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r: The letter r, used in a number of situations, but perhaps most usefully in the plural for swearing
in front of the students in maths or science lessons without them necessarily realising.
Example: Let us call the radii of the circles drawn by John r1 and r2, and those drawn by Jane r3 and r4.

You can see that the sum of John's r's is larger than that of Jane's r's.

r'outathea!: A contraction of You'reout of there, meant to be pronounced all at once like an umpire would say it.
An expression of displeasure with someone.
Example: (A total dork walks by.) R'outathea!

r-mail: Short for reality mail, i.e. physical transportation of material objects for communication purposes.
Used in contrast to e-mail.
Example: I prefer to r-mail my parents when I ask for money,
because then it's harder for them to copy my original message into their reply.

R.I.Q.: Room Intelligence Quotient Originally from the stand-up comedy subculture. The level of intelligence of an audience or group. Typically used as a pejorative term to indicate that you will have to do material that appeals to the lowest common denominator. Can be used in any group situation, especially business meetings.
Example: He spent his entire set doing West Virginia sister and wife jokes. That should tell you what the R.I.Q. is.
Speak slowly when you give your presentation--I have a bad feeling about the R.I.Q.

rabbit: A male player or flirt. Refers to rabbits' tendency to copulate very frequently, indiscriminately, and rapidly.
Example: My boyfriend's a rabbit. He bedded my three sisters and my mother last week. But I still love him.

rabbit food: What health nuts or vegetarians eat: leafy greens and vegetables.
Example: Angela: If you want to lose weight try eating a salad instead of a hamburger for lunch. Brent: I don't like rabbit food.

rac: a car
Example: He was driving the rac with no driver's licence.

racing mullet: Someone or something not very attractive.
Example: She's got a head like a deep sea racing mullet.

rack: Navy slang, noun: A bunk aboard a ship.
Example: I'm beat. When I get off watch, I'm headed straight to the rack.

rack a frack: Meanie.
Example: When I'm angry, I yell, You dirty little rack a frack!

rack-burn: Navy slang, noun: Impressions of pillowcases or beadspreads on the face caused by the long, motionless periods of deep sleep.
Example: He didn't think anyone knew he was napping, but he had rack-burns all over his face.

racoculous: (adj) Extremely ridiculous.
Example: The fact that this word isn't being used worldwide yet is racoculous.

rad: Exclamation or an adjective for something cool and exciting.
Example: Oh, rad! We have a four day weekend coming up!

Radio Shack: A particularly uptight techno-dweeb.
Example: Hey, Radio Shack, why don't you stick to troubleshooting the network?

radiohead: The phenomenon where one person says out loud the very thing another person is thinking
Example: Ya know, honey, we should get a tuba and start our own marching band.
I was just thinking the same thing! You must be a radiohead.

radioheadistic: Extremely depressing music; especially that of that particular style of UK bands--e.g., Radiohead, Muse, etc.
Example: This CD is so radioheadistic.

RadL: Rod-ll. Something which is shaped like a wheel.
Example: I had to change one RadL from my car because a nail popped my old RadL.

radley: 1. A term used to address a person (usually male) in place of a name.
Sometimes used in conjuction with Boo, as in Boo Radley.
However, has more to do with the word boo than the character (from _To Kill a Mockingbird_.)

2. An placeholder for a real name, given when anonymity is desired in an official or semi-official setting. One simply changes one of his names to Radley when, for example, an ugly girl asks your name and you need to make up something quick and you don't ever plan on seeing her again.
Example: What's going on, Radley?

radular: Very cool. Extremely rad. Refer to gnarlical or zemanakal.
Example: Your varial heelflip to nose manual to casper into a darkslide out to a 360 kickflip was very radular.

rafalstory: Pronounced raffle-story. A story with no point and frequently no content. Named for my friend Rafal who tells such stories a lot.
Example: Rafal: So I went downtown. Camille: Yeah? Rafal: Oh, that's all. Camille: What a rafalstory.

ragemeister: Rage master; one who has learned which buttons to push to cause rage in another.
Example: She loved to play ragemeister and push his jealousy button to mess with his mind.
Everyone has at least one ragemeister.

raggensdraddle: A nonsense name made up most recently as the title of the Worcester State College 1980 Yearbook, Worcester, Massachusetts.

ragoverth: A person who stands out in a crowd and is generally hated by everyone
Example: Why does he have to be a ragoverth and wear makeup?

Rah Rah: Drama, dramatic
Example: Mike was so Rah Rah over Luccia breaking up with him.

railjump: An inept move. In Quake, one can jump extra high by firing a rocket at her feet while jumping. Sometimes, a user forgets she is carrying a railgun instead of a rocket launcher. When she attempts to jump to a really high place, she succeeds only in a small but stylish hop as she fires her railgun at her feet.
Example: Nuts, I'd've had the BFG if only I hadn't railjumped into the lava.

Rainbowarise: To make something beautifully coloured, derived from the English rainbow (coloured) and arise, meaning to make.

Example: I think I might rianbowarise this picture.
Isn't that wall is beutifully rainbowarised?

rainbox: The shower.
Example: I stink. To the rainbox I go.

rakaramba: The sound of fire, brimstone, exultation, extreme emotion--something you shout to the heavens.
Example: As you fly off the edge of an abyss on a particularly scary rollercoaster: Rackaramba!

ralados: great wise one(dragon word)
Example: Ralacados got his name from the word in the dragon language ralados, which means great wise one.

Ralph: To ralph is to vomit.
By uncanny concidence, pronouncing ralph in a long, drawn out fashion sounds like the
sound made by someone vomiting
Example: Charlie drank too many midis and is having a ralph in the garden.

ralph or ralf: Ralph is a directional indicator in automobile conversations (same first letter as right.
Example: Hey Zaphod, slow down and hang a ralph at the light.

ralphichax: The thing that happens when a person vomits and people around him react to it by vomiting also.
Example: When Willie puked after his 10th shot of Jim Beam, the ralphichax was unprecedented.

rama: Rhyme with :stammer. Crowded, rammed, full.
Example: The sun was shining, so the park was rama.

ramificussions: Ramifications and repercussions, coined by Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell of King County Superior Court
Example: I'll have to think about the ramifucussions. I'll get back to you.

ramipercussion: The consequences of an action - usually implies negativity.
Example: Apparently, Bob did not fully understand the ramipercussions of lightining that match. His house burned down.

Rammased: When something is messed up, destroyed. A house with junk everywhere is rammased.
Example: This house is rammased.

