulda got away with it too, if it wasn't for these meddling kids and their dog Scoobing me.

Scooby: To not have a clue. To be clueless.
Example: Stop trying to impress me with your knowledge of quantum mechanics, it's obvious you haven't got a scooby.

Ex - That TV presenter's a real scooby

scooby: To take food that is not yours.
Example: Damn. John just scoobied my lunch...again.

Scooby Gang: A group of people who hang around investigating the paranormal. Popularised by Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Example: Ooh, a demon! Should I round up the Scooby Gang?

Scoop: Trying to pick someone up at a club, concert, etc.
Example: I've been trying to scoop that girl all night.

scootch: A little bit
Example: Could you move over just a scootch?

scooterputtin: Out driving around looking for something to do
Example: Oh, he's been out scooterputtin all afternoon. He said he'd be home before dark.

scope: To check out.
Example: Hey, Walter, scope that chick with the Godzilla tattoo calf, thigh, and...well, the whole left side of her body.

scope 'n hope: v. - to scan a crowd, looking for a potential love interest.
Example: The singles retreat at my church was spiritually uplifting -- and a major scope 'n hope!

scopeage: A hot girl or guy.
Example: Hey, scopeage behind us.

scordology: Words that foul up a friendly conversation.
Example: Clark is using scordology.

score: Synonym for the overused cool and awesome.
Example: Score! I got tickets to the concert. OR This is really score. I can't believe I passed the test.

Scorpy: A fairly large furry scorpion.
They tend to be very perverted, willing to grab at people even while going through ritual pain.
Scorpies also usually command giant starships and huge confederate empires.
Scorpies also tend to assault people for absolutely no apparant reason, eat explosives, and are immortal.
Be very afraid.
Example: Next thing I knew, the scorpy snatched my lunch box from my hands and ate my lunch. I hate scorpies.

Scoundrelous: Adjective of acting like a Scoundrel. There aren't enough Scoundrels in your life. Han Solo
Example: His behavior with the ladies is simply scoundrelous.

scouser: Anyone born or currently living in Liverpool, England.
Example: Most of the scousers gathered before the big football game at the Bull & Cock Pub in Stanley Park.

scoyner: A self-aware square. That is, a person who is a square and knows it, but takes a sort of subdued and tense pride in her squareness.
Example: My geology teacher last semester was a real scoyner, he showed us a picture of him collecting rock samples on his honeymoon.

Scrabster: A small dog with an unfortunate habit.
Example: Poor old Lucky. He's a nice dog, but a bit of a scrabster for all that.

scrags: Clothes (rags) that are dirty.
Example: I can't believe that Amy and Charles have been living together for three months, and still sleep on a pile of scrags in the corner of a room.

scram: to drag your fingernails across someone's skin (usually their face) in an effort to inflict pain and at least leave thick pink weals. not quite the same as to scratch. tended to be a schoolkid thing.
Example: miss miss! tell her, she scrammed me!

scramblewedge: Hurrying to do something you don't really have time to do.
Example: Sorry, can't do. I still need to scramblewedge a grocery run before my last appointment.

Scran: Slang for food, a snack, nosh.
Example: Man, am I hungry, who's up for some srcan?

Scrankins: The stale cereal in the bottom of the box that someone is forced to eat before a fresh box may be opened.
Example: Do I have to eat the cornflake scrankins again?

scrapper: A real fighter, a battler. Someone who battles hard to make her point known.
Example: She's a real scrapper.

scratch: Money.
Example: How much scratch you make with your new burger-flippin' job?

scrave: To scrave. A desire beyond words, for a sort of super craving.
So urgent that one would do just about anything to obtain the object of desire.
Example: I am scraving some Mountain Dew. I may have to stop coding if I don't get some right away.

Screamer: An extremely embarrassing moment which causes you to scream into your pillow at night. Usually occurs when all of a sudden you become painfully aware that you are humiliated by something you have said or done.
Example: Sarah had a screamer last night when she remembered falling down flat on her face at the club, right in front of a some cute guys she knew.

screengenes: Genetic predisposition to be a couch potato.
Example: His constant channel surfing while eating and drinking on the couch suggest screengenes.

Screensaver mode: having a glazed look in your eyes as you perform your daily tasks
Example: Vito was in Screensaver mode after his heavy lunch.

screentan: Unhealthy skin color, characteristic of persons who spend all summer inside, in front of a computer monitor.
Also see geek, nerd, millionaire.
Example: Dood! Nice screentan! Howzabout we go out in the non-virtual world for a burger or something?

Screw-ching: A word used to mean messed up, distorted, beat up, or otherwise changed negativly.
Example: 1. Matt, give that back now or Joel's gonna screw-ching you.
2. What a lie! Nah, only screw-chinged the truth a bit.

screwed-up-pinky sindrome: Syndrome where the pinky finger protrudes from the hand at a 45 degree angle
Example: I'm glad I don't have screwed-up-pinky sindrome

screwgie: The act of being ripped off; may be used with another word to denote property
Example: He gave me the screwgie. I got the ride screwgie (I didn't get a ride).

Screwish: A nationality: Half Scottish / Half Jewish
Example: Yo, did you check out that Screwish kid? He's got tha guilt and tha kilt!

screwt: Square root.
Example: The screwt of 12845056 is exactly 3584.

screwtinization: When they dig through the minutiae of your life in order to get you for something.
Example: She was a great candidate for the Supreme Court until she was screwtinized.

scrilla: money, cold hard cash
Example: clarence had to go to the bank to get scrilla

script kiddie: Someone using a lame IRC script immaturely and annoying others with it.
Example: Some Script Kiddie is trying to flood me with his pre-fabricated useless script.

scritch: the kind of finger-scratching one does under the chin of a cat. often done on the heads of people in fandom or furry communities.
Example: Jay was scritching me for half an hour. By the time he was done I was melted into a little puddle on the floor.

Scritchy: The way a man's face feels when he hasn't shaved in over a day.
Example: While Todd was on vacation, he let his face get scritchy.

scrod: exclamation
Example: oh scrod! my mind's a blank!

scrod: Not the fish, but the past pluperfect of screw. From the old joke.
Example: Where do I get scrod in Boston?

scroffly: Describes the appearance of a teddy bear when it has been washed and hung on the line. Slightly unwell.
Example: I feel a bit scroffly today.

scrog: Midwestern slang term for copulation.
Example: I can't believe that disgusting troll is scrogging my sister.

scrolly: A really long web page that goes on forever and requires a lot of scrolling to get down
to the bottom and back up to the top.
Example: I wanted to read the articles, but it was all scrolly and my eyes were tired.

scrooby: Totally stuffed up, screwed up, shoddy.
Example: Look at that guy wearing those tight leather pants...scrooby.

scrounge: One who continually uses others for selfish material gain.
Example: That scrounge is always asking me for a favor.

scrub: A common term among fighting game players. Scrubs are players who (a. Truly have no idea how to play the game but think they do (b. Know how to play but lack any sort of skill (c. Use cheap and annoying tactics/play styles constantly. Most scrubs think th
Example: Today I went to the arcade and beat on a couple of scrubs.

Scrubtacular: (adj) For a person dressed very well, but who doesn't have a lot of money.
Example: Eric looks scrubtacular. He's pretty decked out for a man with no job or money.

Scrudy Beizer: A person who excels in either uncleanliness, laziness, or some other form of repulsive behavior.
Usually used when deriding their unsavoriness in a light-hearted fashion.
Example: Your mother? Tell the scrudy beizer to get her butt off the couch and put some clothes on.

2 Man, he's a scrudy looking beizer

Scruffmuffin (noun): An extremely attractive guy with long hair and a beard
Example: Damn, he's a total scruffmuffin!

Scrum: Very good. Sporting.
Example: You got me a present? How scrum of you.

scrumbly: A web graphic that is not optimized. A web graphic that looks crackly and is not clear.
Example: That picture is very scrumbly.

scrummy: The contraction of scrumptious and yummy.
Example: 1. The dinner was scrummy.
2. Check out the scrummy babes at the Riviera Crazy Girls show.

scrump: Generally used in a derogatory manner, it's a term for having sex--derived
from screw and hump.
Example: All he cared about was getting her back to his place and scrumping her.

Scrump-dililly-lish: Extremely pleasant in taste.
Example: These cream-pufs are scrump-dililly-lish.

scrumpdillyump: So amazing you can't define it with just one word.
Like scrumptious, delicious, unbelievable....
Example: The dinner we had was scrumpdillyump

scrumpet: an attractive person, often younger than the person using the word, possibly a bit of a tart
(similar to the yummy baked good, a crumpet, but a yummy person instead)
Example: Did you see her new boyfriend? He's a total scrumpet!

scrumple: A cross between screwed up and crumpled.
Example: That guy has had so much bad stuff happen to him he's scrumpled.

scrumpsh: Used when describing something that tastes really good. Derivative of scrumptious?
Example: That pizza was scrumpsh.

scrumtralescent: Overly awesome, more than perfect.
Example: The wine is scrumtralescent. Goes great with the chicken.

Scrumtralescent: An implausible and unimagineable form of improvement beyond perfection. Perfect at being perfect.
Example: Your prose used when composing a belittling joke about jo mama is so marvelous that it's scrumtralescent.

scrumtrulescent: Being so good it can't be expressed in words.
Example: The movie was better than great. In fact, it was scrumtrulescent.

scrunch: Act of making a flat rug more comfortable by folding orpiling into a heap or scrunchpile.
Example: Look, Bandit's scrunching his rug again.

scrunchie: Elastic hairband with decorative cloth wrapping
Example: Sara looked very 1989 with that gold lame scrunchie in her hair.

Scrunge: To crumple or twist with one's fingers.
Example: My dog likes his ears scrunged. The newspaper is all scrunged up.

Scrungrow: 1) A dirty person
2) a low life human

Example: what a scrungrow you've turned out to be! Scrungrow!

scrunkle: to snuggle up together under a blanket on a cold winter evening
Example: the two young lovers were so cold from their evening walk, that they proceeded to scrunkle up on the couch

Scrut: A cross between a Skank, and a Slut
Example: Look at that dirty Scrut

sctief: This is a nonsense acronym found in a bogus feel good survey sent out on the web.
Example: I saw the word sctief in a survey and went to psuedodictionary.com to find out if it is a word.

scubu: Taken directly from the word scrub. Is a younger brother that is also the baby of the family. If someone is an older sibling as well, they are not a scubu.
Example: Katty laughed as her scubu became confused as a dog circled him.

scud: Archery expression for an arrow which flies high and wide of the mark, missing the target entirely.
First coined by an American Naval Officer and archer in connection to the Soviet-made missle when
he observed an unsuccessful Soviet demonstration of the missle.
The weapon missed its target by a considerable margin.
The gentleman remarked What a scud!
The press was present and printed the word and it has been associated with the missle ever since.
Example: The scud is a aptly named weapon as it is notoriously inaccurate.

scuff up: To SCUFF UP is to make a major mistake. (I owe this phrase to a friend of mine called Joe.)
Example: I really scuffed up on that maths test. I bet I get an F!

scully: perfect
Example: this is so scully!

Scumiotics: The study of what makes a person, object or act scummy.
Example: Robert was very learned in the field of scumiotics. He used his knowledge of scumiotics to help him in his everyday work.

scummy: Crappy, lame, pathetic.

2.one who is happy to be scruffy in looks or personality. Not taking pride in one's self.
Example: That hobo's so scummy it's sad.

scumpy: (adj) Place, person or thing which is either dirty or scruffy.
Example: This restaurant is really scumpy. OR Geez, you are such a scump.

scunch: To move about on the elbows, dragging the back half of the body, in almost a froglike manner. This is done by both elbows at the same time, and follows with the knees a second later.
Example: The tomboyish girl decided to scunch across the living room carpet floor, thus obtaining rug burns on both her knees and elbows.

scunge: Another name for a cat.
Example: Look at that ugly, mouse-eating scunge.

scunnered: Scots slang. to be sick of something. If you are scunnered of chocolate, you are all chocolated out.
Example: Chips tonight, Bob. But ma, I'm scunnered of chips.

scuz: Excuse.
Example: Scuz me. I need to see a man about a llama.

scuzbucket: Derisive term for appearance or attitude.
Example: 1.) Did you see what that scuzbucket was wearing? 2.) Here's the revised company dress-code policy from the new scuzbucket personell director.

sd'ed: superdeformed (from anime) -- deformed/compressed in such a way as to be cute or anime-ish.
Example: The characters from Puzzlefighter are sd'ed. Sd'ed robots and cars are so cute.

Sea Monkeys: From Douglas Coupland's Microserfs. Something that seems unbelievably fun, but in the end winds up as a cruel, bitter letdown upon arrival.
Example: This new publication was expected to be groundbreaking, but in the end, it was just Sea Monkeys.

sea monster: Drunk girl that sits at the bar and talks smack about other girls.
Example: That sea monster's starin' me down.

sea wag: A wagging dog tail underwater.
Example: Rover sea wags at the beach.

sea-scratch: An itching sensation (rash) in your pants caused from sitting around in wet clothes for a long period of time.
Example: Mike was out boating all day without a change of clothes and now he has a nasty case of sea-scratch.

seagle: Seagull + eagle--a mythical bird. From Glenpool, OK, high school student's poetry.
Example: A word that rhymes with beagle? How about seagle?

seagull manager: Boss who shows up randomly, makes a lot of noise, messes up eveything...and then leaves.
Example: (name) is a seagull manager. I wish he'd just travel all the time. (Make seagull cawing noises to warn of manager's arrival.)iving

Seannery: Sean Connery. Any act that is Sean-Connery-like.
Example: Did you see Seannery on Barbara Walters?

adv.- Alan was quite Seannery at the bar last nite with the ladies.

seapig: Surfer talk for a fat chick on the beach
Example: The beach has nothing but a bunch of seapigs in bikinis today.

sebid: Worldly.
Example: Ernest hemingway was sebid.

sec-def, sec-ag, sec-com, sec-: Washington DC slang expressions for the Presidential Cabinet.
Secretary of Defence, Secretary of Agriculture, etc.
Example: This is the sec-def's second time around;
he was sec-def under President Ford as well.

seckzi: Sexy. Like hawt and ur, this is used by stupid teenage girls on the Internet who think it looks cutesy and cool.
Gains more Stupid Points than hawt, because it requires TWO extra keystrokes to produce
than to correctly spell the word. (See hawt and ur.)
Example: omg, liek justin timbrelaek is SOOOOO SECKZI!

secluse: a recluse living in seclusion
Example: he chose to live alone as a secluse

second: (noun) word meaning any amount of time at all, usually way more than desired
Example: mum: yep, i'll be off the computer in a second
(2 days later)
mum: just a few seconds....

second bestroom: the bathroom with the lest traffic in any building (whether because of location, facilities or cleanliness) where considerent people go when what they have to do could be unpleasant for others.
Example: I think I'm coming down with the flu or something -- I'd better use the second bestroom.

secret-squirrel: A designer of cryptographic code for secure computer communication.
So-called for being stereotypically male, physically-small, and twitchy.
Example: If we want genuinely secure email we need to hire a secret-squirrel.

secretary spread: An unusually wide butt, usually used in reference to a woman.
Example: He's neither a secretary nor female, but he still has secretary spread.

section eight: Adjective describing something as bad in some fashion. [ED. If I remember _M.A.S.H._ correctly, Section 8 has to do with being insane.]
Example: Denny's is section eight.

secuous: (adj.) Clever and witty in a charming fashion; handsomely eloquent
Example: Cheryl, have you spoken to Lance yet? He's so funny and secuous.

see ya!: Used to either tell someone to get out and stay out or to state that the person saying it is leaving permanently.
Example: I've had enough of your lies. See ya!

see(s): The distance one must travel. As far as you can see.
Example: The old ballfield is two sees down that road.

seedy-bags: A particular type of person given to saying or doing something of a particularly disgusting nature.
Example: Fletch, stop being so disgusting. Do you have to be such a seedy-bags all the time?

Seen: It means that something is understood, two people are in agreement or it's cool.
Example: Yo you wanna hit Turbo tonite? Seen

Seen: I understand. OK. Or just acknowledging what was said.
Example: Ted: I got my girlfriend pregnant last night.
Fred: Seen.

seesayleptic: a person who cannot resist reading movie/tv subtitles aloud even though all others present are capable of reading them
Example: His friends and family knew him to be a seesayleptic and refused to watch subtitled movies with him.

Seinfeldian: Situation that could have been part of a Seinfeld episode.
Example: The whole ordeal was so Seinfeldian.

seized: Incapacitated due to severe hangover.
Example: I'd have another one, but I can't be seized tomorrow.

selance: The feeling of relief that you get once waking from a dream that had unconquerable problems or obstacles.
Example: When Tom awoke from his dream of being fired and being forced to file bankruptcy, he felt a wave of selance wash over him.

Select Memory: Selective memory.
When a person only remembers the things that they really want to remember
as opposed to the things others want them to remember.
Example: Ok, so you didn't remember to put the dishes away,
but you were able to remember that big party in town?!
You've got the worst case of select memory I've ever seen.

selective infictionation: The illogical refusal to accept certain principles of fiction whilst accepting other, more unlikely, principles

Example: He infictionated 'Superman the Movie' by accepting the guy could fly but refusing to believe Lois Lane would never recognise him!

self-colossallating: Of size increasing by self regulation to an extent that elicits awe; getting more and more immense without regulation and on one's own power.
Example: Maria was caught in the hay with her horse-riding teacher after accidentally killing the horse that her father gave her instead of paying off the house. Clearly her luck was self-colossallating.

self-insertion: Describes a fanwork which features the author as a main character. Written to boost the author's self-esteem, rather than to present an entertaining or thought-provoking plot.
Example: Have you read his latest Sailor Moon self-insertion fanfic? That guy is desperate.

self-surfing: Surfing to your own web site to make it look more popular.
Example: His hits were down, but a couple hours of self-surfing made him look as hip as ever!

Sell: Goodbye, bye, buy or any sort of way in saying goodbye.
Example: Well I have to get going now, sell!

selling tickets: to tell a lie
Example: If some one tells a lie, it's a ticket, or you could tell them they are selling tickets.

sellist: Someone who repeatedly makes blunders. Sells out.
Example: Joe: Did ya see how Bob missed that open goal?
Jim: Yeah, he's such a sellist. Might as well set up shop in the middle of the field.

semble: that trembling, deep breath in that comes after a long time of sobbing.
Example: After crying for hours, drew in a semble.

semiconducting lube-valve: Any piece of techno-gadgetry that defies conventional description and does something that will be described with an overly generalized analogy.
Example: Ensign: What if we hooked up the semiconductiing lube-valve to the EPS conduit and reversed the polarity?
That should create just the kinda of quantum gravitation field we're looking for.
Science Officer: Oh, you mean like filling a ballon with too much air and letting it go?

Ensign: Exactly

Semiopathy: The syndrome of deriving a meaning from a sign which is not that which was originally intended.
Example: The signpainter appeared to have semiopathy when he made the lakeside warning read: Crocodiles Do Not Swim Here.

semipulchrous: Fairly beautiful, or almost beautiful.
Example: She's not bad-looking, definitely semipulchrous.

Semper-Flex: A male who is ostensibly macho to disguise the fact that he is a complete wuss.
Example: With the big show he makes of his daredevil nonsense,
Geraldo has got to be the biggest Semper-Flex out there.

semprini: 1. A multiple-use profanity.
2. A term for any body part that would otherwise be unfit for public discussion.
Example: 1. Oh, semprini! I dropped the bowling ball on my foot! 2. Oh, kiss my semprini.

senignal: description of a person who forgets to cancel their turn signal.
Example: There goes another senignal driver.

senilosopher: A combination of senile and philosopher.
Used to describe a computer that constantly sits and proccesses information for no reason at all.
Example: Mark finishes booting computer and moves mouse, causing computer to sit and think.
Dangit! I haven't even opened anything yet. Stupid senilosopher.