Rammy: Really grouchy, grumpy, mad, annoying.
Example: Why is Miranda so RAMMY at me? I only lost her favorite pair of shoes!

ramo-implications: Basically, the same as ramify--the resulting effects from an undertaken action.
To have complicating consequences or outgrowths.
Example: Do you even understand the ramo-implications of what you've just done?

ramping like a hose: Going crazy; over-processing; suffering from too much work and poor support.
At least, that's what we think it means....
Example: The (130-nanometer) process is ramping like a hose, said Frank Spindler,
Vice President of Intel's Mobile Products Group.

ramshackle: Rickety, unsteady, flimsy, in danger of imminent collapse
Example: I'm sorry, but my nerves won't allow that ramshackle table to stay in this house another minute.

rance: It stinks, it's stupid, or it's completely dumb and out of place.
Example: Tom is so rance, no wonder he hangs out with the losers.

ranch, to ranch out: Sitting back being mellow.
Example: I think I'll just ranch out for a while.

ranchize or ranchise: To smother something in so much ranch dressing that it is more dressing than food.
Example: Can you please not ranchize the fries this time?

random: a dismissive description of an uninteresting and unimportant person... can also be used to describe an odd or amusing situation
Example: Person A: How was that party last night? Person B: Ehh, it was okay...it was mostly a bunch of randoms. Or, What the hell was that? That was SO random!

random: An unknown person (stranger).
Example: We met a few randoms at the party last night.

random surfer: One who is addicted to surf the web by means of using a random link generator.
Example: random surfer's heaven: http://random.yahoo.com/bin/ryl

randometer: The gauge that measures just how random comments are. Commonly used when someone blurts something out of nowhere.
Example: A. My favorite color is blue. B. Whoa, the randometer just went off the scale.

randominity: Seemingly random streams of conscious thoughts or ideas without coherent purpose.
Example: The couple conversed together for no other purpose but to explore the randominity of their thoughts.

randomn: This word is used to describe a person who falls into the uncool category of life. The reason for them being called a randomn, is because they are all alike.
Example: Burgess, is incredibly uncool.
He has very few friends and even the ones he has are lame.
His life revolves around computer games.
Hence, he is simply a randomn.

randomosity: the ability to make funny sentences out of random words/events
Example: he said toaster llama....now that guy has some serious randomosity

randyn: Adjective most often used, to describe something usually in the media that is wrong, silly, or stupid that makes the viewer feel embarrassed.
Example: The animation in that new kids' movie is terrible - cheap, randyn, and full of stereotypes.

ranga: Anyone with orange hair--derived from orangutan, the primate with orange hair.
Example: Lucille Ball was probably the most famous ranga of all.

RangDang: to be partially interesting or not interesting at all
Example: that's a RangDang design bro.

Rangham: Scarborough dialect word meaning clutter, an accumulation of objects stored in an untidy manner.
Example: Denzil, I can't believe you keep your bike in here with all this rangham.

Rango: Obscure Australian term for cigarette.
Example: Anyone up for a rango?

rangoon boof alarm: At a Chinese buffet, the combined feeling of nausea and fear
as you realize there is still an entire third helping of food on its way down to your
bloated stomach.
Example: Fitzy: Day'm Sully, you're working up a sweat.
Sully: My brain just set off the rangoon boof alarm.

rank: To nag.
Example: My mom's been ranking on me all day to clean up my room

rank: something that is totally disgusting.
Example: That guy is so rank!

Rank: Great.
Example: Cybill is a rank dancer. The waterslides at Bell's Amusement Park are rank.

rank whores: Those who play games simply to get higher on the ladder. Akin to a sellout--they are no longer in the game for fun.
Example: Calm down, it's just a game. Jeez, you're such a rank whore.

rankometrifyed: The most disgusting thing ever. So horrible, it is comical.
Example: (Someone vomits all over your best friend's lap.) You exclaim, Yuck. That's rankometrifyed!

rappish: any word that sounds like it comes from the ghetto
Example: The word yo is rappish.

rar: An exclamation of either anger or victory.
Example: Rar, my computer froze.

rar?: Used when you don't understand something, similar to a dog on tv.
Usually emphasized by cocking your head.
Example: You need to install the device driver current version, then reboot, then uninstall the app,
then reboot, then reinstall the app.... Rar? Say that in English.

rarb: Expression of exasperation, euphoria, or just about anything.
Example: Rarb!

Rarr: Used to show emotions in cases of extreme stress, anger, or joy.
Example: Jen: Oh yeah, I accidentally deleted your 25 page research paper for English. Dan: RARR!

ras (pronounced 'ros'): Literally short for rasta. Used to describe a friend (not necessarily of the rastafarian persuasion). Plural: Rastards (prounounced rosters)
Example: What up, ras? Yo ras, lets go. Come on rastards we're going to be late.

raspenarious: Cranky, disagreeable, contrary, ornery.
Example: Don't be so raspenarious, you're grating on my nerves.

rassle: To wrestle playfully.
Example: She rassles too much with me to just be my friend.

rasu: 1. Incredible; amazing; beyond explanation.
2. Artistic; rhythmic; undulating.
Example: The rasu lyrical dance to Ani DiFranco's 32 Flavors was my favorite performance of the evening.

rat bastard: Someone who's being a jerk, implies that they are lower than the bastard child of a rat.
Example: I was driving on the freeway when this rat bastard cut me off.

Rat Hair Ratio: The word I think the government should use when determining the allowable amount of rat hair in any food
approved by the FDA.
Chocolate and peanut butter are the worst offenders with the highest amount of rat hair per edible portion.
Example: I bet the rat hair ratio is high on that cereal.

rat's ass: 1. Amazingly ugly, resembling a train wreck only worse.
2. To show severe annoyance.
3. I don't care.
Example: 1. You look like a rat's ass this morning. What time did you get in last night?
2. Rat's ass.
3. Who gives a rat's ass?

rat-face balludo: A person who gets right in your face and spits while telling a story.
Example: Oh, my God, did you see that pervert get up in my face like a rat-face balludo.

ratava: The real-world manifestation of an online avatar; the actual person of which there can only be one.
Example: Although Pip's online personae were wild, uninhibited and occasionally rather furry, his ratava was a bald mild-mannered ticketing clerk.

ratchet-deely: The thing on your bike that makes the back wheel catch when you padal forward and coast when you coast
Example: The ratchet-deely on my bike was frozen and that's why I'm late for school Miss Teacher.

ratrepreneur: A businesswoman (could be a man) who is a jerk. Ratrepreneurs are scalpers, cyber-squatters, and no-good
slimeballs who attempt to make a profit at any cost. (Contrast with catpreneur.)
Example: In James Clavell's book of the same name, King Rat was a ratrepreneur.

ratt rigg: Radio and teletype rig for the military commo gear.
Example: Go to the ratt rigg and send a priority message.

rave goo: The slime found on the ceilings, walls and floors at a rave. It is a combination of bodily fluids and who-knows-what-else.
Example: I almost slipped in the rave goo while dancing

ravistic: Anything that makes you want to party; a compliment.
Example: You got a 1400 on your SATs? That's ravistic!

raw: Cold, harsh, low blow....
Example: You ate my McNuggets. That was raw.

raw: Sickening, vile.
Example: I went to rotten.com and checked out some of their archives--that stuff is pretty raw.

rawk: Rock.
Example: The concert rawked.

rawsome: The combination of the words raw and awesome. When one adjective isn't enough to tell how good it was.
Example: Did you see that dunk that Vince Carter just did? That was rawsome.

rawt: An amalgam of the words raw and hot, usually used to indicate unrefined beauty in an object.
Example: Did you see Mary Sue in the bikini-shaking contest down at the strip? Were her moves rawt!

Ray-day: Surprised, astonished.
Example: Ray-day! What is that?

razbelly: The act of blowing with your mouth on a child's stomach to make a flatulent raspberry sound.

Example: Giving his two-year-old a razbelly always made her giggle.

Beyond the scope of coolness, beyond being phat or being money. It may be used as an adjective, verb, noun or as an expression of agreement. Razor is used to decribe the indescribable goodness of the moment, expression, thought, or idea.
Example: That's our plan. Are you razor?

Razzle Dazzle: Used when something or someone has no actually content,
but is so flashly and nice that no one can tell.
Example: Paul: Look at my essay. It doesn't make any sense, but I got a A+ on it!
Rich: Yeah, it's all freakin' razzle dazzle!

RD: Rootable Daddy
Example: Whilst walking down the street with a friend, you might say Hey, that guy is a bit of a RD.

RDRR: Instant Messenger-speak for a really bad joke. Comes from the Simpson's episode where Bart goes to the
school for the gifted and the teacher has the class solve a math joke in which the solution is R derivative, R squared or RDRR.
Example: jimmydodgeball: Well, that's what your mom said.
dpstyles97: RDRR

Ré: Exclamation used to disrupt the telling of a story the listener has already heard.
Onomatopoeic from the sound the ringpull on a talking toy makes when tugged--
frequently used in conjuction with mimed pulling action.
Example: Rob. I've got this great joke about Teddy Ruxpin...
Ted. Ré!
Rob. Oh yeh, I told you that yesterday.

re re: A word used to describe people who are being dumb or stupid.
Example: You are such a re re.

Re-jigger: Re-jigger means to rework, fix, or redo something
Example: I have to re-jigger my paper before I can turn it in.

re: said: About that. (contracted and generalized from the subject lines of email replies)
Example: A. Did you hear about the car wreck at Burger King? B. Yes, I heard something on the radio re: said.

Ready To Assemble: The vicious lie printed on the packaging of IKEA furniture by disgruntled employees, before they add several parts that serve no function but to confuse unsuspecting purchasers. These same people can also be blamed for the lack of assembly tool and the instructions printed in Swahili.
Example: Darren, let's buy this genuine antique display case for Suze. She could put all her Franklin Mint collectors plates in it. It says it's ready to assemble, so even a moron could do it.

real: Really, just quicker to say.
Example: I miss u so much, I real wanna see u.

Real meltdown: The condition in which ones computer completely freezes up due to
Real products spontaneously firing themselves up.
Example: I was surfing the net until Windows suffered Real meltdown.

real people: Anyone who is not in law enforcement. (from _Reservoir Dogs_)
Example: Mr. Pink: You kill anybody? Mr. White: A few cops. Mr. Pink: No real people? Mr. White: Just cops.

Real People: An entertainment industry term used in casting, meaning a non-actor. We hire them when we don't want a polished, trained professional performer.

Example: In this commercial we want to use real people, not actors.
We want you to cast for this scene on the street--get us some real people.

realay: Quit lying. Yeah, right. I don't believe you
Example: A: Heard you were at a massage parlor last night.
B: Realay.

realisticity: The fluctuating perception one has of reality.
Example: The realisticity of the situation began to falter as she waned in and out of consciousness.

realitician: A realitician is a derivative of politician. They do for reality what politicians do for politics. They say what people want to hear.
Example: As a realitician, it's my job to tell the customer the truth until the truth arrives.

rean: Musical slang to describe a particularly bad musical performance, movement, or display. Meant to emulate the fluff note of a student clarinet or student saxophone player.
Example: They oughta kick Chris out of that band. He looks and sounds reen.

reastie: Nasty, disgusting, gross.
Example: Do you smell that, it smells reastie.

reb: Reb is used for any type of any food that is nameless but is red in colour--i.e., reb sweets (color).
Example: Reb's my favouite flavour drink.

rebelliate: Rebelling and retaliating at the same time.
Example: If I felt my parents were giving me a difficult time when I was a teenager, I would rebelliate.

rebo: Stupid person.
Example: In high school, the slow kids go to the rebo room.

rebootylicious: The highly pleasurable act of restarting your computer.
Example: I had a rebootylicious afternoon as a result of the server crash.

rebunking: Reviving the reputation of something that has been debunked.
Example: The theory of multiple universes has been rebunked.

reclination: The level at which you are horizontally inclined.
Example: If you were in a state of total reclination, you would be horizontal.

recokuloculitis: Disease which makes you spew ridiculous information.

Example: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you must suffer from recokuloculitis.

recombobulate: To become un-discombobulated.
Example: Fred was extremely discombobulated, but he was able to recombobulate by writing down some of his thoughts.

recombobulate: To repair something that is broken or in some other way discombobulated
Example: Our strategy is completely discombobulated.. it's time we recombobulate.

recommendoma: Series of complications occuring in a simple surgery in a patient who gets
recommendation letter from higher authorities for no reason.
Example: He may die of aspiration pneumonia as it was a case of recommendoma.

rectitude: The formal, dignified demeanor assumed by a
proctologist immediately before he examines you.
Example: Students of Proctology 101, as you prepare to perform your first rectal exam,
please remember to assume the proper rectitude. No laughing, giggling, or snickering.

rectumlinear: Putting your ass on the line.
Example: My boss told me my next project is totally rectumlinear. If I fail, I'm history.

red blood cell: Something you can say when you're talking about one subject, then need to interrupt yourself for a second, or when someone says something random that you don't know how to classify. From a high school science class, where the teacher was talking about the heart. This is the aorta. By the way, do you know why turds are brown? Because of dead red blood cells. Now, back to the aorta. As a result, that became a catchphrase.
Example: We were talking about shopping when suddenly Joanna red blood celled and started talking about the monkey exhibit at the zoo. OR (Two guys at a football game) SCORE! Hey Neil, red blood cell--do you like sushi?

red brick: synonym of whatever, used in the stereotypical valley girl fashion.
Example: red brick! ..like you know what you're talking about.

red neck disorder: symptoms: the family tree doesn't branch
Example: Hey sis, how's our son doin?

red rocket: it's what happens when your dog gets excited...
Example: Don't look now but Deacon's got a red rocket again.

Red Sharing: A not so subtle communist plot which encourages people, especially children, to redistribute the wealth and toys.
Example: W: Suzy, share your crayons with Tommy.
S. No, Ms. Winkersnickle, my mom says that’s red sharing and you’re a commie.

Red Shirt: A character in any movie that is obviously not making it out alive.
From the Star Trek original series in which Kirk, Spock, and Liutenant O'Malley would beam down to a planet,
with O'Malley wearing a red shirt.
Who isn't boldly going anywhere after this planet?
That's right.
Lt. Red Shirt.
Example: The blond at the beginning of _Scream_ was clearly a Red Shirt.