Senior Citizen Effect (SCE): 1. The anomaly in the space-time continuum where time dilates in direct proportion to your
distance from a Senior Citizen, slowing time as we know it to a crawl.
This effect makes one later and later for an appointment as one gets closer in proximity to a Senior Citizen.
2. The magic ability for time to appear to speed by faster as you get older,
making old age seem to zip by, however dilating time around you for everyone else.
Example: 1. I'm sorry I'm late to your wedding, I got caught by the Senior Citizens Effect when I passed by the Bingo parlor.
2. Thanks to the Senior Citizens Effect, the years when I had the dispeptic ulcer seemed to zip by quickly.

Senior Citizen Factor (SCF): The amount of time needed to account for senior citizens when trying to make an appointment.
When going through a high senior citizen density area (such as the supermarket at noon),
you must take into account the relative speed and delays propogated by senior citizens.
Example: We have to leave earlier if we take into account the Senior Citizens Factor.

senior moment: An exhibit of behavior that would typically be associated with growing older. example: forgetting your own phone number or what you were talking about in the middle of a sentence.
Example: Oh my god! I just had a senior moment!

senioritis: Behaviour characteristic of high school seniors, but can be contracted (it's like a disease) as early as middle school. Symptoms include rampant class-skipping and general apathy towards all things school-related.
Example: I won't be doing my homework tonight either. Senioritis has got me bad this year.

seniprandicapsaphobia: Fear of opening old lunch boxes.
Example: I was about to start sorting out my school bag after the holidays when I was suddenly
assailed by seniprandicapsaphobia.

senseslut: Someone who is open to any and all experiences, and enjoys each one thoroughly.
Example: Hi, my name is Ochre Orientis. I like to eat, swim, make love, and all that stuff. I'll do anything, I'm a senseslut.

sentence finishing machine: A statement or part of a statement made when a friend fuges out and doesn't finish her sentence.
Example: Bill: Last night I got a new.... (pause)
Wally: Sentence finishing machine?

SEP: Someone Else's Problem. Something you don't have to worry about, because responsibility for it belongs to someone else.
Example: A. Oh, no! There's a huge load of customers that walked into the door!
B. I've signed out and changed clothes. SEP.

sephim: Nocturnal angel. Seraphim=angel. Ra=Sun god. Seraphim-Ra=Sephim.

Example: My gorgeous gothic girlfriend is a sephim.

Seppo: American, mainly from USA. Derived from the SEParation of the USA from Great Britain.
Example: Mark is a Seppo.

serfitude: A catch-all describing both those classified under serfdom and also servitude.
Example: The peasants revolted against their terrible state of serfitude.

sernerfer: Would-be sophisticate, a snob. Used derogatively to describe someone overdressed for the occasion--or having her nose in the air.
Example: She tended to dress in a sernerfer fashion.

Servant Distance: that really awful distance when a group of people leave one person to walk behind them a good 4 meters
Example: Hey guys! what's up with this servant distance?!?

set my 'nana down: A positive response to a request or a favor, implying that in order to fulfill the request or favor you
must first put aside the banana you are eating.
Example: Hey, Roy, can I borrow your leather chaps for tonight's ice cream social?
Let me set my 'nana down.

settin' it back: describes a person who is eating rather voraciously, ie setting back the food already in their mouth, for more, before chewing it
Example: gee, that chappy must really like those flapsticks. he's settin' it back like nobody's business!

seudo-p: Adjective describing words that are fake or made up by people. Sodapea, sudapea.
Example: (While playing Scrabble.) That's not a word, it's a seudo-p.

seven four seven (747): When a conversation topic, joke, etc. goes straight over your head--
as a Boeing 747 does. Useful when you don't have a clue what's going on.
Example: I didn't get it. It was a 747 to me.

severious: severly serious
Example: this is a severious matter, damn-it.

severiously: a combo between severe and seriously....
Example: severeiously, I have no legs

sewellesque: A short, devout Mormon wrestler who almost goes pro grappling can be called sewellesque.
Example: Have you ever seen Goldberg post WWF? Hes pretty sewellesque.

sewup: The stitched seams on a teddy bear.
Example: The antique bears were in excellent condition, except for some torn sewup.

sexable: A person who is extremely sexy.
Example: That Elizabeth is one sexable chick.

sexellent: Excellent.
Example: That's sexellent! Claus exclaimed.

sexified: Getting dressed or preparing yourself to look sexy.
Example: John will be here in an hour. Let me go get sexified

sexile: To force your roommate to leave so you can have annoying, noisy sex.
Example: Andy: Jeff, why are you sleeping in the student lounge? Jeff: Got sexiled. Again.

sexpert: An expert of all things sexual.
Example: Jane is a sexpert, she knows all about it.

sexpionage: 1. To infiltrate someone's bedroom to gather information.
2. To use sex in a negative way to harm someone else's relationship.
Example: I used my best friend for sexpionage to see if my girlfriend was faithful.

sexsylum: The act of being taken in for the night after being sexiled.
Example: Can I get sexsylum in your room tonight? My roommate has his girlfriend in from out of town and I got sexiled.

sexula: A compliment to someone you think is attractive.
Example: You have vexy sexula arms. OR My word, you are very sexula!

sexy: Adjective used to describe an inanimate object that is expensive or beautiful.
Example: My girlfriend looks sexy, but I wish she'd move once in a while.

SF49: Anything that grows from small to huge very rapidly. From the growth of San Francisco in the 1849 Gold Rush from 1000 to over 100,000 people in a few months.
Example: Yahoo went SF49. Hey, Tom, if you gobble down any more of that pizza, you gonna go SF49.

sgetti: Spaghetti for the lazy--or those who can't spell.
Example: I like Italian food, especially sgetti.

Sgweet: Slang for Let's go eat
Example: It's 12 o clock! Sgweet!

sh'yeah: pronounced sh-yeah. Usually said in an awkward moment as a response to someone's comment you don't hear clearly. As in unsure agreement.
Example: Scott: I think Nikki is the total cat's pajamas.
Jimmy: sh'yeah...

sh'yeah (or sheah): An amalgam of sure and yeah (according to some--shoot + yeah). Denotes affirmative in a laid-back manner.
Example: Well, sh'yeah! I told him I'd be back by 6.

SHAAAAP: Teenager's request for others to be quiet.
Example: SHAAAAP!

Shaatz!: An exclamaton to be used when one is very impressed.
Example: Shaatz! That girl was hot.

shaba: Same meaning as wow, cool, or thank you.
Example: 1. That was very shaba!
2. Did you see that website? It's shaba.
3. Shaba very much.

Shabam: awesome, cool, that rocks!
Example: Shabam! we won the game!

Shablamo: A word used to express extreme surprise or excitement.
Example: Man, I thought I was in for another routine day of classes, but then during science, shablamo! Pop quiz.

Shaboose: To take something from someone when they have asked you if you want some before going to get it--and you declined.
The best description is when you ask your friend I am going to get a burger and fries,
you want something? they decline, but when you return,
they take a substantial portion (more than a couple of fries).
Shabooser, shaboosee, shaboosist, shaboosing, shaboosable.
Example: If I had known you were going to shaboose my potato salad, I would have got more for you.

shabrah: Lame guys with no intelligence or agenda.
Many at college like to drink beer, conform, and screw around.
All have frosted tips, leather jackets, and turtleneck sweaters from Structure.
Tan from a can guys who like to think they're from California.
Comes from the slang Shahbrah as in Yeah brother gone to Yeah brah
then horribly mutated into Shahbrah.
Example: Let's leave. This party's lame and there's too many shahbrahs here.

shack: To nail a thought or description that someone else has been explaining
Example: You just shacked that PETA argument.

shacket: A piece of clothing that is both a shirt and a jacket. Perfect for nights that are not too cold or hot.
Example: That is a nice shacket.

shackpacker: n. Someone who refuses to let go of useless possessions after moving to a new location, thus bringing all belongings with them. Also packing the shack.
Example: After Debbie pulled the brassed antlers from the box, she screamed, Tom, you shackpacked after telling me you wouldn't.

Shaddup: Slang for Shut Up
Example: Why don't you just shaddup?

shade: Pronounced shaada. German for too bad. Used sarcastically when you don't mind that you're missing out on something.
Example: Mom: I'm sorry, dear. Your orthodontist appointment was cancelled. ReplyShade.

shadow: Said when one departs a room.
Example: I gotta break. I'm shadow.

Shady: description of questionable behavior
Example: That guy on the corner is acting shady.

shady: suspicious in nature; dodgy; sketchy
Example: i don't trust my uncle with my girlfriend- he's kinda shady...

shafted: Defrauted, cheated.
Example: You gave him the money? Are you stupid? You have been shafted, mate.

Shagitude: The point at which someone enters a single-issue universe; purpose: to get themselves a shag.
Example: I think we should steer clear of her this evening. After what she said on the last press trip to Barcelona, I reckon she's in her shagitude, and shouldn't be dissuaded from her course of action; namely, nailing that nice bloke over there...

shagnasty: Someone in a particularly kinky mood.
Example: Bill was giving me the look, so I knew this shagnasty guy was waiting for action.

shagtastic: immensely good looking, generally used to describe member of opposite sex for which physical attractions exists
Example: You are looking simply shagtastic.

Shake: To leave a place (as in bounce, or roll).
Example: Let's shake and go to Taco Bell, I'm starving.

shake a tower: Take a shower.
Example: I got really dirty playing football. I'm going to go shake a tower.

shaky: meaning that someone or something is a bit strange or unreliable.

sham: 1. To look through, as in browsing or leafing through.
2. Unneccesary looking through with no final outcome.
Example: 1. So, yeah, the other day I was shamming through some old books.
2. He's such a shammer, never deciding upon one thing.

shamalamadingdong: A doo-wop term to express excitement.
Example: Shamalamadingdong, that's a cute bobbysoxer!

Shamball: A person who steals another person's idea. Cf. slimeball.
Example: Patrick stole my idea and claimed it for himself...shamball.

shambles: Something incomprehensible or in severe disarray. {No idea why we do it, but sometimes a real word, with nothing new in its description or example, will be added to the pseudodictionary.)
Example: After that kegger on Friday night, my place was a shambles.

shamblize: To wreck or make a shambles of a person, place or thing. To create disorder.
Example: After they were barred from the night club they returned and shamblized the place.

shamburger: n. a patty composed of something other than ground beef that's intended as a hamburger substitute
Example: Boca makes much better shamburgers than Garden Burger does.

shame train: The bus.
Example: My car broke down so I'm taking the shame train this week.

Shamuism: A religion based on the worship of Shamu.
Example: Shamuism is quickly becoming the religion of choice for intelligent people.

shaness: An absolutly gorgeous person. Someone who is a big turn on.
Example: She is totally shaness. OR He looks really shaness in that outfit.

shank: To badly hit a ball.
Example: Man - you shanked it way to the right!

shankity: 1. weird 2. cool
Example: That's shankity.

shantey, shanty: Generally decrepit or falling apart. Rotten. Filthy. Run-down.
Can be paired with towne to describe a place that is rotten, filthy, or run-down.
Example: Mike, your muffler is falling off your Miata. That is one shantey automobile.

ex. How long has it been since you cleaned this apartment, Rick? It's become a shantey towne...

shants: Capri pants, a mix of shorts and pants.
Example: Shants are more comfortable than pants cause you can breath,
and more comfortable than shorts cause they aren't showing off my fat thighs.

shappy: Being both shocked and happy at the same time.
Example: Yes, Mallory, when you told me you were marrying Nick, I was very shappy for you.

sharkin': Walking around a pub/night club looking to chat someone up and then get fixed up
Example: look he's sharkin' again

sharmoancinnon: A tiny blister located on the flap of skin that connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth.
Example: I had a great time last night, but now I've got a sharmoancinnon.

shasited: Being so incredibly excited that you can't sit still.
Example: I was totally shasited to get my CD player put into my car!

shasta: another word meaning sweet or cool
Example: Shasta! I can't believe that you got me NSYNC tickets.

shasta: An average to ugly-looking person that you'd sleep with anyway if nothing better is around.
From the cheap soft drink Shasta. You'll still drink it if there isn't anything better around.
Example: The chick that Greg took home is shasta. Must have been a slow night at the bar.

Shasta Mcnasty: Gross, nasty
Example: Eww that's nasty. Worse, Shasta McNasty....

shastic: Cool.
Example: That's shastic. Where did you get it.

Shat Fu: The sweet, sweet fighting style made famous in Star Trek,
in which you can defeat someone without actually hitting any vulnerable spots.
Example: The best Shat Fu move is the one where they clench their fists
together and bring them down over their opponent's back, crippling them instantly.

shavlong: Another name for a mullet; the hairstyle featuring a short, often spikey top with shoulder length hair in the rear, giving off that business in front, party out back feel. It's shaved and it's long.
Example: I saw this guy at the mall yesterday. You wouldn't have beleived his hair. Talk about a shavlong.

shaweee: Used during moments of extreme excitement.
Example: Shaweee! That was awesome.

shazbot: Swear word from the planet Ork.
Example: Shazbot! I'm stuck on this godawful planet.

shazzam: To cause the appearance of a genie by way of the marrying of two rings.
Example: I am in a real fix, if only I could shazzam my way out of this somehow.

sheapp: A animal, a cross between a sheep and a pooddle. Most commonly found in Huron, Michigan.
Example: The sheapp fallowed the girl untill she let it eat her shoe.

shecky: Incredibly loud, tasteless, and tacky.
Example: The golfer showed up in what had to be the sheckiest outfit I'd ever seen.

shee-han: A term for a little guy who thinks he's a bad dude, but in reality is a major dork.
Example: The guy let someone kick him in the chest, breaking his sternum. Nothing but a shee-han.

shee-shee: Snotty, uppity, upscale.
Example: We went to this totally shee-shee restraunt and it cost the two of us two bills.

sheents: Freshly cleaned sheets.
Example: I did the laundry today, so tonight I'm sleepin' on sheents. It's da bomb.

sheentz: intense craving for nicotine specifacally cigarrettes
Example: Hey Tiffany, I'm so having a sheentz, lets go outside!

sheep: Suck or bad.
Example: You sheep, Lauryn! OR Man, I did sheep on the chemistry quiz.

sheepdoggin: When one attemps to coherse a group of people into an action by gentle prodding.
Example: Everyone was so unmotivated i wound up sheepdoggin us over to the bar for wings and beer. Hey do what you want, i aint gonna sheepdog tonight. Ok who's sheepdoggin tonight?

Sheeple: A cross between sheep and people. Members of a horde of mindless followers, such as can be found at rallies, sports events, and religious gatherings.
Example: As the sheeple entered the stadium, they were herded gradually towards their seats.

sheepling: A baby sheep; a young sheep.
Example: The new sheepling gets along well with the other animals.

sheesh, Louise!: The old-fashioned phrase Oh, for crying out loud!
Example: He actually said that? Sheesh, Louise!

Sheesh-ola/olio: An expression to describe something having extra sheeshness.
Example: He actually said that to his Dad?? Sheeshola!

sheet head: A member of the KKK.
Example: My cousin in Alabama is a sheet head.

sheila: Australian Slang for a female, woman, girl, chick.
Example: There are some decent sheilas at this party, mate.

sheit: One who has had a sex change operation.
Example: After the operation, he is no longer a he or a she, but a sheit.

shelf: The stomach when it has become enlarged to the point of being an appendage.
Example: You dropped some food on your shelf.

shelfware: n. The bound, printed version of a project, which likely will end up on a shelf, unused and forgotten, gathering dust.
Example: We put ten man-months into that research, but all it became was shelfware.

shellacking: To beat by a large margin. to thrash
Example: Collingwood gave Carlton a shellacking.

Shem: 1. Ignorant or stupid person. Very harsh connotations. 2. Someone who acts impulsively without thinking, usually making an ass of themselves.
Example: Chris is such a shem, he sits in front of his computer drooling and typing with one finger all day.

shenanery: a cross between shenanigan and chicanery that is used when you have absolutely no clue what is going on
Example: chappy walks in to see his pet monkey swinging from the chandelier, whistling dixie and says, what in the world is all this shenanery!?

shenanery: a cross between shenanigan and chicanery that is used when you have absolutely no clue what is going on
Example: chappy walks in to see his pet monkey swinging from the chandelier, whistling dixie and says, what in the world is all this shenanery!?

sheopping: Following a female being for countless hours in clothing, jewelry and other stores, saying That one is better than the other, and No, that doesn't make you look fat, honey, and Yes, I like that one--without really caring.
Example: I have a terrible headache because I had to follow Martha sheopping for hours and hours. Anna and Sharon went sheopping and I had to wait for them while they chose all the clothes they'd be using in the party.

shepherdry: The occupation and/or vocation of a shepherd. Being involved with the raising and tending of sheep.
Example: Shepherdry would be a good vocation for those who want to spend time alone out in the wild.

sheranger: One of Canada's finest, the park ranger. Specifically, a female ranger small in body, big in heart. Friend to all animals and at home in the rough outdoors.
Example: That girl is so resoureful and smart, she could almost become a sheranger.

sherblit: (n) Something small. Usually applied to cute objects, animals, or people.
Example: Today for show-and-tell Rahim brought in his new puppy--what a sherblit!

shewpus: Just a tad better than cool or kewl.
Example: That new computer has everything on it; it's so shewpus.

shibby: an affirmation to a sugged plan of action. Like Right On!
Example: A:'Let's pick up a six of Schlitz's and hit up the strip club.' B:'Shibby!'

SHIBBY: cool, extremely fun
Example: That party was soo...SHIBBY!

That shirt looks so shibby on you!

Shibby: An interjection or adjective that is used as a variant of cool. It is usually preceded by way.
Example: That movie was way shibby.
That shibby chick in the red slipped me her phone number.

Shibbytastic: Adjective meaning cool, brilliant, wonderful, fantastic, shibby. More exhuberant way of saying either of these. Derived from the words shibby and fantastic.
Example: Wow, I just had the most shibbytastic day!

shicken: Chicken.
Example: Look at the shicken run around the yard. Dad will never catch it.

shickle: Shickle-short of a nickle-In essence, it is used when your out of change.(You don't just have to be out of nickles, you can be out of something else.
Example: I had some extra change for my friend who was shickle.

shie: An inscrutable person.
Example: What's up with the shie? I don't get him.

shift: To snog, neck, or make out.
Example: I shifted Anna at the club last night. Big mistake.

shiggidy shiggidy shwa: A random phrase that is said in place of a logical explination
said in a awkward moment.
Example: Teacher: What is the square root of 57?
Child: Uh.....shiggidy shiggidy shwa. OR
Jack (who is rather ugly) : Jill, I like you. Would you go on a date with me?
Jill (who is an untouchable): Shiggidy shiggidy shwa.

shill: Upper class, corporate, self-absorbed, snooty type individual.
Example: My boss is a shill.

shim: Replaces the use of those tedious slash words used to indicate the subject or object of a sentence: he/she and him/her. Can also be used in the posessive as in his/her.
Example: If the employee is found to be browsing questionable Web sites shim shall be relieved of shim's Internet and computer privileges. If management has to warn shim more than twice, shim shall be notified of shim's pending unemployment.

shimmy: To dance.
Example: Said to mates in a club: I love this song! I've gotta go shimmy!

shimmy: Shimmy is a word to use in place of any other word when describing something.
Example: Pass over that shimmy'
There were beans and all kinds of shimmy there.

shimmy-tang: When men in bars play air hockey.
Example: The guys are in the back playing shimmy-tang.

Shin Din: A party where you have lots of fun.
Example: My friend and I went to a shin din last weekend.

shinanid: Fancy word for jerk, fiend, etc.
Example: That filthy shinanid back there took my wallet.

shink: A nickname for the Japanese bullet train, from the word shinkansen. Used by foreigners living in Japan.
Example: You can get to Tokyo in under an hour if you take the shink.

shink: Sound caused by two metallic objects sliding against each other, ending in a sharp collision.
Example: The sword slid into its scabbard and stopped with a loud shink.

shinnanist: A person attracted to shiny objects.
Example: Jesse, the shinnanist, couldn't stop looking at the star on top of the Christmas tree.

Ship in a bottle!: A phrase used when something goes wrong or you mess something up
Example: Did you remember to change all of the wrong answers on your math assignment?
Ship in a bottle! Why does everything always go wrong?