Red Stick: Local slang for Baton Rouge (Louisiana).
Example: I got stuck on I-10 just outside of Red Stick.

redd-off: To clear away, to clean up a surface covered with several items.
Example: My Mom sets out dinner, but she always makes me redd-off the table when we're done. (She really did refer to it this way. For years, I didn't know this wasn't an official phrase.)

redheaded stepchild: To even be considered a redheaded stepchild you must have annoyed someone terribly or will not stop misbehaving
Example: Carissa was yelling and screaming at the younger kids and someone shouted Quit acting like a redheaded stepchild!

rediculist: I'm a person who makes lists of things to do or to remember. I make a list, another, another and yet another. Then I make a list of lists. This is my rediculist.
Example: I looked at my rediculist and realized just how ridiculous it was.

redink: Someone who pushes an already pushed and lit up elevator button,
as if whoever pressed it first couldn't be trusted to have done it right.
Example: I disliked her when I first met her in the elevator. She revealed herself to be a redink.

redneck chic: Describes Paintball players or Hunters who have totally matching camouflage head to toe.
Most often yuppies, not real rednecks.
Example: Hey Billy Joe Bob, didja see that guy with the full Eddie Bauer Real Tree Ghost Grey FAO Schwartz outfit?
His boots were camo.... Real redneck chic.

redneck-Riviera: The Gulf Coast of Florida.
Example: There are no good beaches in Alabama so I packed up the kids for a trip to
DisneyWorld and the redneck-Riviera.

Rednekkid: When hillbillies like to run around butt naked.
Example: Damn Cletus. When you add moonshine to a hogroast, you get all sorts of rednekkid fools runnin' about.

redonculous: Synonym for funny and ridiculous. Usually expressed in a shocked manner.
However, not usually used in response to a false statement.
Not usually used as part of a very long sentence.
Example: You just spent $3000 on a motorized scooter? That's redonculous!

NOT: Apples grown on vines? That's redonculous.

ree ree: one who does not have all of their noodles (smarts)
Example: that girl walked across the street into oncoming traffic. she is ree ree.

reedickledockle: Juimmy Duranticism for really ridiculous.
Example: That's reedickledockle.

Reegese: Any language for which the listener has no comprehension.
Example: I was on the elevator with all these people who were speaking Reegese and it made me uncomfortable.

reflectie: To have an excess shine or brilliance. Glittery, shiny, to the point of almost hurting one's eyes from the
brightness it reflects.
Example: Your face is so reflectie that it is hurting my eyeballs.

refridgerator: Refrigerator. From a misspeling. Check mispel for a few. May well be from a confusion with the brand name Frigidaire, from which came the shorthand fridge.
Example: Put that milk in the refridgerator before it curdles.

refrigecopter: An old refrigerator with an extremely loud motor.
Example: It's the middle of the night and the refrigecopter is preparing for take-off.

refry: A cigarette thats has been put out midway so you can smoke it later.
Example: Damn this is my last cigarette, better make it a refry.

Reggie Miller Big-Time: An expression that describes something big. A big event, a big shot, a strong emotion, whatever.
It comes from the basketball player Reggie Miller, who is known for making clutch shots at the end of a game.
He had used the expression big time in a Wheaties commercial.
Example: That was a Reggie Miller big-time shot.

Do you like Wheaties? Oh yeah, Reggie Miller big-time.

regift: Giving something as a gift that you yourself recieved as a gift.
Example: I'm not really a Bon Jovi fan so I regifted that shirt to my brother for his birthday.

regifting: Taking a present you don't like and giving it as a gift to someone else.
Example: That sweater was regifted--I'm sure of it.

Reginald Molehusband: Name given to a person who is determined to fit his or her car, van, or bike into an incredibly tight space.
Example: That Reginald Molehusband'll have a job getting in that space.

regional: Used to describe something not to your taste,
but might be enjoyed by someone of another region or social group.
Example: I didn't like that new TV show--it was too regional.

Regoddamndiculous: When Something is too damn weird
Example: Will you get it over with this is getting to be Regoddamndiculous

Regoddamnforkintastic-o: A sarcastic exclamation to show what a bad mood you are in.
Example: Jeremy: Hey, this girl asked me out. Isn't that great?
Gordon: (in a bad mood) Oh, well that's just regoddamnforkintastic-o, now ain't it?

regulate: To take control of a situation, often by physically beating other people
Example: The party was starting to get out of hand so I had to regulate.

Regulation: A situation, person, place or thing that is cool.
Example: What do you think of Jennifer Lopez's ass? It's regulation.

regurgability: The degree of wanting to throw up while looking at and or eating yucky food dishes.
Example: If someone in your house consistently cooks food with a high regurgability, build another bathroom.

regurgiburp: The expulsion of gas from the stomach through the mouth,
accompanied by the taste of stomach acid and partially digested food.

Regusting: A mix between repulsive and disgusting.
Example: Did you see that roadkill? It was regusting.

rehab: Derogatory term; use in place of the politically incorrect retard.
This word is most commonly used in its truncated form, hab.
Example: Will you please stop being such a hab--you're embarrrassing me.

reintarnation: (v) To come back to life as a hillbilly. (n) Reintarnation. See Tarnation. (From Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)
Example: When I saw Billy Bob mounting his new motor home on cement blocks, I knew he must be a reintarnation of

reither: A portmanteau word combining rather and either, used when presenting two equally attractive options.
Example: So reither we'll order a pizza or go out for curry.

rejoclious: Absurd in the extreme.
Example: Jerry Springer's guests tell stories that are rejoclious.

relationshipping: (v) To have a relationship that is not plutonic or saturnian.
Example: Zeus and Ino were relationshipping.

relationslut: A relationship-junkie incapable of surviving life as a single. Characterised by an over-willingness to settle for any lifeform with two legs and a pulse. Can often be located in cheap pubs and under damp bridges dissecting what went wrong with the previous relationship. Habits include confiding in nearly every stranger who passes by, in hope of receiving an illuminating piece of advice that will instantaneously solve all self-created problems.
Example: Why, yes, a blow-up doll is a perfect substitute until you find another boyfriend. And no, honey, you aren't a relationslut.

relattio: Relationship ratio: the number of steady relationships one has had divided by the number of different partners.
Example: Chesty's relattio is disgusting. She's up around 2.13 now.

relaxmosphere: Relaxed + atmosphere. Lots of candles burning, soft music, pet dog asleep, popcorn popping, nice fire in the fireplace.
Example: They really enjoy their cottage by the lake because of the relaxmosphere.

releasability: The act of determining whether or not something
(data, knowledge. ...) can be released to a person or group.