Ship Rat Nuts: A description of a person or an event that is beyond the standard terms of chaotic.
Example: After I broke up with Ann she went ship rat nuts and burned my house down.

shipper: A fan of a television series who focuses on the pairing of two individuals. Short for relationshipper. Term originated from X-Files fans.
Example: A: I hope Mulder and Scully fall in love. B: Oh joy...another shipper.

shippleshanks: When someone has done something outstanding for you....and you want to
thank them three times. Shippleshanks = triple thanks.
Example: Shippleshanks for paying for the movie.

shirt-lifter: Insult. Used for someone who makes careless descisions or acts inappropriately.
Example: Did you see what he just did? What a shirt-lifter.

shiz: Synonymous with shit. Used in places where vulgar language doesn't go over well--school, around parents, church, work, etc.
Example: Oh, shiz! I forgot my homework.

SHIZAM!: Word used as a small but exciting exclamation of approval or overall joy.
Not to be confused with SHAZAM! as exclaimed by newsboy Billy Batson to turn himself into Captain Marvel.
Example: Joeman, dinner was most excellent tonight. SHIZAM!

shiznitz: Shit, a juvenile way of saying same.
Example: Oh, shiznitz. It's the shiznitz.

Shizzleizzlefizzle: Used to describe something so intense that cannot be expressed using words.
Example: Shizzleizzlefizzle! I just cut off my finger while chopping these onions!

Shkeev: Dirty.
Example: That guy is so shkeev.

shlamm: lazy, crummy person
Example: Look at that shlamm over there he does not even have his shoes tied

shlong: Short + long = shlong. Also known as a mullet. Refers to the haircut that is short on the top and long in the back.

Example: I went to Wal Mart and you wouldn't believe how many shlongs I saw.

Shlops: The opposite of props, a negative award given to someone who does something wrong or stupid.
Example: Shlops to the cook for not putting onion in my chili.

shmants: Short pants; pants that fall below the knee but above the ankle
Example: Now that the weather is warmer, everyone's wearing shmants.

Shmarm: Mushy romantic stuff.
When someone gets shmarmy they say things like Shnooky-wooky cakes and read mushy poetry.
You get the idea?
Example: He was so shmarmy I felt like puking!.
It was giving me cavities.
All day he was shmarming over her, it was sooo sick.

shmege: Pronounced sh-may-ge. An errant piece of fuzz or lint on one's clothing
Example: Come here, you have a shmege.

shmelldrawer: The risky act of smelling a pair of your underwear to ascertain if they are clean or not before wearing them.
CAUTION: Should only be attempted in the absence of visual indicators.
Example: I asked my wife if the BVDs on top of the Cuisinart were clean and she said, No idea, shmelldrawer.

Shmeltsy: Tacky, unfashionable, cheesy, or sappy.
Example: Man, that movie you recommended last night was shmeltsy.

shmongotz: Dirt, debris, usually a small but offending blemish or smudge. Accent is on second sylable. Origin: cross-pollination of the sounds of Yiddish and Italian.
Example: 1. Get me the Visine. I got some shmongotz in my eye. 2. Wash your hands; I don't want any shmongotz on my CDs.

Shmoo: Shmoo Shnazzy Shampoo that smells like blue berries
Example: Hey Nade! ur hair smells good! have you been using shmoo again?

shmooey: a nickname for something cute and cuddley, like a kitty!
other uses: shmoodooo, shmoooies, shmoohead
Example: Where's my shmooodooo?!?

shmotent: This word is said as a curse, similar to saying Oh, my God! It is not named after anything in particular.
Example: Johnny wakes up one morning to see that his house has been robbed.
In a state of shock, he screams Shmotent!
By saying this, he has released some anger,
as well as portrayed to bystanders how he is feeling.

Shmouldering: Showing of the shoulder, but not as in wearing a tanktop; wearing a top that is too low-cut and periodically slips to reveal the shoulder.
Example: Look at Jessica in that boatneck shirt--she's shmouldering.

shnam: Cheesy, cheap, lame.
Example: I died seven times in a row! The computer opponent in this game is totally shnammy.

shnarf: Someone who is close, but slightly annoying. A friend.
Can be used as an affectionate scolding.
Example: You're a shnarf, Halley.

shnarfaly: Most excellent, incredibly desirable.
Example: That hot woman who just walked by is shnarfaly.

Shnazzy: Really Cool or Awesome
Example: That jacket your wearing is pretty shnazzy.

Shnib: a small, unidentifiable fleck of something (such as lint) on your clothes, on the carpet, etc.,
Example: You have a shnib on your sweater

shnibblett: A really cute toddler.
Example: Are you picking up the shnibblett from day-care today, or shall I?

Shnikies: WOW, that's amazing.
Example: Shnikies, that was cool

Shockadefianok: Exact meaning or spelling is unknown. It's spelled how it sounds.
A Polish phrase used my my grandmother, usually as an expletive when something undesirable happens.
Example: Shockadefianok! I owe on my taxes.

Shockening: Something a bit more shocking than normal.
Usually used when the shocking event or news is enough to so chronologically disorient you that you
forget about past, present, and future tense.
Example: You see a pig flying dangerously close to the ground: Shocking.
You see the plane the pig was piloting crash to the ground: Shockening.

shoeshine: Cool, brilliant, swinging.
Example: The gig was total shoeshine. I loved it.

sholiloquy: An unnecessarily obvious verbal broadcast of one's thoughts to make a point.
Example: Bill: Why don't you just tell me where it is?
Ben: Hmmm, if I tell you where it is, that's more work for me, but if I don't, that's more work for you.
Hmmm, think, think... In the above example, Ben has made a sholiloquy to show why he does not wish to enlighten Ben about the whereabouts of something.

shonky: Inferior quality, duff
Example: I had a really shonky pizza last night.

Shoobedy Boobedy: A phrase that denotes nonsense or is used as a non-sensical response to a question or comment.
Example: What's your name? Shoobedy Boobedy!

Shooer: The job title all Aussies adopt when over in the states: you shoo the kangaroos and koalas off the harbour bridge.
Example: What do I do back home? I'm a shooer, mate. Each morning I shoo off the kangaroos and koalas from the harbour bridge.

shooosh: when someone is being annoying and you want them to shut the hell up.
Example: Shoooosh, I do not want to hear you singing that NSYNC song!

shoop: One sheep.
Example: Lots of sheep and one shoop.

shoop: One sheep. As in one goose and lots of geese.
A herd of sheep is fine, but it doesn't make sense to say Look at that sheep!
Example: Look at all those sheep! Look at that little shoop over there standing on its own!

shoot the gap: The act of passing a vehicle through a seemingly impossible space in traffic, between buildings, etc.
Example: Shoot the gap. There's plenty of room betwen the curb and that car. You should have at least two inches to spare.

shoot the tube: To survive a bout of heavy drinking and hit the golden inebriated euphoric stage without
throwing up or passing out. What happens when you don't cross the line and don't go one drink too far.
Example: After the bottle of wine, and the sixth Gin and tonic, we thought Becky had crossed the line; but no, she switched to water and shot the tube.

shootin' sheep: Suffering from insomnia. When counting the sheep doesn't work, thin their numbers.
Example: Jim: Where's Greg gone to?
Tom: Oh, he's just shootin' sheep in his room.

shopgrift: Buying something with the intention of using it and returning it for a refund.
Example: I don't usually need a power saw, so I shopgrifted one from Home Depot.

Short Sheet: Leaving exactly two squares of the toilet paper and not replacing it with a new roll.
Example: If you don't want to short sheet someone, a good rule of thumb is to replace the toilet paper when you can see the brown cardboard through the tissue.

shorts: The smokable remains of a cigarette.
Example: Hey, save me shorts on that square!

shortspeak: Spoken language that omits articles and unnecessary elements, as in shorthand
Example: She said, Kiss, fool instead of Kiss me, you fool and I knew she was the one for me because I prefer shortspeak over monologue any day.

Shorty: A young person or an attractive female
Example: I gotta go pick up my shorty from school.

Shorty Forty: A 22-ounce beer.
Example: It's too late for a 40-ouncer. How about a shorty forty?

shosho: something that does not work as it should
Example: That firecraker was a shosho.

Shot Nazi: Individual(s) who has a strong desire to force shots of alcohol upon everyone else. This happens more often when the recipient does not wish to drink.
Example: I've had 12 beers and two whiskey sours, so tell that shot nazi to stop buying me pucker shots.

shotgun: To claim rights to an object or service over anyone else. Once something has been shotgunned, it is not possible for that right to be overruled. Shortened version: gun, gunned, gunning.
Example: 1. Shotgun front seat! 2. You can't have that cake, I've gunned it. 3. Gun that chair!

shotgun: Aussie kangaroo hunting slang: to have the front seat of the ute (and not have to rough it on the back). Or, to have first shot at whatever chosen target.
Example: I shotgun the cute blonde at the bar.

shotgun marriage: Usually a marriage when the bride is pregnant--under threat. A forced marriage.
Example: Andrew, you and Wilhelmina will have a shotgun marriage if ya try that again, ya hear!

shoulbow: The upper arm--i.e., the part of the arm between the shoulder and the elbow.
Example: I hurt my shoulbow. OR He's got good-looking shoulbows.

shovel: To go fast, usually referring to vehicular travel. First noticed in the movie _Ronin_.
Example: A. What kind of car do we need?
B. I dunno. An Audi A4, or a perhaps a Quattro. Something that can shovel.

shovel of justice: When someone gets what they deserve.
Example: The school gardener got the shovel of justice.

show: Part of the phrase doin' shows--acting overly dramatic in a situation,
drawing unnecessary attention to oneself or others around.
Example: We were in the mall and when Tasha tripped and fell.
She started yelling and blaming the boy behind us. She was doing shows.

Show us them teeth, boys!: To be used when people are rather nasty. Can replace boys with girls as the situation suits.
Example: J: *^*@'# idiot! D: Oh, yeah? Helen: Show us them teeth, boys!

showdowner: A gunfighter (lawman or outlaw) whose success in individual combat has become addictive.
Example: Son, you think you're fast but don't try him. He lives to kill. He's a real showdowner.

shpadoinkle: Something good and amazing.
Example: Have a shpadoinkle day.

shpantz: A combination of shorts and pants. The bottoms zip off and they become shorts.
Example: These shpantz are killing me.

Shralp: To do something with fierce concentration and effort. (Credited to James Ruggieri.)
Example: Sure, I was pulling it...but Guldman, he was *shralping* on it! It was amazing.

Shrapnel: Loose pocket change, usually large quantities thereof, frequently found in Canada where there is not only a one but also a two dollar coin--resulting in very heavy pockets and sagging pants.
Example: This round is yours. Sorry, all I have is shrapnel.

shredded: Doomed; in big trouble.
Example: When I saw the cops coming, I thought we were shredded for sure.

shrig: to shrug, in a horizontal, rather than vertical manner.
Example: completely confused by the world around me, sometimes I just have to shrig sadly, and move on.

shrinkle: To reduce in size and appearance by shrinking and wrinkling.
Example: Oops, my new cashmere sweater accidentally made it into the washload, and now it's all shrinkled.

shrinkles: A combination of shrink and wrinkles. What happens when you leave your favorite 100% cotton shirt in the dryer way too long.
Example: That shirt's a lost cause. It's full of shrinkles.

shroomery: A kind of dark, damp orchard for the growing of mushrooms.
Example: Kid: Mum, is dinner ready?
Mum: It would be ready a lot faster if you'd go to the shroomery and pick me some mushrooms.
Kid: Doh. Sucked in. Again.

Shroosh: To remove something quickly.
Example: Shroosh your clammy hands off my soda.

shrub: a miserable person, usually a male
Example: Vince will never get a girlfriend, he's too much of a shrub.

shruburbs: That point just outside the city where it seems each homeowner is competing in the nicest trimmed hedge contest.
Example: The shruburbs are a refreshing contrast to the concrete jungle of the inner city.

shu' up: Shut up.
Example: You are so stupid. Shu' up! I am not.

shubadoowah: Used to express pleasure about something cool or good happening.
Example: Our fave band is playing at the lido! Shubadoowah!

shuburyness: The sensation experienced of someone else's warmt when you sit down on a seat, often experienced on public transport, occasionally experienced on lavatories!
Example: I got some serious shuburyness on the subway this morning

shucklak: Sound of a shotgun loading.
Example: The echo of the shucklak hung in the air.

Shumming: V. To show the midriff.
Example: Look at that girl with the belly button ring! She is so shumming. | I love shumming in the summer, don't you?

shump: 1. the stuff remaining in a salad bowl after having completed eating the salad.
2. Worthless or nonsensical collection of objects.
Example: There was a huge amount of shump in the closet.

Shunk: To stuff something into something anyway even though it doesn't quite fit.
[Cf. Procrustes, procrustean. http://www.entrenet.com/~groedmed/greekm/mythproc.html]
The word has even more meaning when lubrication would normally be used but was forgone.
Example: I watched as Billy tried to shunk the puzzle piece into the puzzle.

Shunnington: a place which is the opposite of Shangri-La, in essence an Angry-La. So-called Christians exercise their anger at those who have fled from the flock via the cult-like practice of shunning.
Example: Because you have left that religious group, you have elected to live in your self-created Shunnington. Should you not leave, you could very well become a Shunningtonite.

Shunningtonistic: relating to or having the nature, symptoms, and/or characteristics of anything to do with Shunnington, that spiritual place in which a person lives as a result of being victimized by the practice of shunning.
Example: The practices of that quasi-Christian group border of the Shunningtonistic.

Shunningtonite: One who lives in Shunnington, in that state of being an outcast from a religious sect.
Example: The person living in a spiritual place called Shunnington because of his breakaway from a sick cultic group would be a Shunningtonite.

Shunningtonosis: a weakened spiritual state which has befallen one as the result of cultic practice of shunning which causes the victim to feel like a pariah, an almost inexplicable form of spiritual psychosis.
Example: Because of leaving the Christian-like cult and as a result of years of being shunned, Buddy suffers from an acute form of Shunningtonosis.

shup: Shut up.
Example: Hey! Shup!

shuped (sh-a-pid): Outrageous, dumb, stupid, etc
Example: What are you acting shuped for?

shut it down: Shut up. To tell a person or group of people to be quiet.
Example: You need to shut it down.

shuttlecock: A sexually loose male. There are many such words for females, but not for males. I submit this one.
Example: He's such a shuttlecock, he's slept with half the women in town.

Shuush: What you do to someting....
Example: I schuushed all the stuff in the drawer.

shwa?: Used in times of confusion, similar to what?
Example: 1: (Talking jibberish no one can understand.) 2: Shwa?

shwack: To end, to kill, to make non-existent. Usually used in violent actions. Shwacked.
Example: The A-10 fighter aircraft shwacked several enemy soldiers with his 30mm Gatlin gun.

Shwag: Really bad.
Example: You won't wanna watch that, it's completly shwag.

shway: Synonym for cool, sweet, or awesome. From the cartoon Batman Beyond
Example: You mean you're going to give me that camera for free? Shway!

shwing: An exclamation used by an innocent onlooker to indicate that someone has just been insulted. Usually accompanied by a wince.
Example: Shwing! Y

shwip: slick, smooth, small, on the covert tip. can also describe an action.
Example: I saw a guy on the subway today with this shwip little camera.

sick: possessing exceptional talent. bad-ass.
Example: You need to check out this band, they have a sick bass player.

Sick is for the sleep and weak: Slurred Sleep is for the weak and sickly, when one is really really tired.
Generally spoken at sci-fi conventions at 4am.
Example: The con suite is closed, it's time for bed.
Sick is for the sleep and weakly. It's still early.

sicknasty: Only the best of the best.
Example: You thought the catch was nasty? No, that was sicknasty.

sickophant: A freak of nature.
Example: You're a freakin' sickopohant.

SICKUS: used when someone's/something's appearance is more than just repulsive i.e. v unattractive
Example: that food/clothes/boy/etc is sickus!

side wickered: pretty much the same as half bubble off plumb

sideass: when a girl has lovehandles
Example: She is having a little trouble fitting in those jeans with that sideass.

sidebrows: Originally a mistake for sideburns but transformed into a word.
A person who has abnormally long eyebrows or abnormally long sideburns.
You may refer to these sideburns/eyebrows as sideburns.
Example: Did you check out Alex's sidebrows?

sideburns: what a woman has when she puts on a swimsuit but hasn't been properly shaven or waxed

sidewalk sale: The collection of people hanging outside a club after it closes, hoping to get a date to finish off their evening.
Example: There was this cute guy there at the sidewalk sale, but someone else walked up to him before I got up my nerve.

SIDS: Standing In Doorways Syndrome. This refers to those inconsiderate people who choose a doorway or other restricted area to stop and have a conversation or otherwise hold up the traffic.
Example: I'm sorry I'm late but I was held up by a load of SIDS in the shops.

sieve: A hockey goalie, often used as a chant during a game for the opposing team's goalie referring to him being full of holes and the ability for the puck to easily pass into the net.
Example: Sieve! or The goalie is a sieve.

sif: Contraction of as and if.
Example: And then the wheels flew off. Sif that would ever happen.

siffler: the part of a computer mouse that you take off to clean it and it won't go back on again
Example: Can you come and help me fix the siffler on my mouse?

sift: to hang about doing nothing for extended periods of time.
Example: What did you do today? Nothing, just sifted about the place for a few hours.

sifted chair: A soft chair that one sinks into and doesn't want to get out of

sightsee-sick: The Yes, old building, ancient...where do you get an ice cream in this place? feeling when you´ve visited 20 monuments in 3 days.
Loosely translated from the Dutch Monumentenmoe.
Example: This is a picture of a temple in Egypt, no idea what it is or where it was, because I was sightsee-sick when I took it.

sigint: Signals Intelligence: Cryptographic espionage and code breaking.
Example: The overwhelming majority of American intelligence assets are culled by sigint agencies like the N.S.A.

sike-naw: (v) Being disappointed, embarrassed, or made a fool of by an individual who abruptly does something unexpected. Also, exclamation of the individual who does this act when it occurs.
Example: Mollie pushed the down button. When the elevator arrived, she saw that it was full, but started to get in, anyway. Sike-naw! yelled Charlie from the back of the elevator. And Mollie was thus sike-nawed.

silico: Any life form based on silicon, like intelligent computers, androids or maybe even aliens, based on silicon.
Example: TovarisSilicij is a silico.

Silicon Alley: n. - The competitive technology sector based in New York, NY.
Example: Although San Francisco continues to draw new business, more and more technology graduates are migrating to Silicon Alley.

silkwyrm: A lucky dragon. A 6-legged dragon that spins a silk cocoon to morph into a flying dragon.
Example: You're smart, you're beautiful, you're wealthy. What you got, a silkwyrm?

silliminarity: Resemblance--sarcasm about how closely unlike things are related.
Example: I've often noticed the silliminarity between a chopstick and an elephant.

silly rabbit: the look of amused disbelief you give someone for asking a stupid question, inspired by the trix cereal commercials
Example: I asked if I could borrow his new car and he gave the silly rabbit

sillying: Joking around.
Example: When Franklin called the boy squirt, he was'nt being mean--he was just sillying.

Silver: Any bit of change apart from pennies.
Example: Hey, I need some silver for the toll booth.

silverback: Elderly driver.
Example: That silverback can't even see over the steering wheel.

similarize: To make two or more things similar; the act of making things similar.
Example: By comparing dollars to donuts, you similarize two objects.
Finding similarities in them should be the result.

similie: THIS SPACE RESERVED. Submit the best description and example for this misspelling of the word simile and you will gain a measure of immortality--(well, at least fifteen minutes of tame infamy).
This spot corresponds to the 8000th word added to the pseudodictionary.
The word submitted for this space was a duplicate, so here's your chance.
Is a similie similar to a simile? Is a similie something like a smiley?
(If it's similar to a smiley, show what it looks like in ASCII characters.)
Or is it something else altogether?
Example: Send your description and example to the editor's pseudoaddress PDZJLVKSNXCW@spammotel.com.
This particular pseudoaddress will be shut down, so jump in while you can.
PS. The spammotel software is a great way to get an address that you can discard if it turns out you get a lot of spam.
It's free at www.spammotel.com.
Oh, by the way, in several months of use the spammotel people haven't done anything to cause me to get any
spam either.

simmadown: Calm down, chill, relax, take a breath
Example: You need to simmadown now.

simple-sibyl: A woman who survives by the simpliest means possible, i.e., trading sex for everything she wants.
Example: Ex: She’s such a simple-sibyl that she traded sex for some shrimp scampi.

simplexity: The emergence of complex, non-predictable behaviours from simple initial conditions. The whole field of chaos mathematics essentially revolves around this concept.
Example: Weather algorithms demonstrate classic simplexity. If one develops a system with 3 or 4 initial interacting parameters, it is quite impossible to predict the outcome once the algorithm is run.

Simpsono: Simpson addict.
Example: You are Simpsono.

Simstordonary: (sim-store-don-ary) any state in which a computer program manages to simulate real life (that thing outside the box) almost without fault (mainly refering to graphics)
Example: 'Didja see Tiberium Sun's cut scenes !? they were Simstordonary!'

sin-laws: The parent or parents of a person you are living-in-sin (cohabitating, shacking-up) with.
Example: I have to go over my sin-laws' house this weekend with Suzie.

sindrom: From a mispeling of syndrome, with much the same meaning. Could be especially useful to refer to infractions related to the seven deadly sings. Can also involve generally immoral, unethical, or unlawful behavior. Enron (WorldCom, Global Crossing, Adelphia, etc.) Sindrom = Greed. Clinton Sindrom = Lust.

sinesthesia: Committing all seven deadly sins at once.
Example: I think I have sinesthesia--where all seven deadly sins are combined. I covet anger, envy sloth, and take pride in my greed and lust.

singing to the choir: Telling me something I already know.
Example: You are singing to the choir. I've heard it before and I don't want to be bothered hearing it again..

singleton: Non gender specific term somewhat akin to spinster, with less negative connotations (as popularized by Helen Fielding in Bridget Jones's Diary).
Example: Just because you're a Singleton doesn't mean you can't lead a normal fulfilling life...

Singlish: The Singaporean dialect of English. Liberally drop adjectives, nouns, verbs
and practically anything you want from a sentence, end with a lah, lor,
ah, eh and/or include words from any one of the following languages:
Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese and Malay, and you're probably pretty close.
Example: Ah Beng: How come we walk walk walk, still haven't reach ah?

Ah Seng: Wah lau eh, so far, of course take long lah!

singriluck: To plug one nostril and suck in through the other for the purpose of clearing the nasal passage.
Example: I singrilucked really loud during math class today.

sinnerstatica: Politically correct word for the Christian Limbo.
Example: We prefer the term Sinnerstatica, the eternally imprisoned entity said.
And we're not heathen sinners, we're piety-challenged static souls, thank you very much.

Sinseriously: To be earnestly sincere, to be seriously honest.
Example: I know you don't believe me, but I really did see that UFO, sinseriously.

sinshield: Just as a windshield shields you from the wind as you're driving along, a sinshield shields you from sin as you drive through life.
Example: Turn on the sinshield wipers. I can't see what's right and what's wrong.

sinsister: A sinister, evil, malicious, sinful female.
Example: She was a sinsister who stole his tools and left him with a bug he couldn't kill.

Sique: Sique (pronounced sick) means very cool.
Example: Those were some sique moves you pulled on your skateboard yesterday

sitation: Award given to an outstanding website.
Example: Pseudodictionary was awarded a sitation by English Online.

sitch: Situation.
Example: All right, here's the sitch.

sitch: Situation. A bad personal issue that you and one of your nearest and dearests have gotten yourselves into.
Usually causes major depression.
Example: I don't wanna go with you to the café; Bob might be there and we've kind of got a sitch.

sitemare: Website and nightmare--to describe the horrible website you're developing for a client who is probably equally as horrible.
Example: A. Hey, how's the _______________ site going?
B. Ugh. It's a total sitemare.

sitifacient: This is, I believe, an etymologically accurate word meaning 'thirsty-making', and should be used by pedants eating peanuts in pubs or bars. Invented at my request by the late Dr. Anthony Ladd.
Example: Dean: Packet of sitifacient, Dr. Picklegruber?
Dr.: Thank you, Dean. I don't mind if I do.

sitiot: The person who sits directly in front of you in an uncrowded theater or arena.
Example: I can't believe that sitiot just sat there--let's move.

sittin' in tall cotton: Southern U.S. expression meaning doing great or got it made;
common variants add an h in sitting or use initials SITC.
Example: Win the lottery and you'll be sittin' in tall cotton.

situwized: another way to say situated
Example: Let me get situwized.

sixhead: A forehead, only larger. Also can be used to describe the person with an abnormally large forehead.
Example: Did you see his date? Whe was a sixhead.

sixteened: Unpopulated or to depart quickly.
For my cousin who would state, EVERY TIME, when she would attend an event,
see a movie or go to a club where very few people had shown up: Are you kidding?
There was like, sixteen people there.
Example: Odd that the bar should be so sixteened on a friday night.
After I told Maria Mark had planned on comming to the party after he got off work,
she sixteened before midnight.

sixty-six and ninety-nine: Quotation marks, from the way they look when written: 66 99. Mainly used in the learning processes of young children.
Example: When you are quoting someoneput sixty-six and ninety-nine around what they said.

size of Wales: British Imperial measurement of area. Used to convey biggness of ecological damage etc.
Example: The fire destroyed an area the size of Wales in 6 hours.

sizz: The sound made when wearing corduroy pants and walking.
Example: At the winder fashion show for seniors, the announcer could not be heard due to the sizzing of the models.

sizzlethighophobia: The fear of sitting down in shorts in a vehicle after it has been sitting in the hot, summer sun.
Example: I knew that in the 90 degree weather that the seats would be scorching. Sizzlethighophobia caused me to
place towels under me before I sat down.

skabibidibobidiska: A dance that is danced to while listening to ska music.
Example: Me and my friend went skabibidibobidiskaing at the discotec.

skabid: Shut up, stop that noise. Used in the middle of someone's sentence to interrupt her.
Example: Hey, Chris, how's the.... Skabid, Chris said.

skad: a lot, heaps, more than 100 but less than 1,000,000,000.
Example: Brian has skads of DVD's!

skadroplaning: While driving, to apply hand brake whilst on gravel, dirt or other viscuous though dry surfaces,
sending your vehicle into a slide--preferably with a fish-tail action.
Example: Brad was driving down my dirt road and left a mess from his obnoxious skadroplaning.

skag: An ugly woman. Similar to skank, but in this case a shower isn't going to help.
Example: Did you see Mark's new girlfriend? Geez, what a skag! My watch stopped.

skank: Dirty, nasty-looking woman--haven't had a shower forever.
Example: Did you see the skank who just came in. The horror! The horror!

skank: Undescribable ailment.
Example: I must have caught some sort of skank at school. I feel like hell.

skank pants: The tight black pants that girls wear to clubs.
Example: Skank pants really show your assets--or your liabilities, as the case may be.

skank top: A very skimpy tank top, usually white or see-through.
Example: You can almost always see their breasts through the skank tops.

skankalous: Something you aren't supposed to be doing, because the situation is skanky; filled with skanks.
Example: That party was skankalous; I can't believe she invited those people.

skankarilla: Scantily clad drama queen.
Example: Look what that skankarilla almost has on.

skankified: To be changed from a nice normal young girl into a skanky ho.
Example: When Liana started going out with that pimp, she got thoroughly skankified.

skanking: To skank is to dance like a crazy person.
Example: I was skanking and couldn't stop.

skankle: Any word that one writes in one's notes while falling asleep during a lecture.
Example: Ooh, look. I came up with new skankle in government today.

Skanktastic: A girl you know you should stay away from but you can't help yourself.
Example: I know I shouldn't go out with Betty, but she sure is skanktastic.

skanktopotomus: A fat hooker.
Example: Look at the hooker on the corner--that's one very big skanktopotomus.

skanky: Smelly, bad, or ugly.
Example: These sheets are starting to get skanky. Guess I better change 'em since it's been 3 months now.

skants: A skirt made from old pants.
Example: This pants didn't fit me anymore, so I made some skants out of it

skarejur: 1. any small piece of bark, mulch, or plant matter found in the backyard
2. anything pulled out of a nose
Example: I need a tissue for this scarjur.

skaterprep: Used to describe an icredibly stupid teenager, usually a male. This person takes the worst habits of the steryotypical prep and the worst habits of the steryotypical skater and combines them into a horrid person that has no self-idenity
and likes crappy bands like Hoobastank and System of a Down.
Example: Chris does a lot of drugs and flunks all his classes, but he thinks he's a god. He's a skaterprep.

skawesome: Awesome. This is a cool word. I use it all the time:)
Example: Those are skawesome wheels you've got there.

Skay: Slurred pronunciation of It's okay
Example: Be right back, I just got a phone call. Skay.

skeazy: A cross between sleazy and skeevy. It means dirty, unsanitary, and nasty.
Example: Let's eat somewhere else; this bathroom is way too skeazy for me.

skedaddle, skidaddle: To go away, or get out of the way.
Example: Now you kids skidaddle. We're baking in here!

skeeky: Skanky and creepy combination.
Example: That skeeky guy across the street--the one dressed in the leather thong--wants to have his picture taken with you.

skeet: To mean short or really tight as in hugging the skin. Or can be used as meaning cheap.
Example: His pants are really skeet. OR Chris is so skeet he made me pay for it all.

skeeve: A particularly disgusting (both physically and personally) person,
often denoted by chimples (chest pimples) and bacne (back acne).
Example: Don't ever talk to her again; she's a total skeeve.

skeeved: To be grossed-out in a particularly skin-crawling way.
Example: Watching her eat that bug skeeved me out!

Skeevy: Dirty, gross
Example: I would never kiss him, I would feel so skeevy afterwards!

skeez: To lie to or to extremely exaggerate something.
Example: He tried to skeez me, but I could tell he was lying through his teeth.

skeezer: A woman who exploits her sexuality to obtain favours from, or power over men.
Example: Stop batting your eyes at me; you're acting like a skeezer.

skeezy: Irreputable, low-quality, essentially the same as shady and sketchy and sleazy.
Example: That porn shop on the corner of Ghetto Avenue and 300th Street is pretty skeezy-looking.

skelltown: A bad neighborhood; the wrong side of the tracks.
Example: After getting lost, I found myself in the middle of skelltown.

skeptimistic: Skeptical + optimistic. Optimistic, but with a bit of skepticism thrown in.
Example: Our team's pretty good, but I'm a bit skeptimistic about their chances of beating Jenks.

skerds: The rubber-like debris that's left after you've used a pink or plastic eraser to remove pencil markings on paper.
Example: A teacher can tell if a student is unsure of test answers by taking note of the volume of skerds remaining on the test paper and on the student's desk.

Skerfie: The state of being unshaven and in need of a shower.
Example: Paul, go shower and shave before you leave the house--you're looking pretty skerfie.

sketch ball: Someone who's suspicious. For example, a kid who walks out of a room, smelling like pot, with his hood up and
sunglasses on.
Example: Look at that guy outside the dorm! It's 4:30 in the morning. What a sketch ball.

sketchball: A weird guy who is socially inept, makes off-color remarks,
does strange socially unacceptable things, and has strange interests.
This is the guy at a party who talks to you and scares you, not intentionally,
but he doesn't know any better, and you want to leave real quick.
Example: Q. Did you see that guy dancing to Duran Duran by himself in the workshop? A. Yeah, what a sketchball.

sketchpad, fairyland: Places where people go to drink or commit nefarious acts--normally in the wilderness.
I have heard both used. Sketchpad is what we have in art school.
Example: 1. You're soul has to be light and gay to be able to find fairylands.
That's why you never see the cops there.
2. I'd rather not go there at this time of day.
I know I dropped my keys, but there's a reason we call it the sketchpad.

sketchy: Anything that isn't cool, predictable, funny, or chill. Chill is the opposite of sketchy. Can be used only as an adjective.
Example: After swerving to avoid hitting another car, That was sketchy.

sketchy: Unsettling or questionable.
Example: Check out that sketchy guy--no, not him! The one with the chainsaw, doofus.

sketti: A shorter word for spaghetti. Mostly used by young kids, but can indeed carry over into adulthood.
Example: Are we having sketti for dinner?

sketz: adjective used to describe a person who is either really skinny or just perfect.
Example: While Shina was a tad overweight, her best friend was sketz.

skewif: When a clothing article is ill fitting or when you are uncomfortable being covered by blankets, etc.
Example: Oh, yuk, this jumper is on crooked and it's all skewif.

Skewiffy: Uneven, unbalanced, crooked.
Example: The ruler slipped and the line bob was drawing went skewiffy.

skhorny: Means you're horny for a skate .
Example: I feel skhorny. Let's go skating.

skid: How to tell your friend you want to leave without hurting you host's feelings.

Example: Let's skid on out of here.

skidding out: Losing it.
Example: I've been partying since New Year's Eve and its nearly Australia Day.
It's taking its toll on my mind and body; too much more of this and I'll be skidding out.

Skiddy: A Script Kiddie (a kid who thinks he's a hacker)
Example: I was talking on ICQ and some Skiddy threatened to fry my hard drive

skiff: To go. Possible origin: It is possible that the skiff used here was derived from the boat-like skiff, which is known for quick movement.
Example: The bell’s about to ring. We’d better skiff.

skiffle: An argument, a row, a fight.
Example: They had another skiffle today and now they aren't friends. Who would be after a fight?

Skiffy: A proper pronunciation of the horrible, abbreviated, and improper reference to science fiction, Sci-Fi. (Originated by members of the Seattle's Northwest Science Fiction Society, 1976) [ED. As every proper science fiction fan knows, the correct abbreviation for science fiction is SF.}
Example: After work, want to go see a skiffy flick?

Skilla: A term used to describe anything that may be pleasing.
Example: Skilla! That book was incredible.

skimmer: U.S. Naval Term. Any naval crewman of a ship or craft that operates on the surface of the water.
In common use in today’s U.S. Navy, this informal term derives from one meaning of the verb skim,
meaning “To glide or pass quickly over or along (a surface).”
It is one of three terms that very generally classifies a sailor into one of the three levels on
which the Navy operates and fights: below the sea (bubbleheads), on the sea (skimmers),
and above the sea (airdales).

See also in the Pseudodictionary: Bubblehead, Airdale.

Example: One submariner speaking to another about a sailor on a surface ship:
“Ah, what does he know about submarines. He’s a skimmer.”

skimp: An individual who is not forthcoming with her own effects; niggardly; stingy--or one who tells half-truths
Example: Don't be such a skimp, let me have one of your french fries for cryin' out loud!

Skin Filled: TV series Seinfield.
Example: Uh oh, Skin Filled is on.

skin-flink: A skin show, or flick, accented by the many colors of ink in tattoos.

Example: His skin-flink wowed all the young kids.

skinmug: A pubescent youth. An inexperienced young punk.
Example: Yo, Skinmug, you ain't skinnin', so you damn sure better be holding a leg. Go get the toolbox and make your young ass useful.

skinny: older term for whazzup in the Midwest
Example: What's the skinny?

skinny minny: A person who is lanky, skinny, doesn't eat very much-- often used sarcastically.
Example: Okay, hands off the donuts, skinny minny.

skip: Lowest form of script kiddie, highlighted by low intelligence and lack of knowledge of computer systems.
Commonly found trying to crack cable modem users. Generally have big mouths.
Example: A: So, did that loudmouth skip on IRC ever do anything to your computer, like he said?
B: He just tried some outdated overflow trick. Just some skip.

skitcher: A person who is highly agitated, unstable, unpredictable or generally terrifying in a stop and go type fashion. Meant to be screeched slowly and dramatically in a high-pitched horror movie voice in reference to the appropriate individual (only when appropriate, of course). Can also be used to scare small children.
Example: See that guy over there with the twitch who one minute is sleeping in a heap by the parking meter and the next minute is lurching unexpectedly towards random strangers? Skitcher!

skitter, skidder: One who skids; derogatory term for loser, often used like scumbag, lowlife.
Example: That welfare mother is skidding.

Skitterback: To make a clicking noise in the same way one taps a can of chewing tobacco, by holding the middle finger and thumb together, and flicking the wrist, to make the index finger collide with the other two fingers to produce a snapping noise.
The practice originates in (don't laugh) Morehead, Kentucky, where two students invented it in order to annoy a teacher
(let's get her back). It is now used also to honor things that one deems cool.
Example: Whoah, Pizza Hut, skitterback son! *click click click*

skittle: An extremely inconspicuous act of revenge that results in no real harm done, but nevertheless provides the person seeking revenge with a sense of satisfaction.
Example: Tom forgot to take the trash out, so I left him a skittle--I moved the bookmark seven pages in the book he's reading.

skitzie: Hyper, overactive. The opposite of calm. In need of medication.
Example: Does she ever slow down? She is just so skitzie.

Skivalitis: Medical condition suffered by UK schoolchildren. Symptoms include no nausea, no high temperature, and no feverishness. In short, they are skiving.
Example: Where's John today? Skivalitis, Miss.

skivee: Another word for dirty skank.
Example: You want nothing to do with her. Trust me! She is a skivee!

skiwompis: Used to describe something that is really**2 messed up when you have no clue what is wrong with it.
Example: This stupid bike is all skiwompis.

skizzillisms: A collection of extreme skills.
Example: I just came back from the skateboarding competition, and those skaters had mad skizzillisms.

skleemwasch: The sound made by eyes rolling.
Example: I could hear a skleemwasch as Sarah rolled her eyes.

sklunklish: general moodiness; dyspepsia of the spirit; non-specific disgust or aggravated boredom. Originally heard in the film The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, uttered by Shirley Temple--apparently hepslang in upper middle class high schools in the late 1940s.
Example: Woke up feeling sklunklish, just stayed in bed all morning.

skmath: n. a generic term for people who work at fast food restaurants to help finance their post secondary education.
Example: lets go to pita pit and visit skmath!

skoad: A suggestion to action or movement.
Presumably a contraction of Let's go, dude.
Generally used only by those of diminished capacity.
Example: Dude, there's a keg at Reek's!

skoal: (v) To drink or guzzle. From a Swedish toast where all participants call out Skoal! and then consume the entire drink.
Example: Don't skoal that Dr. Pepper, Adam. You'll get the hiccups.

skoeat: Used as an invitation to dine.
Example: Are you hungry? I'm starving, let's skoeat.

Skomie: A person who is a half skater and half Homie.
Example: Those skomies can't bust good tricks.

skonan: So, go on and...
Example: You chilluns just skonan go tuh church an' I'll have somethin' otha fo' ya t'eat when ya gits back.

Skoot: Cool.
Example: That's a very skoot skateboard.

skootch: slide over, move
Example: skootch over a bit, so I can sit down

skorpulls: The little white bumps on your tongue.
Example: Why do I have so many skorpulls when I'm going on a date?

skosh: a small amount.
Example: I'll just have a skosh of pasta.

skrauncho: Skanky, raunchy hoe. {Ho, ho?}
Example: Are you jealous of the attention that skrauncho is getting?

Skrilla: Money, Loot, Chedda.
Example: whut up ninjaz,I gots the skrilla fo' rilla, I'll take care of the chizeck

Skritch: To scratch an itch
Example: I had to strich reaaly bad at work today!

skrug: Refers to a small patch of carpet which has been soiled by falling coffee,
and will be ignored in the hope that evaporation will do our dirty work for us.
Primarily used as an stand alone expletive, but can be used as a modifier for other more common expletives.
Example: Skrugging 'ell, I've spilled my Sanka.

skugly: Cool
Example: Lance Bass of 'NSYNC is sooo skugly!

skull drag: A tedious and boring task.
Example: That Web site functionality meeting was a real skull drag...I could hardly stay awake.

skull-and-crossbones: A particularly dreadful client or person with whom you no longer want to do business or have contact.
Example: When he refused to pay me for my work, he became a skull-and-crossbones file.

skull-testing question: A tough one, you'll really have to think hard to come up with a good answer.
Example: I'll need a minute or two--that's real skull-testing question

Skullet: A balding mullet.
Example: The dickhead at the bar was sporting a skullet.

skumb4gitis: Inflammation of the mouse hand. (AOL users only)
Example: Jimmy had to cancel his AOl account because he had chronic skumb4gitis.

skump: Someone who wears really shoddy shoes.
Example: Look at Homer's shoes, he's a skump.

skun: To remove the skin of an animal.
Example: I skun all the rabbits.

skunge: a buildup of mud and rain water that is most often found in schools or other public places
Example: The skunge at our old school was so thick, you would slip on it.