Example: What is the releasability of nuclear data to the Chinese?

relevate: relevation.. its like the joining of the words relate and elevate... Relevate means to have a deeper unstanding of the situation at hand, understanding.

remember when...: this is used at the beginning of sentences for no reason, other than humorous boasting. it doesn't even have to refer to a memory (as it usually doesn't). it's just a fun and silly way to start random sentences. ask my friends, i use this one WAY too much.
Example: hey, remember when i was the supreme ruler of the world and had my finger on the button? that was cool.

rememberize: To commit to memory.
Example: I had a hard time rememberizing my lines for the play.

rememorable: Memorable, only tweaked. To describe events that are extra memorable.
Example: Seeing Las Vegas for the first time was a rememorable experience for me.

remifluxion: The act of hearing somebody mention something that triggers you to remember
something you had once learned or saw, but had since totally forgotten.
Example: Steven brought up an episode of Pee Wee's Playhouse
and I had a total episode of remifluxion, I hadn't thought of it in so long.

remite: Insult. used to describe someone who you believe to be intellectually challenged--i.e., stupid.
Example: Two plus two doesn't equal five, you remite.

remocon: Remote control. Source Japanese reduction of English.
Example: Tanaka and his gaijin friends went down to the Ginza and bought a new DVD player whose remocon had more buttons than an air-traffic control station.

remtard: Someone who is stupid and a remedial
Example: You're a remtard.

renaissancial: 1. Characteric of the Renaissance.
2. Well-rounded, or well-versed.
Example: Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissancial man in his work and in his diverse education and devotion to the sciences and the humanities.

renderwander: What an animator does when he is waiting for his computer to render a 3D scene he is creating.
Example: I got so bored waiting for my machine to process the project that I would just renderwander around the office like a lost sheep.

Reno-style: (adj., adv.) Used to describe the forceful removal of something from it's current and longstanding location.
Example: Ex. 1 (adv.) The doctor said he would remove my brain tumor Reno-style. Ex. 2, (adv.) Give me your money or I'm going to take it out of your back pocket Reno-style. Ex. 3, (adj.) I was so drunk in the bar last night that I got a Reno-style escort out the door.

rent-a-friend: If you are lonely or have no friends, spend a lot of money on acquaintances. They may then act like friends. Such persons are rent-a-friends.
Example: Get some real friends. Rent-a-friends are too expensive.

rentgrazer: A landlord who looks at his tenants as sheep and does nothing to upkeep his property.
Example: Don't rent from that guy Ted. He's a real rentgrazer.

rents: Parents.
Example: A. I thought you were grounded. B. Yeah, well my rents are at work, so I'm sneaking out.

repentative: Something for which you feel remorse and guilt but keep doing again and again.
Example: I was repentative about sleeping with Suzy's beau but I just couldn't stop myself.

repetishilicious: Used to describe music that is repetitive to the extreme and yet is still good.
Example: My friends think techno is boring because It's the same thing over and over, but I think it's repetishilicious.

replicant: Someone who is so conventional, uncool, and predictable that you suspect she isn't human.
Example: Starbuck's is a great place to spot a replicant in the process of refueling.

replundant: Applies to individuals who do not make an effort to delete
the greater than signs and previously transmitted text that accompany email replies.
Example: Replundant souls lack the savvy to eliminate superfluous text when replying to email.

repo Cabin: Any house or structure that is barely inhabitable and not worth paying the mortgage or rent,
better to wait and let it be repossessed.
Example: We were so poor we were living in a repo cabin in Detroit.

report combination supply: The place where unwanted complaints are sent. Said as a stupid alernative to Talk to the hand or Poof, be gone. One of many stupid thing to have come out of my mouth, including strawberry-milk-flavored vomit.
Example: Just write a report to the report combination supply.

reput: To return something to its original location.
Example: Q: Where is the milk?
A: I reput it in the fridge.

requestion: A request that is also a question.
Example: I have a requestion; can I borrow your car tonight?

resando: The feeling of regret or sadness that comes after waking from a pleasurable dream that one wishes to have been real.
Example: When Jonathan awoke from his dream of having inherited millions of dollars from an obscure relative and realized it was only a dream, the only word to describe the feeling that overcame him was resando.

resemblant: Something that resembles something else.
Example: We need a shoebox or some resemblant for this project.

resetamabob: That elusive item that's just the right size to push the little reset button on an electronic device.
Fusion of reset and thingamabob.
Example: My MP3 player is acting weird. Anyone have a resetamabob?

residual girlfriend: Noun, feminine variant. The remains of a previous girlfriend that still seem to linger about your present beau’s heart and apartment. Masculinine variant: residual boyfriend.
Example: He talks about his residual girlfriend non-stop. It’s like being a third wheel in my own relationship.

I was going thru his closet and found an old bra. Residual girlfriend strikes again.

resignate: To resign from your elected office.
Example: He resignated to accept a new position.

resiprocal: ReCIPprocal--for drinking situations.
Example: Our drinking was resiprocal at the party.

resource-reintegration: Managementspeak for the necessary and inevitable process
where after all the skilled and experienced employees who were fired on a Friday
as part of the exciting new restructuring or refocusing of the company
are re-hired as extremely expensive contractors on the next Monday
in order for the business to survive and continue operating.
Example: Restructuring produced the expected savings in salary costs,
which were subsequently more than offset by the resource-reintegration program.

respectabiggle-marshwiggle: Used when a very drunk person has said something improperly.
Taken from the wonderous book _The Silver Chair_.
Example: I drunk I'm think. Ha! Respectabiggle-marshwiggle!

ressen-fressen-rackin-fracken: Mumbled curses that aren't quite. Used when the local audience may be offended by the real stuff.
Example: The ressen-fressen-rackin-fracken server crashed again right at quitting time.

rest: to require the use of the restroom
Example: I shouldn't have had all that coffe; now I have to rest.

Restified, Restification: Hot Rod slang. When you fix up an old car, but only kinda sorta restore it.
Not totally custom, but not restored to original condition either.
Nice, original-looking car with personal touches and modifications.
Example: I did a ground up restification of my Dad's old Hudson.
It's a '32 cabriolet, but with a 1950 OHC V8, and the rear-end is an indi off of a jag.

Restycle: a combination of recycle and style, pronounced ree-sti-kul, meaning to re-use the leftover gel in your hair from the previous day by wetting it again. A last ditch effort, usually following a long night/morning of paper-writing or sleeping through the alarm, leaving no time for a shower before your first class.
Example: After hitting snooze five times, John was forced to restycle his hair as he rushed out of the house.

resuppliance: Resiliant and supple. When a human body has the perfect feel and touch.
Example: I luxuriated in the resuppliance of his body.

resupply: to restock items (supplies)which have been used and deleted
Example: Resupply the missing cups on the counter for the coffee service.

retail therapy: A way to justify a shopping trip to cheer you up.
Example: I can't believe he broke up with me. Will you girls come with me to the mall for some retail therapy?

retal: Retaliation, revenge
Example: Our galaxy is going to retal for that offense.

retard-proof: Idiot proof. For something so easy that no one of average intelligence can possibly screw it up.
Example: That twist-off cap is retard-proof.

Retarded-cool: Being briefly cool during its time, then deemed stupid by the mass populus only to come back 10 years later as kitsch.
Example: I love Vengaboys--it's totally retarded-cool.

retes: Slang Doritos. Sounds like pete's.
Example: Pass my the retes.

retina burn: Shadows of images one can still see from too many hours spent staring at a computer screen. Cf. phosphor burn.

Example: After photoshopping for nine hours in a row, I had retina burn whole night.

retirement zombie: Someone who retires without first sorting out a life for herelf thereafter.
Result--retirement zombies wander the streets aimlessly, usually accosting former colleagues and boring them to death with chat about the old days.
Example: Watch, out Chris's coming--he's the worst of this year's crop of retirement zombies.

Retistico: A patio type structure used for nude sunbathing.
Example: Frank lounged happily in the retistico on a sunny August day.

retorted: That which is not nice to look at; ugly; distastful; eye burning; hurl-evoking.
Example: That guy is retorted.

retractification: the act of opening into oneself (as in a sliding gate)
Example: the entrance where the trucks pull in will have automatic retractification

Retread: Adjective or noun. Term for or desctibing a professor who returns to work after retirement to assist during a staff shortage.
Example: This professor is totaly out of touch with the subject matter. They must be a retread.

retroactive abortion: Murder. An unkind way of saying that you feel a person never should have been born.
Example: So I killed ten guys with a hatchet. I don't think of it as murder. I like to think of it as retroactive abortion.

retrobate: Something embarrassing (usually adolescent and sexual) which you nevertheless still enjoy.
You know you should have outgrown, but you haven't.
Example: I heard this Van Halen song on the radio this morning--it was so retrobate.

retrocalibrate: (v) To return something to a previous configuration.
Example: My friend moved his coffee table to a new location, but he kept hitting his shin on it in the dark. I recommeded that he retrocalibrate his living room.

retrocarbonic: Soda coming out of the vending machine before the cup.
Example: The cup never dropped and the machine splattered sticky soda all over my shoes. It was obviously retrocarbonic.

retrodict: Studying past events to predict the future.
Example: Using retrodict we can safely say that a meteor will hit the earth some time in the future.

retrogreat: To be remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent, but only if the idea had been thought of, or the action been taken much earlier.
Example: Wow, there was retrogreat parking here only five minutes ago.

retronaut: Since a huge word (and prefix) these last several years has been retro,
this phrase was coined when they sent John Glenn back into space.
It can, by extension, be applied liberally to other instances of forced nostalgia.
Example: They're having another gathering of retronauts on VH1 again!

retronym: A modified name given to an item when a newer form of the item forces a name change to differentiate between the old and new.
Example: Acoustic guitar is a retronym for what used to be known simply as a guitar.

retrophist, retrophisticated: Someone whose morals and way of life are taken from a period in history.
Example: Reading Wilde retrophisticated me into a fop. I am a retrophist in the style of Wilde.

retrosexual, reterosexual: A person, of either sex, who is convinced that sex was better in the good old days, even if she hadn't actually been born back then.
Example: Every time I see that picture of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing above her thighs in _The Seven-Year Itch_,
I start feeling retrosexual.

reuter: To disclose a secret; to break news (pejorative); from Reuters, the news agency.
Example: As soon as Bill learned about the affair, he reutered it to everyone.

rev: A person with a dark tan.
Example: Yo, check out that rev over there.

revendicative: Combination of vindictive, revenge, sadistic, merciless.
Example: Possibly one of the most classical examples of the revendicative mind set would be Shylock, demanding his pound of flesh for an unpaid debt.

review the tape: A way to preface something when you are about to overanalyse something.
Example: Okay, let's review the tape from last night. He called me to ask me out, but then he was 20 minutes late to pick me up. He paid for dinner, but he seemed kinda distant. Do you think he likes me or just wants to get me in bed?

revoltment: This is a combination of the phrase revolting development. That's exactly what it means.
Example: What a revoltment this is! I wanted to be able to drive across the country, but now that my engine blew up, I will have to take the train.

REW: You're on the phone. Long enough to make your ear uncomfortable. So you switch ears. But next thing you know, the person on the other end of the conversation starts up a juicy story or whatnot. So you switch back to your favorite ear. Thus is born, REW: right ear worthy.
Example: Betty: .....so then, he told me he's pregnant! Larry: Shreak! That is sooo REW!

rexahesperus: A chaotic situation that causes mild panic and disarray.
Example: Traffic in the mall parking lot the day after Thanksgiving was a rexahesperus.

rey-rey: Slang. To gossip about someone or talk about someone behind one's back.
Example: Them a rey-rey 'bout mi or Me naw rey-rey 'bout them.

Reyes: To take away by force
Example: Damn it! That guy just reyesed my parking spot!

Reynold's Canoe: Relating to the mystique of the film Deliverance, hickish vehicle,
hicks in a vehicle (including flatbed).
Example: Mark: Did you see Bob's Reynold's Canoe? John: Did that car come with a pitchfork?

Reynolds' Rules: Burt Reynolds' Poker Contingency Rules: the aces, one-eyed jacks, and suicide kings are wild
in all games.
Example: All right, guys. Ante up. Five card draw, Reynolds' Rules.

RFA: Ready, Fire, Aim.
Example: A. Can you believe it? They waited until we delivered the software, then told us it had to be platform-independent.
B. RFA, as usual.

rhinestone: A stupidly humorous event, especially the results of a Google web search.
Example: Fidel Castro enjoys the color green returns 209 results on Google? Now, that's a rhinestone.

rhodamine: a bright pink colour
Example: my, my, tarquin, look at what a wonderful shade of rhodamine the setting sun is this evening!

rhubarb: Word used to describe anywhere you didn't originally intend to be, usually a roadside ditch or somewhere off of a sled or ATV trail. Occasionally, rhubarb functions as a verb.
Example: He got goin' too fast and put 'er in the rhubarb or He got goin' too fast and rhubarbed 'er.

rianbow: No, it's not a misprint...it means the kind of 'backwards rainbow' you see above a regular one.
Example: That's a beautiful rianbow.

ribitulous: when a (sassy) female does something really weird or particularly attention-seeking
Example: Did you see how short her skirt was? It was ribitulous.

ribofaction: The act of turning someone into a gooseberry--acting as a couple so as to exclude someone.
From botanical Latin Ribes, the genus including gooseberries, + -faction (making)
standard ending from Latin facere, to make.

Example: Adam and his girlfriend ribofied me for three-quarters of an hour until I was forced to throw a bucket of cold water over them in order that they would notice I was there. They stopped their ribofaction pretty quickly.

rice Christian: One who becomes a Christian for what s/he thinks s/he can get out of it--from food distribution programs.
Example: Evangelism is more complicated than it seems. Many new converts are just rice Christians.

rice rocket: beefed up japanese import car that's real popular now

rice-burner: Any Japanese manufactured motorcycle.
Example: Honda is one of the better built of the rice-burners.

Ricer: A guy/girl that makes their car look like it has engine power, put it doesn't.
Example: (ex. Dodge Neon 106hp engine with yellow sitckers and fake chrome hub caps supposedly = +60hp)

rich: Irony: something bad has happened to a person who deserves it.
Example: A: Vivian W. (girl who always dumps people) got stood up last night. B. That's rich.

rich kid killer: Expensive import racing motorcycle.

richter: Richter is a word used when someone goes into a momentary state of complete shock, anger, or insanity. It can also be used to describe and out-of-hand situation or event.
Example: The crowd went richter after the upsetting defeat of their soccer team.