Skunk Ape: Slang for Bigfoot or a really tall girl
Example: Dang she's tall. Yea, she a straight up Skunk Ape.

skunked: A beverage product which has a vile, stomach churning taste resulting from mold, decay, or some sort of bacterial growth.
Usually refers to especially vile beer that wasn't taken care of properly.
Example: You left the beer in the hot sun? It's probably skunked now.

skunty: Someone who's rude, boorish, and suffers from poor hygiene to boot.
Example: Spike thinks she's so tough and punk rock, but really she's just skunty.

skupine: A mixture of the bad parts of a skunk and a porcupine. Smelly, spiky, and annoying.
Example: Mich's a skupine.

skutch: A word I made up for the times when things are in a real mess. As such, it defies a description.
Example: This traffic-jam is a real skutch-up. This last wind storm really skutched things up.

skutch: To move or get out of the way.
Example: I often tell my dog to skutch when he's underfoot. He seems to understand.

Skvvveeeeeeeshhee!: Noise one must always emit when squeezing juice or liquids from a small object, esp. food.
Example: When holding a little smokie, grasp it with your thumb and index finger and say, Skvvveeeeeeeshhee!
and watch the juices flow.

skycastles: Nominally non-conformist. Descriptive of a person who, in his or her attempt to be original, has simply shifted group affiliations (e.e.c many goths, punks, bikers, or whiggers). Comes from the phrase building castles in the sky.
Example: Chris: Did you see Jerry? What's with the spiked hair? I thought he liked 60s rock.
John: Man, Jerry's gone all skycastles.

skyclad: A person carousing in the nude; clad only by the sky.
Example: Jeanine, prancing skyclad about the poolside, looked heavenly in the most attractive shade of cirrus.

skydock: Orbiting equivalent of a naval drydock.
Example: Looking over the damage to the starship, the engineer said, She'll be a week in skydock.

Skygroundsky: From mountain biking, esp. downhilling.
To crash in such a way that your field of vision switches very fast between the sky
and the ground several times.
Example: Bert: What kept you on that last section?
Ernie: I skygroundsky'd on the second dropoff.

skynni: Something very cool.
Example: That new movie is so skynni.

slab: Very, very long, straight stretch of highway, extremely boring to drive on.
Example: Let's get off of this slab and go through some small towns.

slab: A carton containing 24 stubbies (small bottles) of beer. Australian slang.
Example: Hey Rob, could you pick up a slab of VB from the shop?

Slack: Street parlance meaning nasty.
Example: That is one slack hamburger.

slacker: A person who is so slow she falls behind at anything that needing speed.
Example: When we were walking, we got behind a slacker who made us late for the movie.

slackracker: A slacker who is verbally dysfunctional and slow-witted.
Example: No one can understand a word you're saying. You're being a slackracker.

Slagified: A person who dresses in a slutty way.
Example: Do I look slagified in this?

slam: Excellent. Good.
Example: That dessert was slam, Melba. {Peach Melba. I got it.}

slammin: Cool, approvingly.
Example: Your new shoes are slammin.

slammin': used in place of the overused word cool, or neat. Used to describe something you like.
Example: I loved how you put that rude guy back in his place. That was slammin'!

Slamo: The way Anakin Skywalker calls people Slime-ball.

Example: Nice one, slamo!

slanguage: slang + language, need I say more....?
Example: What slanguage do you speak?

slantendicular: Neither upright nor flat; neither vertical or horizontal.
Example: The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the worlds's most famous slantendicular building.

slantered: To be extremely drunk.
Example: We got so slantered at that party.

Slap me sideways (and call me: Expression of astonishment.
Example: Slap me sideways! I'm on a diet and I gained four pounds.

slap me up: Give me a high five.
Example: Nice shot. Slap me up.

slap-nuts: A derogotory term used to insult someone.
Example: Listen Up Slap Nuts if you dont shape up I am going to fire you.

slap-pack: The trunk of a car, most accurately used in describing such of an old or worn-down car.
Example: You want to go golfing? Throw your clubs in the slap-pack and we'll hit the road.

slap-your-mother-fabulous: Used to describe something extraordinary.
Example: This website is slap-your-mother-fabulous.

slapdog: Buddy, homeboy, or a good friend.
Example: What are you doing, slapdog?

slapper: an alternative word for a slut

slapping fiesta: To hit a person with the insides of the hands numerous times in the face. Usually initiated after victim has said/done something to upset the administrator of the slap.
Example: Billy drew on my paper so I gave him a slapping fiesta.

slapping the cobra: Provoking someone or something. From going to the zoo and slapping the glass of the cobra cage to see if it will put its hood up and spit.
Example: Every time I see that 20-year old twit, Amber, I feel like slapping the cobra.

slappy: When one is prone to slapping others for unknown reasons; or for sheer self-amusement.
Example: Why you gotta be so slappy?! What the hell did I do?

slash: Same-gender affection/smut fan fiction stories written about characters who are not in a
same-gender relationship in the actual TV show/movie/whatever.
Example: One of the oldest and most common pairings in slash is Kirk/Spock (read Kirk slash Spock).

slashdot: v. to generate enough activity to bring a system to it's knees, specifically a webserver. From the site slashdot.org, whose news stories are links to other sites, which then almost immediately bog down.
Example: I was going to read that cool article, but the site's slashdotted. Anywhere there's a natural disaster and relatives try to call loved ones, the phone system gets slashdotted.

Slashdotized: When you're being overloaded by an incredible amount of sessions on your webserver.
Example: Hey, Matt, my website was slashdotized this weekend.

Slat: A dollar, a buck.
Example: The tab was 12 dollars. I threw down a double sawbuck which left her with a fin and 3 slats for a tip.

slater: Contraction of See you later.
Example: Slater, Paul.

Slaveway: employer slang for Safeway (a food store). This term was in use in the '70s. I don't know if it is currently used.
Example: I'll have to miss the show. They've got me on afternoons at Slaveway.

Slayage: The act of slaying...to have slain
Example: From the Jossverse of BtVS We had major slayage tonight Giles.

slazzy: Poorly attempting to dress nicely.
Possible origin: Combination of snazzy (nicely dressed) and sleazy (poorly dressed).
Example: Christine looked very slazzy when she entered the fancy restaurant.

sleavage: Much like the cleavage on a woman only instead of having a low cut dress the arm holes are large.
Example: Looking from the side her sleavage was quite pleasing.

sleaze-train: A group of all males or all females who go out with the express aim of picking up...passengers.
Example: Hey, guys, we ridin' the sleaze-train tonight?

sleazium: A fictitious mineral which, taken as a dietary supplement, will promote dishonesty, corruption, and generally shoddy behavior. Occurs in the phrase sleazium mine, denoting a corrupt commercial enterprise.
Example: I couldn't bring myself to accept the bribe; I guess I didn't get my daily minimum requirement of sleazium at breakfast this morning.

Sleep Depardieu: Describes how during an all night party session people mysterously becme more attractive. Named after Gérard Depardieu, a man considered handsome by the French. May also be referred to as a Gérard.
Example: Q. Who was that Gérard I saw you with last night?
A. Eek! Don't ask me. I was suffering from Sleep Depardieu.

Sleep-show: Describes someone who can, or will
fall asleep all the time.
Example: My brother fell asleep on a rollercoaster. What a sleep-show.

Sleeper: Hot Rod slang. A car that doesn't look like much, but is actually really fast.
Example: When I pulled up to the light, I saw this grandma car in the next lane, so I didn't worry. Then the light turned, and it just smoked me off the line. Man what a sleeper.

sleepilerious: When one wakes up from a long nap after oversleeping and is not exactly half-asleep,
but is still too tired to perform simple tasks with ease. Also includes stumbling around.
Example: Rip VanW spilled a glass of orange juice 'cause he was still sleepilerious after his 12-hour nap.

sleeptard (ed): when one has had little sleep and is slap happy
Example: I am such a sleeptard today, I was up all night last night

sleepy ha ha's: When you are so tired everything is funny and you can't stop laughing you have the sleepy ha ha's.
Example: It's 4:00 and Sam can't stop laughing. She has a case of the sleepy ha ha's.

sleppy: Slut+preppy, a word my boyfriend and I created to describe the crowd at this chain bar Fado.
Example: The rolled up J. Crew shirt with the low-rise khakis really completes the sleppy look on that
sorority girl at the bar.

slerm: the slimy substance found under a bar of soap when left wet.
Example: When she went to pick up the soap she discovered that she found a handful of slerm.

sliceage: The amount of slices in a pizza, pie, etc.
In the same way that acreage is used to describe the size of an area of land.
Example: We don't care if we get two small pizzas or one large pizza as long as we get the same sliceage.

Slick 50: Sellout. A friend who stabs you in the back.
Example: Sam is a slick 50.

Slick Woopens: A name for anybody who thinks he is overly strong, good-looking, etc.
Example: Hey, you're not as hot as ya' think, Slick Woopens!

slickapy: very slippery and slick
Example: The road is slickapy.

slickery: Something that you just can't get a handle on. Also, something that you can't hold on to.
Example: It was too slickery to hold on to, and it dropped to the floor. OR Ain't he just a little too slickery to be President?

slideways: To move sideways in a sliding manner. Possible origin: Found in an old Nissan ad, it was referring to their latest invention: the sliding van door.
Example: Our new vehicle doors move up, out, and even slideways.

slig slag: A wannabe punk rocker
Example: Matt is always spiking his hair. What a slig slag.

slimulate: To lose weight quickly and significantly
Example: I need to slimulate before the holidays so I can wear my new dress.

slingo: Slang lingo. Your vocabulary of slang.
Example: Janna's slingo is made up entirely of words she and her roommates made up.

slinkster: Something really cool
Example: Wow, that was a slinkster band tonight.

slipcake: At NIU (Northern Illinois) they have cheese cake and just about anyone who gets it ends up dropping it on the floor.
Example: As I saw him pick a piece of slipcake my friends and I started laughing because we knew he was going to drop it.

slipchip: The little pieces of soap that are too small to lather with.
Example: Check out Jeff! He is such a tightwad, he saves up his slipchips in an old sock and bathes with it.

Slipper-Hero: A person who talks tough but is really whipped. A person who says they were in Vegas when they really were vacuuming the house in pink bunny slippers.
Example: Mike has to get permission from his juice-chicken to play golf. He's a slipper-hero.

Slipping: Used in place of sleeping
Example: Stop slipping and wake up already.

slippy: Truncated form of slippery.
Example: Be careful on your commute to work; the ice storm made the roads slippy.

slirt: Slirt is a insulting term synonymous with shmo, jerk, kneebiter, etc. Originally this word was found carved into a tree and has been researched for the past three years to discover its true meaning, history, and purpose.
Example: Why don't you go shut up, slirt.

slirty: all things good about girls
Example: keight is slirty.
i feel very slirty today.

Slitt: Something Lost In The Translation. Mostly used in anime films.
Example: This show has way too many slitts in it.

sloat: a lazy person, originating from bruce sloat. can also be used as an adjective: sloaty.
Example: get out of bed, don't be a sloat.

slobberknocker: a great battle b/w two equal forces (often used to describe wrestling matches)
Example: Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson would be quite a slobberknocker.

slobilicious: indescribably delightfully wonderful. usually used to describe someone you like, a lot.
Example: you, my dear, are slobilicious.

sloggy: Slow and groggy, how a not-a-morning person feels when she wakes up.
Example: You are so sloggy in the morning it's impossible to get you out of bed.

Slombin: Used to describe an attractive person of the opposite sex.
Example: Did you see that girl at the bar last night? She was slombin.

sloog: Hung out, mooched around.
Example: Q. So what were you doing last night?
A. I just slooged about.

sloptical illusion: when something is visibly unlcear because interference from a messy source
Example: I couldn't tell what happened here due to a sloptical illusion

slore: A slut, tramp, or prostitute. Origins self-explanatory.

Not to be confused with Sloar, a creature defined by Louis Tulley from Ghostbusters.
Example: Michael's new girlfriend is just a slore. Just look at how she dresses.

sloshed: Completely drunk.
Example: I am going out this weekend and get well sloshed.

Slow Grinder: A slow driver.
Example: I hate being stuck behind slow grinders.

slowful: To move in a DELIBERATELY slow manner.
Example: Even though I gave him an hour's notice, Tyrone was slowful in getting ready for the show.

slu: A name you call someone who has just been schooled (knocked or made fun of harshly).
Example: (Someone makes a fool of you.) Then a bystander would say, Ya slu.
It can also be used as, You just got slued.

Slubby: The opposite of chubby.. to be skinny...
Example: that girl is so slubby... said the increadibly chubby guy.. (??)

Sludge: Basically just a slang word for coffee - filter stuff, not the instant variety and it has to have been sitting for a while. Freshly made coffee isn't really sludge because it actually tastes good.
Example: Anyone fancy a cup of sludge?
How long's that sludge been sitting there?

Sluggite: Word used for naming someone who reads the comic strip Sluggy Freelance by Pete Abrams (so we're not copyright infringing)
Example: Bill is a hugetime sluggite. Thats all he does.

slurby: What results when you run over one of those annoying furbys.
Example: Poor little guy. Now he's a slurby under that guy's tire.

slurch: a slimey nocturnal creature found in the flatlands of Vulgaria.
A person who exhibits subhuman or dishonest behaviour.
Example: Hey, Bob, that a slurch in yer pocket or are you just glad to see me?

slurd: That nasty triangular frozen slush blob that gathers behind the wheels and up under the fenders of cars.
But not in Vancouver, I suppose.
Example: It is best to kick off your slurds in someone else's driveway.

slurpage: Any kind of a drink, including water
Example: I need some slurpage, I'm dying of thirst.

slurpee-burn: The headache you receive from drinking a Slurpee too quickly.
Example: Oh, man, I just got a slurpee-burn from that ice cream.

slurpies: The excess soda left on the rim of the can after taking a sip.
A large percent of slurpies is your spit.
Example: You can take a sip, but get rid of your slurpies afterwards.

slurps: any type of drink
Example: I'm thirsty. I'm gonna get me some slurps.

slut wellies: Knee high leather boots worn by young women looking to get drunk and laid.
Example: She's going out tonight and needs to put her slut wellies on to wade to the bar.

slutch: Slutty bitch. A promiscious girl with a bad attitude.
Example: God, what a slutch she is.

slutpop: A musical genre that includes pop acts such as those of the scantily dressed Britney Spears and Christina Aguleira.
Example: My slutpop collection is growing now that I just bought the new DREAM CD.

slutty-man-whore: To do stuff ineffectually and uselessly, frequently annoying to other people.
Example: Hank, quit slutty-man-whoring around the kitchen and help me wash the cat.

slutzigna: Any completely useless game, website, book, etc.
Example: That website you told me about is slutzigna!

sma: A very attractive girl who is slightly stuck up.
Example: I sat next to a real beauty in my psych class today, but she wouldn't talk to me. She must be a sma.

Smack: Talking complete and utter nonsense.
Example: Nader,I just got my medical license and pilot's license at the same time! Kevin,You got both in one day? Yeah Right, stop talking all that smack!

smack: A moron.
Example: What the hell are you babbling about, smack?

smack: An individual who is fawning or obsequious to persons in positions of authority in an attempt to curry favor.
Example: He actually picks up the manager's dry cleaning for him; what a smack.

smack dab: Used as an emphasis to the center of something. Usually accompanied by in the center of or in the middle of
Example: The flower arrangement was smack dab in the center of the table.

smackdown: Said when someone is attempting to pick up someone else.
Example: Look at Sean laying the smackdown on Sally.

Smackeroonie: A bad surprise.
Example: Gertrude had a smackeroonie when she got home to find her cat on fire.

smackie: office version of popular smacked ass
Example: Oh, you are such a smackie

smackle: All the crap that collects on the floor of a movie theater.
Example: The movie was great, but I needed a knife to get all the smackle off my shoes.

smallen: To reduce in size; the opposite of enlarge
Example: You think the logo is too big? Gimme a second and I'll smallen it.

smallerize: fx of the left-most window control button on the title bar, also flat-line
Example: Click this button to smallerize the Excel file window.

smallerize: If something is too large and you want to make it tiny, you smallerize it.
Example: The piece of food was too big to fit into my mouth, so I had to take my knife and smallerize it.

The sheet of paper was too large to fit into the envelope, so I had to smallerize it by folding it in half.

smallhead: If someone is sitting in front of you and obstructing your view, you may ask them to do smallhead; it is much the same as down in front.
Example: I can't see the TV if you're sitting there--unless you do smallhead.

smallitize: To shrink something.
Example: Maybe if I wash this shirt in hot water, it'll smallitize.

smaptastic: A variant of the word spam, combined with fantastic, to express disgust at a useless post.
Example: That last post was smaptastic, nothing but three lines of pap.

Smarch: The stupid month between March and April that is invariably cold.

Example: Smarch is always sneaking up on me.

smarkle(d): verb form: to mark/circle something (for example a date on a calender)

adjective form: to have been marked or circled
Example: Yes, Miss Kensington, I smarkled you down for an appointment on the 15th at 3:oo p.m. -or- Yeah I smarkled my name to be sure she'd see it.

smarm: The ring of brown, smelly, sweaty stain that appears around the inside of a well-worn baseball cap.
Example: You should wash that hat, it's full of smarm. OR The smarm on my hat is hard and crusty.

smarme: Funny, happy, smiling, excellent, joyful, marvelous, etc
Example: I am happy. I am smarme.

Smartacus: A male who is smart...and suave, courageous, charming in any way. Frequently used in a flirty way to gently tease. It can also replace the word smartass, when said using a sarcastic tone.
Example: Hey there, Smartacus. Whatcha readin'? OR Shutup, Smartacus! Paris is NOT the capital of Algeria!

smartasstic: A hybrid of the word smartass and sarcastic meaning a personality trait consisting of the two.
-tastic also implies a sadistic delight from aquiring this trait.
Example: The need to anger an opposing force causes me to become extremely smartasstic during confrontation.

smarticus: An idiot, usually used as an insult.
Example: Smarticus, what were you thinking?

Smartie artie: a smart ass
Example: yeah look here smartie artie

Smashling: A person who plays Super Smash Brothers or Super Smash Brothers Melee.
Example: Those smashlings are so obsessed with Super Smash Brothers.

smaze: Smog and haze.
Example: It's another smazy day in LA.

smeaged: Screwed up or trashed. Appropriate for mixed or office environments.
Example: Well that computer is smeaged. He really smeaged up that project.

smee: It's me.
Example: Hi, smee again.

smeg: A versatile and generic term of non-endearment,
can be used as an expletive, or as a word to describe someone or something unpleasant.
Example: 1. Why don't you smeg off to where you came from.
2. My mouth always feels a bit smeggy in the morning.

smek: An exclamation of dismay and/or annoyance.
Example: Smek! That dingo ate my baby!

Smelster-Boy: A person who comes to school smelling like crap.
Example: Aron came to school without taking a bath and everyone called him a smelster-boy.

smerk: To take an exam or final knowing you'll fail, but not being bothered because you did so well on the coursework that you'll still pass a class.
Example: The administration has not yet given me a convincing reason not to smerk my way through this huge exam.

smess: To send an SMS to someone over with one's cellular phone.
Example: I smessed George yesterday, but he hasn't answered me.

smetal: Referring to all false metal.

Example: Q: How do you classify the new Puddle of Mudd single?
A: It's smetal.

smeventy-smeven: A conversation where two people stimulate each other intellectually and creatively in a way that feels almost sexual, but isn't explicitly sexual at all.
Example: I caught Joan on ICQ last night and we had a little smeventy-smeven about arcologies and how they would work. It was great.

smexy: Intellectually sexy. Sexy in a way that is divorced from one's body.
Example: Joan was an exciting, lively chat-room conversationalist, with an active and creative mind. Billy found her quite smexy.

smidgen: a very small amount; similar to a dab
Example: My ice cream sundae needed just a smidgen more chocolate syrup to be perfect.

smife: A combination of smart and wife.
I used this word (not so eloquently) to tell my husband how intelligent I was. [Eloquently enough for me.]
Example: Lucky for him he has a smife, or he'd be in a lot of trouble.

smiggle: A slow smile that lights up the face and then turns to a mischievous giggle
Example: From a distance, she watched the the little boys trying on their mother's high-heeled shoes;
amused, she slowly let out a smiggle.

Smiley: The feeling where you walk around just smiling at everyone and everything for no apparent reason.
Example: The whole week before school got out I was feelin' smiley.

smilk: tap water that looks more like milk (thanks to the chemicals) than actual water.
Example: mmm, i'd like a glass of smilk, please.

smite: To beat something up.
Example: If you say that one more time I will smite you mightily.

smitted: Submitted, a mispronounced form.
Example: I smitted the new schedule yesterday.

smittenenza: a complication of infatuationitis (see: 'i'). Usually caused a person to view the other as a definite object of affection and there's no possible way of the infected person to survive without the carrier

smog: To idle a car in a traffic jam for an extended amount of time.
Example: I can't help it! said Kelly into her cellphone. I know I'll be late, but I'm smogging the stupid highway.

smoke: To murder someone with a gun.
Example: Chris keeps it up and he'll be smoked.

smokemosphere: the air in a room or bar in which there are cigarette smokers present
Example: The smokemosphere in this room is so thick that we should open a window.

smoker: Someone who had deep thoughts about death and the human condition in her youth but later forgot.
Example: Oh! I already lit a cigarette, so I guess I'll just have to smoke it.

smokerette: a cigarette
Example: Hey, bum me a smokerette.

smokey treat: a cigarette
Example: Would you like to go outside for a smokey treat?

smokin-poptarts: A phrase to say when you are excited, astonished, amazed, mad, etc. Usually used as an exclamatory.
Example: Smokin-poptarts! That is so amazing.

smokitive: A young child's word when he couldn't think of the word cigarette.
Example: The woman was looking for a, you know, a smokitive.

smomidibah: Smomidibah can be used to describe a general sense of well-being, not bad, not great, but just right. However, it can also be used as just something to mutter under one's breath (or out loud) when one is bored or wants to freak out one's friends. Know to cause many stares and giggles.
Example: Hey, Tangman, How ya doin'? Smomidibah, baby.

smooch: Wayyy better than kissing. Smooches, smooching, smoochable, smoochfest, smoochy, smoocherific.
Delightfully onomatopoeiac word. If you're sayin' it, you're practically doin' it.
Example: Go on, say smooch slowly and see if you don't close your eyes and pucker.

smooge: Whatever it is that has managed to land on your person.
Example: Jim was eating pudding and he now has some smooge on his shirt.

smoothtastrophe, smoothtastrop: A catastrophe involving the making of a smoothie.
Example: Nick: Well, first we ran out of mix, and then we ran out of ice. I finally got ice, but then the blender broke. We fixed the blender, but then the cup broke. James: What a smoothtastrophy.

smore: A campfire treat consisting of graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate, and a marshmellow, short for saying May I have some more?
Example: Smore, please.

smorgasbeard: Beard full of bits of various foods.
Example: After Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to comb through your smorgasbeard to clear it of debris.

smot: Support Me On This
Example: Now, SMOT. I don't think Jim should be in charge.

smotch: The loud smacking sound your lips make when chewing with your mouth open!
Example: Don't smotch so loud at the dinner table!

smothercate: A combination of smother and suffocate. Popular use in Northern England.
Example: Take that bag off your head, you'll smothercate.

SMRT: Made famous by Homer (Simpson), now used to describe a struggling team at the Canada FIRST Robotic Games
Example: Wow, look at team PHYRE, they're out of this world! Ya, and look at Saint Mary's over there, they're so SMRT!

smspionage: The covert actions of spies when carried out via mobile phone text messages.
Example: Claus was a master of smspionage.
His cellphone harboured so many secrets it was on the FBI's most wanted list.

smuddle: n. a combination of a smooch and a cuddle, if used between lovers, or something in-between them - but not quite either one - if used between friends.
Example: wanna smuddle together on the couch and watch an old movie together?

smuggity: The quality of being smug.
Example: He was sitting there, exuding smuggity.

smuggle: To smooch and huggle simultaneously.
Example: Now that I'm married I only smuggle my husband.

smunch: what happens to your car when you run into something.
from smush and crunch

Example: I smunched up my fender!

smurf: A word that can be substituted for any other word.
Example: My computer was so smurfed that I had to hit it with a big smurf.

smurf: Name used for a child.
Example: Awww, look at that l'il smurf!

smurf brain: A blue foam dryer sheet that gets thread tangled around it. It comes out looking like a little blue brain.
Example: When I opened the clothes dryer, I found smurf brain.

smurfey: The way a room or area feels when it is humid and sticky.
Example: It's to smurfey to mow the lawn today.

smurfware: Any program or code that's dumbed down or cutesied up to the point where the only reasonable response is to destroy it and the programmer who wrote it.
Example: This version of Quake is smurfware. All of the blood is gone and the guns all auto-aim. OR The cutesy assistants in all of the Microsoft Office products are smurfware.

smurmastic: A sarcastic smartass.

Example: You're so smurmastic.

Smut Mining: Scouring the Internet for downloadable Porn.
Example: Hey Dave what ya doing? Smut Mining!

sna: A questioning statement. Approximately equivilent to What was that again? Usually used after a pause where one attempts to understand what was just said.
Example: If you re-compile your kernel and reinstall PHP you won't have all these troubles with name-based virtual hosting. Sna?

snaaps: A word that displays excitement o surprise.
Example: Oh, snapps! What you just did was crazy.

snaat: to squeeze the last sizeable amount from the tube of toothpaste and not replace it with a new tube.

Example: Alan's continued snaating began to irritate those forced to use the bathroom after him.

snackage: a generic term for munchies, nuts, biscuits, crisps or any insubstantial foodstuffs of little nutritional value, usually consumed while drinking or watching TV. Pronounced with emphasis on second syllable.
Example: Since you're buying, I'll have a pint of lager. And get some assorted snackage while you're at it.

snackmosphere: That fresh puff of air when you open a new bag of chips, that smells so fresh and crunchy
Example: As I opened the bag of Doritos, the smell of the nacho cheesy snackmosphere made my mouth water and my stomach grumble.

snadman: A personification of the entity that causes one to go to sleep.
Example: I was going to do my homework, but the snadman got me before I finished.

SNAFU: Situation Normal: All Fucked Up
Example: Military term thought to have originated during WWII.

An army unit goes to Italy on a training mission. When they get there, they discover all their maps are of Florida. The 1st Lt. just tells his men, Just another SNAFU.

snag: To achieve one's goal or obtain something sought after.
Example: I finally snagged that '65 mustang I've been after.

snaggle: (n) Microscopic germy or dirty organism that you can't see but know that is there just waiting to inflict any of a myriad of physical ailments--allergies, itchy rashes, etc.
Example: (n) The couple almost gagged at the thought of sleeping in the hotel's snaggle-filled mattress. (adj) The snaggly gas station bathroom seemed never to have been exposed to cleaning products.

snail jockey: A mailman. (From “snail mail”)

Example: My dog bit the snail jockey yesterday, so I'll be using e-mail exclusively for a while.

snail-addy: Slang for regular postal mail address.
Example: What's your snail-addy?

snailmail: Regular postal mail, rather than everyday email.
Example: I'll be sending you a note via snail mail.

snain: Occurs when it is snowing, but not cold enough to form actual flakes. The rain is too cold to remain liquid and becomes semi-frozen; the result being half snow, half rain.
Example: Nothing is worse than walking home when its snaining out.

snain: Occurs when it is snowing, but not cold enough to form actual flakes, but the rain is too cold to remain liquid and becomes semi-frozen; the result being half snow, half rain.
Example: Nothing is worse than walking home when its snaining out.

snake room: Not in the Canadian Oxford. A room such as a dressing room, basement room, boiler room (any out-of-the-way room)in which illegal drinking takes place at a curling bonspiel.
Example: After the 10th end we drank in the snake room until our next game.

snake toes: A reaction to any highly unusual occurence .
Example: After seeing the UFO, Steve cried out, This is snake toes!

snake-in-the-road: The diamond-shaped road sign (yellow with black borders)
with an arrow at the top and an s-shaped of curve below.
Generally seen on mountain roads to warn of curves ahead.
Example: My mother or father would point at the sign and say, Hey kids, there's a snake-in-road.
I suspect they created this to keep my sister and me from saying, Are we there yet?
I'm not sure this fits your rules, but was said rapidly and sounds essentially like one word because there is no real break between any of the words.

Snakes: Family slang term for money--because dollars, like snakes, are hard to hold on to.
Example: I want to go to the store, but I'm all out of snakes.

Snap: Versatile word can that be used in any context.
Example: Snap, guy! You got punked.

snap!: An expression of exclamation.
Example: Snap! I locked my keys in the car.

snap-show: This is a way to describe someone who has a short temper, liable to fly off the handle at any moment.
Example: Don't bug that guy too much, he's a bit of a snap-show.

snapoutofitism: The belief that depressed people choose to be depressed and could simply stop at will.
Example: We'd see a whole lot less snapoutofitism from you if you had half the problems she does.

snappleicious: Used to describe something that is delicious in a mid-nineties way.
Named after that nice drink Snapple.
Example: Hey, Mikhail, have you ever noticed how snappleicious Mountain Dew is?

snappperhead: Originally used to describe a person who spent too much time saltwater fishing;
evolved into an insult for someone with no hope for functional social skills
Example: All he does is play video games and sleep. He's such a snapperhead.

snaps: Something highly cool in nature.
Example: That car that just went by was snaps.

Snapwrangler: Person who gets way into the music playing at her computer.
Example: That snapwrangler never gets anything done. She's too busy rockin'out. You can hear her across the office.

snarb: A very small portion of food or drink.
Example: Would you like a snarb of my cake?

snard: Situation Normal, Another Rotten Day.

Example: After meeting with his woman boss, he knew to expect the usual--snard.

snardlump: The collection of snow, salt and dirt that solidifies and stays on the mudflaps
and by the wheels of cars in the wintertime.
Example: I kicked the snardlumps off my car before I went to work that January morning.

snarf: getting a great item at a low price at an antique auction
Example: I really snarffed up that item fast

snarf: Drinking and then spraying liquid out your nose.
Example: Hahaha! You flat out snarfed that Sprite. Want a tissue?

snarf: A unit of measurement, roughly equal to 1/16th of an inch (approx. 1.6mm)
Can be divided into an arf (one-half snarf, 1/32nd inch) and an rf (one-quarter snarf, 1/64th).
Example: Hey Bobby! This piece of wood you cut is too long. Take a snarf more off, would ya?

SNARF: (v) To eat messily, noisily, and quickly; also, to have food come out of one's facial orifices.
(adj) Snarfy--generally ugly or unappealing.
n. snarf -- an unlikeable, ugly, or unappealing person.

Example: I snarfed my lunch because I only had ten minutes to eat.
I feel snarfy today because I woke up late and didn't have time to do my hair or makeup.

snarf: To consume totally and in secret.
Example: Hey, Chris shouted, who snarfed all the biscuits?

snarffle: to circle the kitchen with your nose to the floor,searching for tidbits of food
Example: when everyone was done eating,the dogs started snarffling around the table

snarfle: full on pig out
Example: Dang, we ended up at Denny's at 3am to snarfle some Grand Slams.

snarg: A noise made in disapointment.
Example: snarg, you've beaten me at quake again

snarky: When the word bitchy is too negative, use snarky.
Example: Peter said we couldn't go to the movies without giving any explanation as to why not. We all agreed that he was just being snarky, so we went without him.

snarly boo: A noun which is synonymous with certain highly audible and noxious types of flatulence.
Must be used in conjunction with the verb to craft.
Example: Pete, don't walk behind me. I have to craft a snarly boo.

Snartass: Another version of smartass
Example: She was being a snartass today.

snavage: Similar to being savage, but to a greater degree. Possesing the qualities of one who is brave, daring,
tough, and even extremely lucky.
Example: Wayne took a bullet through the brain and lived. That guy is snavage. (Wayne Padgett did, in fact, do just that. The bullet's still there.)

snazi: Like a modern day Nazi.
Example: so, will your mum let you out tonight
no. shes such a snazi

sné: Spontaneous Nipple Erection.
Example: Check out your sister. She has a case of sné--for me?

sneak: To tell on someone.
Example: I'll sneak on you for putting my goldfish in the cement mixer!

sneakernet: A primitive office, computer network that shares files by passing them around on a floppy disk.
Example: The checks came late from payroll because they had to wait on the sneakernet for the files from Accounting.


Have you seen the new 'elf bowling' game? It will come around on sneakernet.

Snecious: Cool or awesome or just plain good.

Example: I'm sure I'll have a snecious time at the Fun Center.

sneet: A combination of snow and sleet, that creates glaze on all surfaces.
When temperatures begin to drop, snizzle turns to sneet.
Sneet is frequently used in combination with snizzle.
Snizzle and Sneet are common weather conditions in the fall and spring in Minnesota.
Example: It’s a dangerous day to be driving with all of this snizzle and sneet.

sneezure: Sudden, uncontrollable sneeze
Example: Having a sneezure while driving a car is very dangerous.

snerdabsurd: Something said in absolute earnestness and straight-forwardness by one person and perceived
or received by another person whose feeling about what was said is that it's absolute garbage or ridiculous.
Goes back to the days of Edgar Bergen the ventriloquist.
Example: Agnes told Tommy that she knew the current movie was about something that children ought not know about. Tommy knew right away what Agnes said was totally snerdabsurd.

Snert: snotty nosed egotistical rude teenager
Example: The snert is causing problems on this chat or game site!

snes: A mangled form of sense; i.e., sense that isn't sensical
Example: That doesn't make any sense.
No, but it makes snes!

snhangers: a pile of metal coat hangers
Example: It's going to take me all day to do this laundry if I don't get these snhangers untangled.

Snibble: A small nibble.. used when you only want a little taste of something.
Example: Oh, that cake looks good. Do you mind if I just have a snibble of it?

snice: So nice.
Example: He's snice.

snick: small piece
Example: could i have just a snick of that chocolate bar

snickerdoodling: When a person is wasting my valuable time by goofing off in someway.
My Dad, who is now deceased, taught me that the term went back to his family's
Pennsylvania Dutch history. He also told me the word could be spelled without the end g.
Example: Stop your snickerdoodling right now and get back to your homework.

snidge: between a sneak and a fudge
Example: That guy snidged my parking space.

sniffertunity: A canine-activity/behaviour specific to dogs whose leading organ is their nose.

Example: When I take my dog, Georgie, for a walk, she never misses a sniffertunity to hunt up garbage or some other indelicacy to eat.

snifty: A combination of the words nifty and spiffy; something that is neat or cool.
Example: The shirt that Sally is wearing is very snifty.

sniggardly: Miserly about sniglets.
Example: He sniggardly kept his sniglets out of the pseudodictionary.

sniglet snatchers: People submitting sniglets from Rich Hall's book as their own.
Example: (Paul's note: haha, it's SO true!)

Snipe: A cigarette that's already been smoked and extinguished, but enough is left to smoke again.
Example: You know, if you blow the smoke out of your snipes after putting them out,
then they don't taste as stale when you light them back up.

snipe: U.S. Naval Term. A member of any rating (job category) who works in the Engineering department of naval ships, especially in the engine room. It is in very common use in today's U.S. Navy.

Note: This word has many other meanings unrelated to the naval application.
Example: Take this manual down to Chief Smith. He's working with the snipes in the engineroom.

sniplet: A small part of a song or movie.
Example: I had to go to work, so I only had a chace to see a sniplet of the movie.

snipples: Very small scraps of paper, fuzz, confetti.
Example: When you're finished cutting up all that construction paper, clean up your snipples.

snirt: the snow that sits for a while and dirt begins to turn it brown..brown snow
Example: There is snirt in our driveway

Snit!: Shows disappointment, frustration, anger Best used when profane language is inappropriate

snitchenflaren: A bag used to carry balls, generally used for sports.
Example: Look, Billy, that guy has a snitchenflaren for his balls. Why don't you?

snitchy: Irritable and rude.
Example: Stay away from Matt, he's snitchy.

snizag: Birth by Cesarean Section in and around the Long Beach, CA.
Example: Damn, we gotta snizag up in this mother.

snizbizckle: Pretty dagged tired.
Example: Holly is very snizbizckle--she only slept three hours last night.

snizzle: The combination of snow and drizzle that falls during spring and fall
Example: Watch how you drive today, its snizzling out..

snknknkn: interjective, verb - a glottal-nasal sound resulting from a failed attempt to suppress inappropriate or untimely laughter, esp. due to
observing a witty, yet condescending, remark or gesture directed towards a third party.
Example: 1) interj.-Snknknkn...did you hear that? Chris just called Brad's mom a wildebeest..to her face! 2) v.(var.)-Mom sniked when daddy slipped on Billy's Tonka truck and fell in the pool.

snning: An alternative for finishing.
Example: I'm just snning now.

snock: A sock that has lost its partner.
Example: Damn, I have another snock!

snocket rocket: term used when a person holds one nostril closed and
blows out a load like a rocket towards the ground.
Example: Watch it, you almost hit my shoe with your snocket rocket.

snodge: Very good
Example: That meal was snodge. I particularly enjoyed the dessert.

snoffle: This summarises the action of snorting, sniffing, sniffling, and coughing in one word
Example: 1. John sat in the corner snoffling as he had a cold.
2. Kate produced a loud snoffle.

snog: to kiss lustily, a REALLY wet kiss
Example: Buffy snogged Selma Blair in Cruel Intentions.

snoggle: To get, to obtain.
Example: Oooh! CloneCD! Excellent idea, I gotta snoggle me a copy of that.

snoke: The collection of ice and snow that forms on the back of the wheel well on your car.
Example: It's a pain kicking off the snokes on my car.

snoodge: The substance (consisting of compressed hair shavings, skin, shave cream, blood, and other facial detritus)
that collects between the blades of a multi-blade razor, diminishing its effectiveness.
Example: Next razor I buy, I'm getting the kind with the built-in snoodge ejector, so it won't get clogged up
and thrown away so quickly.

snoofle: A snoofle is a small fuzzy animal.
It comes in many colors and different body parts (some even wear hats).
One can be set to a task depending on its abilities, but if it ever completes this task
it will disappear in a colored puff of smoke.
As an example: A Guard Snoofle is common, most of them are dark blue, have two legs and their eyes glow.
They also have a nose shaped like a horn that can make loud noises.
It can use its glowing eyes to search in the dark and if it finds trouble over what its guarding it will honk its nose loudly.
But a Guard Snoofle is only an example, there are many other kinds of snoofles!
Example: The purple spy snoofle used its wings to climb the tower and spy on the evil wizard.

snooganz: adj, cool..wow....awesome
Example: man that concert was snooganz

snoogins: An informal greeting

snooker: To deceive or trick.
Example: I snookered my friend into buying all the beer last night.

snooky: a cute, furry creature, with slick fur
Example: There's a snooky on my lap

snoona: the slippery paper that you get stickers on.
Example: no, don't give me the whole snoona. i only want that one sticker!

snoop: money
Example: Give me all your snoop

snoozapalooza: A very boring event.
Example: The staff meeting today was a snoozapalooza.

snoozerfrasm: Stupid person
Example: The boy is acting like a snoozerfrasm.

snorefest: A word to be used when an event is boring or tedius
Example: A-Gee that movie was boring. B-Yeah, it was a snorefest!