The blazing inferno was utterly richter, and the firefighters were unable to salvage the old warehouse.

ricockulous: Ridiculous, yet to a more extreme level.
Example: I find it ricockulous that curling is an Olympic sport.

ricstious: Something exciting, a thrill or rush
Example: For the first time in my life I went skydiving. I was strapped to some guy's back, and I tell you it was ricstious, my heart was going 100 miles per hour.

Rictor: Gush of creamy goodness.
Example: I pulled a rictor.

ride: a person's vehicle.
Example: Let's take your car, my ride's out of gas.

ride hump: To ride in the middle of the back seat of a car, where the hump is.
Example: Everyone piled into the car and I had to ride hump.

Ride The Bike: To do something in a group of two people
Example: Joe and I were riding the bike on that project we turned in on Thursday.

ridiculi: 1. Plural of ridiculous.
2. A multitudiousnous of strangeosity in extreme forms.
3. A Sheehy term designed for optic nerve directional centralization.
Example: Zoobaz: Erin, what shakes?
Erin: Meh.
Zoobaz: How's yer film?
Erin: Actually, it's quite ridiculi.

ridiculosity: when a situation has gotten out of hand
Example: Waiting 5 hours to get your drivers license at the DMV...this situation has reached the point of ridiculosity!

riding bitch: The middle seat of three in the backseat of small cars usually designed just for two;
usually has a slight contoured hump making it a not so comfortable ride. The bitch seat.
Example: I'm not sliding over. I rode bitch on the way here. It's your turn.

ridleypearson: A ridleypearson is a word usage worth noting. In _The Pied Piper_ (Hyperion, copyright 1999 Ridley Pearson) see pages 33 (razor man = surgeon), 321 (pocket protector = computer geek or guru or nerd), 356 (prison talk: conjugal visits = jungle visits), and 376 (Blue Line = boundary that divides cops from criminals) for a taste. (Ridley Pearson is the author of some 15 to 20 novels, generally combination thriller and police procedural.)
Example: Great phrasing, Dana--that's a ridleypearson.

ridonculous: Like ridiculous, but ridiculously ridiculous.
Example: I don't understand why the two of them stay together; their relationship is ridonculous

ridonkulous: Utterly silly. A most unbeleiveable set of circumstances.
Example: Did you see that ridonkulous story in the paper this morning?

ridonkulus: More unbelieveable or crazy than what ridiculous could describe
Example: He got promoted after bitching at his boss? That's just plain ridonkulus.

ridorkulous: Ridiculously dorky.
Example: You look ridorkulous in that gorilla suit.

riff raff: a bunch of people up to no good, there to cause trouble
Example: WOW look at all the riff raff's standing at that corner

rifle load: Really simple--when anything you're downloading comes in faster than a speeding bullet.
Example: That five meg file downloaded in 10 seconds. That was sure a rifleload.

rig: A computer, usually a nice one.
Example: Nice rig you got there... What games you got on it?

right arm: An affirmation of a suggested plan, variation of Right on.
Example: Do I want to head out to the club now? Right arm.

right hand rule: Fear itself
Example: The only thing I fear is the right hand rule.

Right on: you say this when something good has happened.
Example: Wow! Right on, that's so cool!

Right quick (r.q.): Similar to the phrase real quick. More commonly used in the r.q. form.
Example: Do you want to go out? Hold on, I have to finish my paper, r.q.

rightawaynow: Not just immediately, but 5 minutes prior to. Said vigorously and quickly for effect.
Example: Craig! Get me the crescent wrench rightawaynow! The gasket's gonna blow!

rightwheeliebout: I made this word up in 1966 when I was a Lance-Corporal with The Boys' Brigade.
It is a combination of two commands: Right-wheeland About-turn.
It is, therefore, a command for Left-turn.
Example: Squad! Atten-shun! By the left.... Quick march. Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left,
Rightwheeliebout.... Left, Right, Left, Right.... Squad Halt. Stand-at-ease.

rigid: A person who has it all going for him.
Example: Mike is rigid.

rigoddamndiculous: Ridiculous, emphasized by tmesis.
Example: Seeing the elephant trying to fly was so rigodamndiculous that it made the spectators laugh 'til tears came to their eyes. Then, next thing they knew, Dumbo was airborne!

riiight: From Austin Powers--used in reply to stupidity.
Example: Your mom is so hot. Uhm, riiight.

rimson: Wanting something, but not knowing what that something is.
Example: She looked into the fridge and sighed I'm so rimson! I'm hungry, but I don't know what I want.

rindless: Used to describe a person who is one of the most attractive people you are likly to come across. A very attractive person. Works with both sexes.
Example: Look, theres a rindless by the bakery.

ringmenutes: Used when you cannot remember someone's name, synonym to whatsisname.
Example: I hope he doesn't bring ringmenutes along for the ride.

rinse & repeat: To act in an extremely anal-retentive way, such as following directions word for word, and doing everything by the book.
(Lather. Rinse. Repeat.) Can be used in several ways.
To describe someone: rinse & repeater.

To use in the immediate sense of the word: rinse & repeat(ing).
Example: Dave is a rinse & repeater when it comes to dinnertime. Heaven forbid anyone pass food to the left.


Quit rinse & repeating, and start the car. You've already done two walkarounds, and checked the air pressure in all of the tires!

rip it up: To decribe an action done with extra effort or high energy. (See the old song, Rip It Up.)
Example: I'm bringing my Les Paul and tube amp and Malcolm's gonna spin. We're gonna' rip it up.

Ripe: To leave an area quickly.
Example: Let's ripe this place

ripostasy: Derived from riposte (quick retaliatory thrust or retort) and apostasy (abandonment of one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause).
Example: You are hereby charged with the heinous crime of ripostasy, as you have apparently lost interest in this debate.

rippery: The sensation of an ice cold refreshment scoring your throat.
Example: This Coca Cola is rippery!

ripplehead: The descriptive term for the rippled appearance on certain people's heads
after they shave it--usually for the first and last time.

Also known as KLINGONHEAD.
Example: Did you see when Jon shaved his head? He had major ripplehead, and now he wears a hat.

ripsnorter: Australian word to describe a good time or thing.
Example: The footy game on Friday was a ropsnorter.

risofrette: When you are worried about something and this worry finally goes away or is resolved,
you think that you will be worry free, but alas, another worry always seems to rise to the surface.
Example: I thought I would be worry free once I quit smoking,
but a risofrette occurred and now I worry constantly about money.

risquanchy: To be slightly more lewd than risque, but not quite raunchy.
Example: The girl with too much make-up on was dancing a bit risquanchy at the show last night.

rithered: Similar to stoned, but more severe.
Example: Better slow down a bit, I'm rithered.

ritter: Trouble, relating to sexual acts and or heart- breaking.
Example: The girl is just a ritter.