Snorgasm: when a person finally sneezes after several false starts.
Example: I'll tell you how I caught this cold--an inconsiderate woman sitting next to me on the bus didn't cover her proboscis before her snorgasm.

snork: A person who smells the bicycle seats of other people.
Example: Chris is smelling that chick's bike seat! What a snork!

snork: Accidentally inhaling a drink into one's nasal passages, often while laughing.
Example: Jerry's joke made Kevin snork his milk and shoot it out his nose.

snorky: How you feel when you're totally stuffed up from a cold or allergies.
Example: I feel totally snorky. I think I'm going to take some cold medicine.

snortle: A cross between a snort and a chortle.
Example: I snortled at her outrageous comment, which was just this side of offensive.

snost: Past tense of snooze, particularly meaning overslept and custom-designed to rhyme with lost.
Example: You snooze you lose, and I definitely snost.

snot: Shortening of the phrase, 'it is not'.
Example: 'snot fair!

snotcicle: In cold weather climates, when a nose runs and the resulting mucous freezes as it drips out of a nostril.
Example: It was so cold out Tommy had snotcicles hanging from his nose.

snotgobbler: The guy who will eat absolutely anything.
Example: Can you believe that he ate ALL of the soy liver product? My God, what a snotgobbler he is.

snotrocket: What is produced when holding one side of your nose and projecting contents of
other side at high pressure into the environment.
Example: Feeling congested the man turned his head and launched a snotrocket onto the sidewalk.

snotscoop: The concave bit between your nose and your top lip.
Example: Errgh, give me a tissue: it's running down the snotscoop!

Snough: A sound emitted from someone that sounds like a cough or a sneeze.
Example: Tom let out a snough, so I didn't know whether to say, God bless you or not.

snow-bird n. (Also snow-birdin: Upper-middle class retirees from the American Northeast and Canada who migrate to their retirement homes in
Florida for the months of October through March.
Example: The snow-birds usually do not permanently move to Florida, but just use their homes there to escape
the brutal winters of the American Northeast and Canada.

snowberg: The accumulation of snow, dirt, salt, and ice that develops in the fenderwell, on the mudflaps, and on the quarterpanel of a vehicle.
Example: I had to go and kick off the snowbergs from my truck again this morning.

snowbow: Same as rainbow, but used when it snows. Color of snowbow is silver and white. Have you seen one? I have,
Example: It's snowing. See the snowbow in the sky.

snowed in: Grounded
Example: Lauryn: Hey, do you wanna go out to eat with me tonight?
Nicky: Sorry, can't. I'm snowed in.

snowflake: Verb. Origin is Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
The act of failing all one's classes for a term.
The term originated because WPI does not record failed classes on students' transcripts.
Thus, if you fail all your classes, your report card is clean as new-blown snow.
Example: Well, it's no shock that Fred snowflaked; he hasn't gone to class for weeks.

snowflakin: To back out of something. To say one thing, yet do another.
Example: You're not going through with the plan? Don't be snowflakin!

snowjob: when you hold someone down in the snow and kick/push snow onto them. a favourite pasttime in schoolyards across the great white north.
Example: if you don't stop hogging the waterstation, you're getting a snowjob at recess!

snucky: Very poor snow conditions at a skiing area.
Example: The hill is usually snucky by April 3rd.

snud: the snowy/gloppy stuff that collects in wheel wells when it's snowing and there's salt on the road.

snuddly, snuddle: Soft aNd cUDDLY. Usually refers to the shoulder of a female, or a fuzzy article of clothing.
Example: 1. You're a very snuddly person. 2. That's a snuddly shirt you're wearing.

snuff: To punch.
Example: Oh, you just got snuffed in your bread-box, Jimmy.

Snurdy: Irritating manner adopted on purpose to wind people up.
Example: Stop trying to wind my up you snurdy git.

snurf: The act of burping and sneezing at the same time,
and bringing up that icky flavored puke/bile in the back of your throat.
Example: I snurfed in the middle of math class... t was disgusting.

snurfer, snurfing: Snorting/grunting sound infant makes whenpicked up. Also describes an affectionate child, or, as a derrogatory, to imply that someone is brown-nosing.
Example: My son, Alec, is the king of the snurfers. He's been snurfing since he was 3 days old.

snurple: Smurf-flavored Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
Example: Excuse me, miss, do you have any snurples in stock?

snutch: A particularly cute mongrel dog. Purebreds need not apply. (This is a word in constant use by members of my family.)
Example: Aww, wookit da cute widdle snutch!

snuzzy: The tingling sensation after a powerful sneeze. A combination of sneeze and buzz.
Example: My allergies are acting up today, but the snuzzy feeling is kind of nice.

so: Word added for emphasis of whatever follows it; it's not just for adjectives anymore.
Example: You are _so_ lying to me right now--I can tell by the look on your face.

so: 1. Used before any other word to describe it as more or larger. [ED. This use of so may already be in some unabridged dictionaries.]
2: To not care about what someone else is saying or pointing out to you.
Example: 1. I am so tired.
2: And she was like... So?

so kaka: Means that someone is doing something out of this world.
Example: You're so kaka.

soakin: Completely, absolutely, to the full or entire extent.
Example: It is soakin hot today.

Soap-Boxing: When a person negatively preaches or Speaks loudly to a group of people, Making sure the subject of the speech places all the blame on the group of people, and not on the Soap-Boxer
Example: I would have taken lunch earlier, but my manager was Soap Boxing us to death...

Society: Synonym for civilization. Note capital 'S' differentiates this word from its lowercase counterpart.
Example: Society needs capital punishment.

socio-capitalist: An oxymoron of politics.
Example: This is ridiculous.
Josh works in commerce and votes NDP? He must be a socio-capitalist.

Sock Fairy: The one person in any household who ends up taking the everyone's socks
off the radiators and putting them back in the sock drawers.

Usually works unseen by the other occupants in a role they had forgotten existed.
Example: Sally had been away at the spring conference for two weeks now and Bill's sock drawer was
down to his Christmas socks. So,she's the Sock fairy, he thought.

sock-bone: The protruding bone on the outside edge of the feet; a hill-like projection of bone just to the side of the ankle.
Example: I was so surprised when I didn't see my word in the pseudodictionary that I leapt out my chair, knocking my sock-bone on the desk.

sockpuppet: A cowardly denizen of the internet, who uses the anonymity of an ever-changing handle to harass and malign others in a way she would never have the courage to do in real life.
Example: Having no self-esteem or particular knowledge of his own, the sockpuppet posts away ad nauseum, wasting bandwidth and contributing nothing to the community.

socular riblets: the marks/indentions on you ankles and lower legs that appear after wearing tight socks.
Example: I thought had some weird disease when I looked down at my legs but then i realized that the temporary disfigurements were simply socular riblets

SOD: Abreviation for Servus Octogoniae Divine-latin (the servant of the Divine Octogony),
conceived by the founder of the system of octogonical perceptrion for describe a persone performing
good things and the virtue.
Everyone's duty is to become a SOD, to serve good and to fight against evil.
Example: Tatomir try from all his strength to be SOD.
The key to happiness is to be SOD.

Soda: Another word for a soft drink.
Example: When I am thirsty, an ice cold soda hits the spot.
Do you have any change for the soda machine?

Soda Crackers: Noun; A disgusting tasting food.
Example: This sandwich tastes like soda crackers.

sodalactite: Those drops of soda that are left on the inside of your drink container.
Example: I could see many sodalactites in my Big Gulp today.

sodamigo: A gay man's companion.
Example: The television director took the stage at the awards show and thanked his family, the industry,
and his sodamigo Bruce.

sodapea: Things left behind in a soda bottle or soda can after the soda has been consumed.
Example: Leving that sodapea in your can is bad for the environment.

sodonym: A word that sounds as though it should be sexual or scatalogical, but isn't.
Example: Sodonym is a sodonym, as is Volvo.

Sofa-Kingdom: A word that is used during frustration with oneself.
Example: That movie was sofa-kingdom.

soft: To describe one's behaviour as weak or poor.
Example: Is Dave coming out tonight?? Nah, he's gone soft in the head

softie: Suburban Old Fart, Taking It Easy
Example: They used to be yuppies; now they're softies.

softwarmfuzzygoth: the feeling of soft warm fuzzies induced by something which would not induce soft warm fuzzies in normal people. i.e. something dark, morbid, or just plain wrong.
Example: My boyfriend took me for a walk in the cemetary last night. It made me feel so softwarmfuzzygoth.

soggify: To soak somthing until it becomes very soggy.
Example: I like to soggify my Oreos before I eat them. Especially in chocolate milk!

sokay: shortened form of it's okay by me
Example: in a private chat room, Cathy tells John to hold on a minute while she checks her email. John replies, sokay!

solid!: An exclaimation used after a good job.
Example: after a homerun you could say solid!

solipsists' ball: A standard, but excellent, excuse for avoiding some tedious social event, in favour of your own company.
Example: Sorry, can't make it tonight: it's the Solipsists' Ball, don't ya know.

Solutionation: A solution that looks great in theory but has absolutely no impact in practice on the problem for which it was intended solve.
Example: We thought that electing new politicians to replace the old politicians would solve the campaign finanace problem but that turned out to be a solutionation.

Solvent green: That which breaks the ice among four women when they gossip jealously about a fifth woman.
Example: See that bridge table over there--the one with the four women?
I'm sure they're talking about me--I think they need to be doused with solvent green.

Soma Number: Straight Outta My Ass Number. Not even an estimate.
Example: What kind of estimate is that, a SOMA number?

Sombrero: Similar to cool and groovy. Denotes that something is good. Something un-cool could also be referred to as being un-sombrero
Example: Mike's new car is very sombrero.

Sometimey: Describes a person who is a fairweather friend; one who is dependable at times, but not always.
Example: I don't know if Alysia will come tonight, she's sometimey.

Somnambulalia: A condition of speech that gives the listener the impression that the speaker is asleep. ie: Slackjawed mumbling, Dullwitted rambling.
Example: He mumbles so badly I think he has somnambulalia.

sompting: the dribble that comes out of the corner of your mouth when you sleep
Example: you've been sompting on my pillow

Son of a limp bizkit: Used when you did something wrong and can't say son of a bitch.
Limp Bizkit is a famous band, so if it's at school, kids will think it's funny.
Example: Son of a limp bizkit! I forgot my homework.

son of Ganymede: A male who is particularly handsome; especially young men--from Ganymede, good-looking bartender of Olympus.
Example: I am a son of Ganymede.

sonic intercourse: this is the effect you get when you have your tv turned on without volume and sounds from another source like your radio is in sync.
Example: Like in wow that was the coolest sonic intercouse i've ever experienced. or let's go sonic intercoursing (you force it by selecting a random chase scene and put it under some 70's funk sounds).

sonic screwdirver: A small, cylindrical device that utilizes sound waves to rotate screws, open doors, or short out circuitry. Extremely useful for getting out of nasty situations. Sonic Screwdrivers are carried only by time-travelers.
Example: Pass me that sonic screwdriver. I want to get this panel open.

Sonneerbrechenschwalbenplatz: A place with no windows in which one is stuck for so many hours that she enters when it is light out and leaves when it is dark or vice versa.
Usually refers to library study rooms and computer labs.
Literally Place that swallows and vomits the sun.
Example: Aside from a 3 am run for pizza and RedBull he was confined to the Sonneerbrechenschwalbenplatz until 9 am the next morning when the project was due.

sonoma: A way of saying son of a bitch. Son-o-ma.
Example: Sonoma! Why did you do that?

sonya: expression denoting surprise at another person's weight gain, particularly in the stomach region - abbreviation of avalookatthegutsonya
Example: Bloody hell Bruce, look at yer sonya! (translation - my my Bruce, have we put on a little weight around the middle?)

soo: Excessively so; to be used when one o just won't do.
Example: He was soo evil that he played an entire Kraftwork album at full volume.

sookie: A delicious snack, a soaked cookie
Example: We sat on the porch and ate sookies until we were full.

sooling: Compression of fooling and soon.
When your eyes are fooling your brain into believing that the lights are
dimming in a cinema or theatre after a particularly long wait.
Example: I've been waiting to see the new Star Wars for the last half hour, and now I'm completely sooling.

sooner: A cheat.
Example: Are you like me? Do you have trouble understanding why people from Oklahoma choose to refer to themselves as sooners? After all, sooners were the notorious cheats who jumped the gun in the Oklahoma Land Rush.

soops: when you twist a quarter or half of a paper towel and fold in half to stick into the open of the cola or beer can and keep fresh when putting an opened can into the refrigerator.
Example: you better put a soops in it or it will go flat.

SOP: System of Octogonical Perception, which is a way of thinking focused on choosing always the constructive
aspects from events and things for the purpose of building a strong and honest personality.
Example: Tatomir is the founder of SOP. SOP can help a lot of people to find a sense in their life.

Sorostitute: Sorority prostitute or whore.
Example: I'm so sick of those sorostitutes and their stoopid social.!

sorostitute: A physically attractive female who looks as if she may belong to a sorority,
while at the same time being dressed like a complete slut.
A true sorostitute would wear a low-cut halter top and a short, tight skirt in the middle of wintertime.
Example: she looks pretty good in that tight shirt and short skirt, but look at the way she's looking at us.
Like we're not fit to look at her. Just a snooty sorostitute.

sorrow: Venereal term used for prostitutes. Not as in venereal disease,
but as in venery, relating to hunting, archaic term used now to indicate groups of like animals.
E.g., pod of whales, pride of lions, senate of crows.
Example: It was late and Humphrey was in the wrong part of town: crack dealers in the alleys and a sorrow of prostitutes on the corner.

Sorry Site: A tragic web site, reeking of bad design or flatulence
Example: Been to www.standonguard.com? What a sorry site.

sorta-burns: Side burns of a teenager. not really there but kinda.
Example: My mom said I had to shave my sorta-burns. She said they looked silly. {Mom's always right X. Thanks for participating.}

sortakinda: Sort of--but not exactly.
Example: Q: Was your blind date decent? A: Sortakinda

SOS: Same Old Stuff.
Example: Aw, c'mon, let's do something different.
We've had the SOS three nights in a row.

sota: State Of The Art.
Example: You should see his gaming machine. Very cutting sota.

sotship: Folly. Stupidity.
Example: What a lot of sotship.

soul patch: The little tuft of hair just below the lower lip in men, esp. when alone,
with no goatee or beard. Also known as kid (baby goat).
Example: Soul patches look cool if you can work the look.

soulrot: Sarcastic term for anything that consistently distresses you emotionally
to the point that you become depressed and lifeless.
As a result, decaying self-confidence dips to sub-zero levels.
Example: Ex: This is the worst job e-v-e-r. I can't fix 2 years worth of somebody else's mistakes in 3 months
and my boss doesn't understand why. This job is giving me soulrot.

sound byte: A fragment of a digitally-saved sound.
Example: When you put a lot of sound bytes together, you have a sound bite.

soup and biscuits: Androgynous; possessing both female (soup) and male (biscuits) characteristics. Can be used either as a noun or an adjective.
Example: She's rather soup and biscuits.

soup question: A question that is concerned with facts that matter only to you, and doesn't go into anything personal (Finding Forrester)
Example: Why doesn't soup at my house ever get film on the top?

soup sandwich: Ssomething that is very, very wrong.
Example: That's screwed up like a soup sandwich.

Sourdough: An old, mean person.
Example: Don't pay any attention to Fred, he's a sourdough.

souvenired: Another word for casually picking something up that isn't yours and taking it with you to bring back fond memories.
Example: To friends:Have a look at this cool glass I souvenired from the pub.

soybomb: Someone who foolishly intrudes on the show--ineffectively, but memorably nonetheless.
From the Grammys when Bob Dylan was playing and a guy jumped on stage with no shirt and the word soybomb on his chest.
Dylan not so much as looked at the guy. Hehehehe.
Example: The freakin soybomb jumped up on stage and tried to sing.

soysage: Sausage made from soy products
Example: Mummy, do we have any soysage to go with these pancakes?

soz: Pronounced Saw-ze. To be sorry, someone who is emotionally unstable due to an act of bad will.
Example: Oh, my God! Are you ok? I'm soz, I didn't mean to run you over.

space cadet: Air-head, ditz. One who is in a state of constant forgetfulness, or loses track of time.
Typically a person who is spaced out.
Example: Where did I put my keys again? I'm a total space cadet. OR Jess, snap out of it. You're being a space cadet.

space junk: unwanted gifts that fill your shelves and cupboards
Example: Clair's attempt to find that red dress she wore to her year 12 formal was thwarted by space junk.

space phone: Q wireless telephone..
Example: Honey, where's the space phone?

spacification: The process of requiring total political correctness of a body or group of people,
regardless of repercussions of such behavior or in total disregard of consequences for
such behavior or conduct or speech.
Example: The spacification of readers of newspapers tends to water down social events and provides
for a left-leaning commentary of the everyman's belief structure and confusion of issues.

spacker: A person who spams and hacks.
Example: That person was arrested for spacking.

spadger weasel: Like a brown-noser but he's a guy who hits on his older female boss to get what he wants.
Example: That spadger weasel just got another raise.

spah: What you say when someone has said something unbelieveable.
Example: I'm sooo cool! Spah.

spakla: used when ended a conversation, usually by email. abbreviation of 'speak later'
Example: thanks then, spakla.

spaldings: To have a lot of guts or to be so crazy as to take extreme risks at times. {Sufficiently oblique, I think.}
Example: You've got to have spaldings to walk in some places late at night.

spambled eggs: Scrambled eggs with little chunks of fried spam in it.
Example: I had spambled eggs for breakfast and they were delicious.

spammenot: N. Something added to an e-mail address in order to prevent spammers from harvesting e-mails from sites. Usually a word or phrase in all caps inserted into a normal e-mail address.
Example: I decided to use a spammenot to cut down the e-mails I got to my hotmail account.

spammish: 1. The language of spam.
2. Spam written in Spanish.
Example: I immediately deleted an email that was all in spammish.

spamtastic: Something that is fantastic in an early 1990s sort of way.
Example: Wow, that album by East 17 is very spamtastic.

spandex: Said out of nowhere as a response to something else, seemingly out of nowhere.
Example: A: Oh, seventeen!
B: Spandex.

Spange: To beg for money, typically pocket change.
Example: Be warned! Eric is spanging again so he can buy another double mochaccino.

spangler: A large, overweight, hairy but balding man.
Example: Chris is our top spangler.

spanglerilla: A spanglerilla is a large, overweight, hairy, balding, scantily clad drama queen.
Example: I am balding, hairy, 50 and weigh 225 pounds, which makes me a spangler.
I like to take off most of my clothing and pitch a fit about nothing,
which makes me a skankerilla. So, I've become a spanglerilla.

spanglish: to mix spanish with english
Example: que pasa homies, what be kickin' mang?

spanich: A green, leafy vegetable indigenous to Madrid.
Example: She offered her brunch guests a superb spanich omelet.

spanishity: Of or pertaining to Spain.
Example: The Pixies didn't sing in Spanish! In fact, you won't be able to find any element of Spanishity in them whatsoever!

spank: To take advantage of, make fun of, cheat, or victimize.
Example: Nicky: Lauryn, your IQ is in the negatives.
Bryon: Oooh, Lauryn, you just got spanked!

spanked: To be beaten severely at something.
Example: She can play pool. I'm getting spanked.

spanking: good (or cool, hot, or other positive descriptor)
Example: How do you like the new design? It's pretty darn spanking. -- from the Gimp Users Group website

spankolicious: For someone who incites thoughts of spanking said someone.
Example: Hi, I'm Darla Boutae'. Ah, Miss Boutae', I do say you're looking absolutely spankolicious in that dress.

spanky: (adj) Peachy, dandy.
Example: Wife: How was work today, dear? Guy: Just spanky.

Spanner: Idiot, mainly heard in London, but also in other parts of Britain.
Example: He's a right spanner, that bloke.

spantastic: So fantastic, and evil you should be spanked to knock it out of your senses
Example: Do you want me to give it to you? Sailor!

Spants: It's a word combining shorts and pants describing shorts that extend at least 6-8 inches below the knee.
Example: Look I picked up a new pair of spants yesterday.

spare: A hanger-on; a useless person who attaches herself to a group but is not so obnoxious that the others will actively try to drive her off. In any sufficiently large group of people, one person will be the spare. To find out who the spare is, ask the question, If we were being chased by Zombies, who would we shoot in the leg so the Zombies would stop to eat him,
so that the rest of us could escape?
Example: That's just Craig. Ignore him, he's our spare.

sparking: to find a parking space in a hurry
Example: We need sparking...the movie starts in a few minutes!

sparkle-plenty: A pretty young girl or a big-hair with no brains--an airhead. [Who remembers Sparkle Plenty's father's name?] [B.O. Plenty, from the Dick Tracy comic strip.]
Example: Yeah, did you see that sparkle-plenty pull out in front of that car? I swear, she never looked.

sparky: A general term of endearment, or as a nickname for those who are socially inept. (Another use--for electrical engineers or electronics technicians or anyone who works with electricity or electrical appliances.)
Example: 1: Come to bed with me, Sparky. 2: Sparky needs to get himself a woman friend.

spasmatic: Spontaneous, physically exaggerated movement.
Example: He was spasmatic in his movement, much to everyone's discontent.

spasmation: The random, unguided movements that your limbs make
--usually knocking over two or more fragile items in the process--that occur
just after a small shock or as a result of cerebral misfiring.
2. Descriptive of the motions of a very uncoordinated dancer.
Example: Sorry about that vase. My hand just went into spasmations. Watch out, I'm spasmatory again.

spasticathon: A period of time which involves dealing with several complete idiots.
Example: How was your day at work, honey?
Ohh, don't ask, it was a complete spasticathon.

spastication: The quality one holds when charmingly mad. Others: spaz, loco etc...
Example: She holds herself with grace and spastication.

spatch: Synonym for area or space.
Example: Johnny: Mom, there's a spatch of my English muffin that doesn't have butter!

spate: To strike or to slap someone's face in a backhand fashion, in response to verbal abuse or an insult
Example: I'll spate you right in the face if you say something like that again.

spathetic: So pathetic. Extremely pathetic.
Example: I can't even afford a latte. That's spathetic.

Spation: Space station.
Example: My house was destroyed by a piece of debris from the MIR spation.

Those damn Vulcans are attacking the spation again. Raise the shields!

spatula: Mild exclamation of disgust or frustration, often uttered by members of the blue-rinse
set too timid to use actual profanity.
Example: When my mother-in-law loses a game of solitaire, she often mutters spatula under her breath.

spazbomb: Someone who is an idiot. Comes from a child's writing which was misread--it meant to say space bomb.
Example: Don't do that, spazbomb.

spazitsu: A martial art system based on what you *think* you've seen done in martial arts flicks, but as you are physically incapable of imitating, your motions resemble that of a complete spaz.
Example: i got in a fight with my girlfriend the other day, and man she really cracked out the spazitsu.

spazmastical: Variation of the word Magical.
Example: The One movie was spazmastical in one sort of way.

spazmatron: (1) a clumsy person. (2) uncoordinated. (3) spaz.

Example: Every time that spazmatron Billy Bob Jack eats spaghetti, he gets sauce on his shirt.

spaznastic: To describe someone or someone's behavior that is unusual but intriguing.
Example: Michael Jackson has spaznastic moves.

spaznut: A complete idiot who is in the act of doing something foolish.
Example: Don't mess with Texas, you spaznut.

spaztastic: Combination of spazzy and fantastic. Used when someone is extremely hyper or something is really great.
Example: She was extremely spaztastic. She downed a tube of Crest, then sang beautifully.

spazwhacked: completely blown away, suprised and lost for words
Example: I was fully spazwhacked when I saw that Ricky Martin was dancing in my lounge room.

spazwinkle: a foolish idiot in humorous terms, such as in a chat room.
Example: what a spazwinkle, he locked his keys in the car.

Spazzamotto: A graceless spaz, a la Quasimodo.
Example: Nice going Spazzamotto, you knocked over the table.

spazzocaltatic: Extremely and overly clumsy and insane.
Example: Kim is so spazzocaltatic she is always falling. I think she's crazy, too.

speako: like a typo, but when you are talking
Example: Yes, in one swell foop. Oops! I made a speako -- what I meant to say was in one fell swoop...

speccie: Spek-eee. A word derived from spectacular, particularly used by lazy Australian Rules supporters.
Example: Woahhh, whatta mark! That was so a speccie!

Specky: Short for spectacular.
Example: Have you seen Daniel's new car? It's pretty specky.

spectabulous: Spectacular and fabulous.
Example: That ride was spectabulous.

speechilize: To render words verbally yet incorrectly. To speak aloud.
Example: I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time speechilizing right now. My tongue is all tied up.

speecho: A commonly mispronounced word or altered on porpoise just for fun.
Example: To speak or not to speec, that is the speecho.

speidi: A marinated delicacy, consisting of a shish kebob with chunks of (in order of preference) lamb, pork, or beef. This culinary masterpiece originated in the tiny village of Sharkey's in or near Binghamton, New York,
and was the subject of many get rich quick schemes. (Locally, see Salamida's or Lupo's.)
Example: I'm going to open a speidi stand in Florida and make a million!

speilberg: verb: to describe something over and over again in Steven Speilberg proportions
Example: After speilberging for an hour about his new mobile phone he got a call and left the room.

spelk: Verb denoting a dialect variation on the spelling or pronunciation of a word. {Glad to see you here, ddt. Reconize the email as well as the monicker. How about some clever input for the example at longtalk. MW}
Example: You people from back east! In dis part of da country we'd spelk that word fergeddaboutit!

Spelling Nazi: People who vehemently kick people for making spelling mistakes.
Example: Frodo must have nothing else to do but be the Spelling Nazi.

spellow: Used to describe the color sponge yellow. Derived from the cartoon SpongeBob.
Example: There goes a spellow VW Beetle.

spelunky: A lunkhead who's a legend in the caverns of his own mind.
Example: Chatroom dwellers who yell Korn Rulz are spelunky.

spendy: adj. Used to refer to something that appears to be costly or expensive
Example: Damn! I'll bet those new shoes were spendy.

spenecial: An word describing one who feels smart or special after stating the obvious.
Example: There are pages in this book. I'm spenecial for figuring that out.

sperman: A cross between Spanish and German.
Example: She speaks Spanish and I speak German, so the best we could do was to speak Sperman.

spesh: The superlative of special.
Example: 1) Be very careful with this, it's a spesh T-Shirt.

Spew: 1.To vomit. 2. To constantly babble on.
Example: Do you hear this sh-- he's Spewing?

spewin: too be extremly upset or angry
Example: when micheal couldnt get his shoes quick he was absolutly spewin

spewseum: The museum that has been dedicated solely to Spam luncheon meat.
Example: Mmmm, I'm hungry. I hope there are free samples at the spewseum.

spheridootness: The amount that an object is spherical.
Example: This ball's spheridootness has gone downhill since we started hitting it with the hammer

spibipibis: An amount of nonsense that is nearly too massive for any single human to tolerate.
Example: I can't believe the level of spibipibis that goes on at the crappy excuse for a company where I work.

spice box: A person who is always ready and willing to state his or her opinion however controversial,
politically incorrect, or offensive it may be.
Example: Brian is always arguing his point even when the Professor says he's wrong. He's a real spice box.

spice melange: Orange-brown dried residue at the bottom of coffee mugs deliberately left unwashed by their owners. Many such owners are highly protective of their spice.
Example: A: Time to wash the dishes. B: Leave my mug alone. A: That filthy cup hasn't been washed in ages. It's got crap solidified in the bottom. B: Hey, that's my spice melange. It adds spice to my coffee. Leave my cup alone!

spider: A web designer.
Example: That new Swedish chat site is wack--it's full of spiders.

spiferiffic: Something very extraordinarily cool.
Example: You got tickets to the concert? That's spiferiffic!

spiffarific: 1.Spiffy and teriffic. 2. Very cool.
Example: The colors of the northern lights are spiffarific.

spifferific: describes something that is positive.
Example: I had a totally spifferific time at the ostrich farm

spifferooni: used to show delight in something that is spiffy or neat.
Example: look at this! spifferooni!

spifficate: To make better or cooler.
Example: Bob, you sure spifficated your car.

spiffilicious: Extremely spiffy.
Example: You know that girl, Rebecca? Now there's a spiffilicious babe.

spiffing: A WASPish exclamation of approval.
Example: A. Buffy, what do you say to cocktails at the country club?
B. Spiffing!

spiffisplendacularific: (adj) Really**3 good.
Example: The skiing today is spiffisplendacularific.

spifftacular: It's not only spiffy and spectacular but spifftacular.
Example: You look spifftacular, Fernando.

Spiffy: A word used to show approval or happiness in regards to something.
Example: 1: That shirt is really spiffy. 2: I just won ten million dollars! Spiffy.

Spifty: Spiffy + nifty.
Example: Spifty!

spig: The part of a pig were Spam comes from.
Example: Hey, Bob! Throw all that spig in the bin. They need it 'cause they're makin' another batch of Spam.

spiggin': (adj) Used in place of a curse word to emphasize.
Example: It's spiggin' windy outside.

spigotting: To drink (or eat or use) a substance without decanting into an acceptable vessel.
Example: He spigotted the milk (i.e., drank the milk right from the carton).
2. They were spigotting the ketchup and mayonnaise. (I.e., the bottles were put on the table, not put into proper dishes for serving.
A prominent characteristic of bachelors if they have anything in the fridge at all.)

spill and fill: Anything generated by a form, especially a website.
Example: Your website looks so spill and fill, put some cool stuff on it.

spilled-the-shasimem: phrase used to confuse people in authority who are getting in your way and trying to give you a hard time
Example: Sir I will need to see some ID Ummm, you spilled-the-shasimem, right there some shasimem.

Spin: A measure of time. One hour is one spin of the big hand on a clock.
Example: Only one more spin to go before we can leave for the day.

spin doctor: Washington DC expression, a spokesperson who attempts to limit damage after a politician
has said something stupid or backed himself into a jam.
Example: There wasn't a spin doctor alive who could have saved Nixon after the tapes were released.

spindwiddie: At night, when the house is dark and you're walking down the hallway and don't qiute make the turn around the doorway, you smash part of your face on the corner and bounce off--that's a spindwiddie.
Example: My face hurts. Must be that spindwiddie I did last night.

spingle: Spite + single. In baseball, a single hit in spite, just to ruin the pitcher's statistics,
esp. when not benefitting the hitting team.
Example: Mussina was had a perfect game going at Fenway until Everett hit that spingle in the bottom of the ninth.

spinhacker: Anyone who engages in the deconstruction of propaganda for the edification of others.
Example: Did you see that guy on TV last night tear into that campaign manager? Man, what a spinhacker.

spink: the frothy white toothpaste substance which is transfered from your mouth to the sink. It can also be the reminense of toothpaste which at times you see on peoples faces or clothing. Spink can often be found on the tops of faucets as well.
Example: My spink missed the sink and landed on the faucet.

spinner: A rather samll, attractive female, usually around 5'2 or smaller.
If, during sex with her on top, you flick her, she'd spin around like a nut on a bolt.
Example: Person 1: Describe yourself for me.
Person 2: Oh, I'm about 5 feet tall, 95 lbs...
Person 1: Oh, a spinner!

spitaloved: Someone who like to spend time in the hospital,
a place where he feels at home, and sometimes even better, without any motivation.
Example: The old man was spitaloved.

spiteful death!: When inanimate objects attack.
Commonly used with regards to kitchen appliances,
but applicable elsewhere as well. Also an exclamation used in such cases.
Example: Spiteful death! Becca screamed, as the safety blade on the Saran Wrap brutally attacked her wrist.

spiteor: When someone is talking to you, and spit flies out of his mouth and lands on you.
Example: Slow down! I just go hit by your spiteor.

spitiful: Something sadly contemptuous.
Example: What a spitiful habit.

spitter: Automated teller or machine that dispenses money.
Example: I'm gonnna get me some dough from the spitter.

spitter: Something to spit chewing snuff into, usually used indoors as not to spit all over the floor
Example: Brandon, give me that bottle. I'm going to put a dip in and I need a spitter while we're watching this movie.

spivey: Derived from a character played by Tony Pierce in the film _Dances With Wolves_,
the term refers to repulsive and unethical (even potentially criminal) people,
often also in the category of rednecks or bums and street scum.
Example: I was going to park under the overpass, but there were a lot of spiveys over there.
Uh-oh. Here comes Spivey.
That guy seemed like a bit of a spivey to me.

splab a squiffy: To read something really fast without actually reading it properly;
to glance at something.
Example: Did you read that article?
No, but I'll splab a squiffy later on.

splace: Of or referring to a parking place or space.
Example: It was hard for me to find a parking splace when I went to the mall on Friday.

spladoogendoggen: Used in place of the word walk to avoid getting the dog's hopes up in case the answer is no.
Example: Are you going to take Willie for a spladoogendoggen?

splain: To explain.
Example: Speak slowly as you splain this to me.

splang: a cross between splash and bang which is experienced when one bellyflops into water and it hurts.
Example: I did a bellyflop and it splanged badly!

splash and dash: Formula 1 slang. A pitstop in which a car fills up with enough fuel to see it to the end of the race, without changing tyres. (Not, as I once convinced my mother, an opportunity for the driver to relieve himself quickly.)
Example: That's Badoer coming in for a splash and dash...

splassy: Surf conditions, rough but no good waves to surf.
Example: How's the beach? No good, too splassy.

splatatoes: Mashed potatoes that are too thin and splatter on your plate when served.
Example: I piled my corn and stuffing on my splatatoes to save room for the cranberries.

splattermouth: Someone that frequently splatters water out of her mouth.
Example: Chris is such a splattermouth.

splea or spleaded: To plead with someone using a spear or a weapon.
Example: I spleaded with my mom, but she thought I was crazy and sent me to my room. OR
Just splea with her! It'll freak her out, so she'll let you go.

splech: A blending of spit and blech! to describe the thing you do when you open wide and drop a mouthful of partly chewed food onto your plate in disgust.
Often pronounced sort of Germanish, as shpleck, and sounds best if you pretend to do the deed as you say the word. Don't spit! Simply open mouth and push out with tongue.
Example: If thine meat fat offends thee, splech it out!

splendiferous: var. of splendid; shows extreme enthusiasm, approval of an idea or situation
Example: Stevo: Want to go to the movies later?
Magz: Sure! I'll pay for the popcorn.
Stevo: Splendiferous!

splendiforous: Used when something inspires great feelings of rapture.
Example: Yesterday I had the day off work and had the most splendiforous time.

splert: Splat alert. To warn some one about a mysterious goo.
Example: Splert! Watch out, you dont want to step in that mess.

Splink: verb. To casually mention your boyfriend or girlfriend in conversation, in order to show that you are not interested in the listener without making him or her lose face. The boyfriend or girlfriend can be real or imaginary.
Example: I thought it was going to be a study-date, but she splinked me early on, so I guess we were just studying.

Split: To leave, to get outta here, especially in reference to going somwhere better than where you are right now!
Example: This party stinks, let's split

split your wig: I will hit you
Example: Do you want me to split your wig?

sploded: a silly word for something that reccently exploded
Example: oh no! my car engine sploded!

splody: 1: very cool 2:to explode with anger, anxiousness, or nervousness 3: general exclamation used in place of Wheee!
Example: That is one splody shirt!, You totaled your car?? Your mom is gonna go splody!, SPLOOOODYYYYY!

Splooge: 1.Prison oatmeal. 2. Anything remotely disgusting.
Example: Don't eat that Splooge, you'll die.

splorfy: A water-logged carpet or rug .
Example: After the pipe burst, the carpet was splorfy.

Splotch: unknown mark, possibly from something spilt
Example: i can't seem to get this splotch out of the carpet

splunge: Not yes, not no. A way to provide a definitive answer without making a decision.
Essentially, I abstain. (From Monty Python's skit Twentieth Century Vole.)
Example: Should we go to Dairy Queen, or Long John Silver's? Splunge.

splurger: When things merge in an unorganized fashion.
Example: There were three lines before we opened the doors,
and when we opened them it was a splurger to get inside.

splurt: To laugh so hard that your drink flies out your nose.
Example: When I read the entry bingowings I splurted ginger ale all over my keyboard. That's why its so sticky, honest.

splyph: meaning cool or awsome.
Example: This dictionary is splyph!

spobby: An activity that is not quite a sport because there's little physical effort but not really a hobby because it's played competitiveley.
Example: I go fishing as my spobby. OR My favorite spobby is snooker.

Spock: to raise one's eyebrow at someone, usualy in disbelief, question or supprise
Example: Eleri spocks at Ryan

spock plug: found only in Rhode Island, this device is a sparking device that helps to fire any internal combustion engine
Example: Put down that Del's lemonade and help me put these new spock plugs in the cah.

Spocking: Taking a $5 Canadian bill and adding a bowl-style haircut so it looks like Star Trek's Mr. Spock.
Example: Check out this bill I just Spocked.

spod: (Noun) The British synonym for the primarily American terms 'nerd' or 'geek'.
Example: David does Java programming simply for his own amusement. What a spod!

spoggy: Chewing gum.
Example: Want some spoggy?

spoiler: Member of middle-management who, when asking you to do something perfectly reasonable,
can't help spoiling it by adding an unnecessary stress-causing qualifyer. E.g.,
...instead of just standing there.
Example: John, can you restock the cigarettes please? Sure.
I think it's only fair, after all I did let you go home early last night. Geez, what a spoiler.

sponch: Cool, but I like the sound a heck of a lot better.
Example: What a sponchin' day! Or, as an expletive, What the sponch?!

spondiferous: Australian for something that is so great that it is stupid.
Example: Crykey mate, he took me whole ahrm off. That's really spondiferous.

spondulous: Money, specifically a large amount of money.
Example: That's a lot of spondulous you're asking for that cat.

Spong: One who encounters great good luck, despite their own incredible stupidiy or clumsiness. Contraction of spawny and mong.
Example: Toby spilled his drink on that girl's top, and then she went back to his place to take it off to dry. The spong!

spong: Spong is the word used to describe something 'green & neat' and unidentifiable.
Example: Q. What is for supper?
A. Spong
Q. Yuck, another vegetarian meal.

Spongaruiner: The actual name for cheeze grater.
Example: Better use an old sponge to wash the spongaruiner.

sponge: Something cool; similar to dope.
Example: Your lock is sponge.

sponjulas: A term used to describe money or an amount of money. (See spondulix in other dictionaries.)
Example: How much did that cost? It cost 10000 sponjulas.

spontanuity: Spontaneous opportunity; Possessing the capacity to take advantage of something that unexpectedly presents itself.
Example: Her spontunity enabled her to grab life by the horns and run with it.

spontuitive: Of an unselfconscious, naturally formed thought obtained from ready personal knowledge prior to or separate from premeditated thought.
Example: Boutros claimed his artistic ideas were completely irrational and unplanned, relying entirely on his spontuitive judgement as he created.

spoo: The opposite of oops!
Example: Spoo! I didn't mean to spill my coffee on you!

spoochy: Term used to describe something with flamboyant fringe. (Especially during the holiday seasons.)
Example: Did you see Mrs. Garfunkel's spoochy Christmas display?

spoodge: the white,synthetic-like sweet cream filling in packaged snacks
Example: The spoodge in twinkies will last forever.

spooge: Slang term for semen.
Example: What is that? It looks like spooge.

spooj: Spooj is the crusty stuff left on your spoon (or anything else for that matter) after you get it out of the dishwasher.
Or it can just mean some revolting substance ypu would never want to contact without a full radiation-proof encounter suit.
Sometimes confused with spooge.
Example: Can you believe the spooj Erik left on the table? Tell him to clean it up.

spook: Washington DC expression, an intelligence officer.
Example: Do we have a spook on the ground in Kabul?

spookies: Horror movies, anything that is frightening.
Example: Bob: Have you ever seen the movie _Psycho_? Todd: I don't like spookies.

Todd: That guy is really scary looking. Bob: Yeah, he's a real spookie.

spoon: When someone is behaving displeasingly, he is known as spoon.
Example: Phwaar, what a right spoon that geezer is.