River Chicken: A duck. More so a duck that is white with brown speckles and is too far away for ready identification.
Example: Frank: Look, Barry. I had no idea that chickens could swim. Perhaps it's a river chicken.
Barry: It's a duck, Frank.

rizzle: The most improved version of the word real. Used to tell people what you are doing.
Example: I am just trying to keep it rizzle.

roached: When something is destroyed disrupted or otherwise not working.
Example: I finished some code last night that works fine on my pc but its all roachy on mac netscape.

road: Means leave or go away in a forceful manner. Exerpt from the movie Excess Baggage.
Example: You've worn out your welcome. I think its time for you to road.

road booger: An accumulation of ice and snow in the wheel well of a car or truck.
This is a winter phenomenon, generally in the northern U.S. and Canada.
Example: That there's a rilly big road booger on yer truck.
Ya want me to kick it off?

road dog: homey, homeslice, partner, buddy, cool one
Example: Karen is my road dog.

Road Pizza: The unfortunate result of some animal or person getting hit by a car, bus or train.
Example: We were wondering when the town would come clean up that road pizza.

road rain: The phenomenon suffered by highway drivers when it stops
raining but car spray still obscures your vision.
Example: Get out from behind that truck. How can you see with all this road rain?

road rash: The severe skin injuries that occur as the result of a motorcycle accident.
Example: He was thrown from the bike and went scuttering down the highway for 50 yards.
The worst case of road rash I've ever seen.

road schmutz: The stuff left on your car (especially the windshield)when the road rain dries.
Example: I used up all the cleaner trying to get the road schmutz off the windows!

road soda: An alcoholic drink consumed while driving or riding in a vehicle.
Example: The drive's over twenty minutes. Better grab some road sodas.

robble: Exclamation, used to indicate the compulsive need for a hamburger made
of mostly synthetic substances. Often used by puppets dressed like Zorro on crack.
Example: Robble Robble.

robevent: something contrary to nature
Example: That manifestation was a robevent!

robophobia: Fear and revulsion of robots, caused by their humanoid appearance but lack of body language
and organic subtleties, thus causing the sufferer to believe that she is surrounded by walking,
talking dead people.
Example: Don't take that thing near Bob. He suffers from robophobia.

robosteckler: An empowered individual or entity exercising a blatant and needless abuse of authority,
particularly at the expense of the less fortunate.
(robostecktorian adj. steckle tr.v.)
Example: That cop gave me a speeding ticket for going 3 miles over. What a robosteckler.

Robustify: The act of making someting more robust.
Example: Just get the web site working, we will robustify it later.

Robustitron: An undescribable mystery mechanism that when broken brings the system or machine in question to a complete stop or when added to something inferior makes it infinitely better than everything.
This word is used to confuse lay people when no one cares to figure out the real reason for things.
Example: You see, your web site went down because the robustitron in the web server started artifacting the data stream.

rock: To display a certain style.
Example: That guy was rocking a mullet.

rock chestnuts: Used to describe something which is the epitome of coolness.
(Invented by Jerame Barriga of Carson, CA.)
Example: Mrs. Monson rocks chestnuts!

rock grapefruits: Used to describe something which is the epitome of coolness. Cf: Rock chestnuts.
Example: Jerame, you rock grapefruits!

Rock On!: Said as either enthusiastic or sarcastic encouragement..
Example: A. Well, I'm gonna mow the lawn. B. Rock on!

rock star: Used to describe an extreme situation or personal actions.
Example: You got rock star parking. I parted like a rock star last night!

rock steady: To be cool in a conspicuously uncool manner.
Example: You bought a new boba fett poster for your office? Rock Steady!

Need to lay it on even thicker? use baby as a modifier= Rock steady, baby!

rock the funky beat: Superlative of rock.
Example: Your mom's cinnamon rolls rock the funky beat.

rock'n'roll: Mid-20th Century US black slang for sex. Came to mistakenly stand for a sub-genre of music. Brings whole new meaning to Rocking All Over The World, Rock Around The Clock, Jailhouse Rock, and Hard Rock Cafe.
Example: Well, time for some rock'n'roll.

rockasaurus: Senior citizen that loves rock-n-roll or plays in a rock-n-roll band,
still has the intensity but is marked by long hair and leather like skin.
Example: Mick Jagger is a real rockasaurus.

rocket monkey: A person who does work somewhere between rocket science and monkey work. Often used in IT for cut and paste work that requires thinking.
Example: You need to think about those figures; get a rocket monkey to enter them.

rocket surgeon: sarcasm; a very stupid person
Example: The sign says pull, you rocket surgeon.

rocket-star: A hybrid of rocket scientist and rock star, generally used as a back-handed compliment for achieving the mundane.
Example: You remembered to sign the cheque this time? You're a rocket-star!

rocks (optional: the house): To be extremely pleasing to ones tastes or senses.
Example: That _Mission Impossible_ movie rocks. That new 7-11 slurpie flavor rocks the house. That rocks--do it again. That last skateboard trick rocked.

rocks sheep: Something that's particularly awesome or entertaining
Example: Wow, Paul, your new story really rocks sheep!

rocks the casbah: describes when something comes across as very exciting or when a situation turns out to your extreme liking
Example: When Fred's uncle gave him a new car he said Whoah, this rocks the casbah!

rocks-for-jocks: Geology 101 in any undergraduate program.
Thought to be the easiest the science requirements.
Example: He's unable to count his fingers without giving himself a hemorrhage,
so he took rocks-for-jocks as his science.

rocktropolis: Very similar to cool.
Example: I get a raise?! ROCKTROPLIS!

rocky collar: When the collar on a shirt does not lay properly, it can referred to as a rocky collar.
Example: Fix your rocky collar before we leave.

rodee: Unsuccessful attempt to make a pass or to pick someone up
Example: Did you hear about John last night? He pulled a rodee on this chick, and she turned him down flat.

rods to the hog's head: A quaint and antiquated measurement of absolutely anything. The unit of measurement is a rod, checked against a hog's head. The implication is that whatever it is you're measuring, it's either very old, or happened a long time ago.
Example: 1. Abraham Simpson: I said the metric system is the tool of the devil... My car gets 40 rods to the hog's head, and that's the way I likes it!
2. My first computer was a Commodore 64 that got four rods to the hog's head of memory.

roffle: Rolling on the floor laughing, but not rofl. Written as you say it, probably because typing it that often means you almost say it out loud. Most commonly used to confuse people not 'in the know'.
Example: Person A: I was thinking about becoming a priest, but I don't like small boys. Person B: Roffle!

Roger Moore: To pick up a lady using heavy dry-wit and light sarcasm.
Example: Rich: Hey, look at Paul over there making that girl laugh.
Albert: Yeah, he's laying down the Roger Moore.

roger rabbit: The inability of a motion picture to seamlessly fuse live action with computer-generated imagery, as the film-makers had intended, lending it an unintentional cartoony feel.
Example: I enjoyed _Attack of the Clones_, but it was a bit Roger Rabbit at times.

Roger Roger: Affirmative Adj. (raw-jur-raw-jur) Derived from Battle Droids in Star Wars Episode One. Roger Roger is used to denote willingness without enthusiasm. A way to affirm without pleasure about the subject.
Example: You gotta work today man? Roger Roger.

rogerdilly: OK, no worries, no problem, sure, why not, yes, fair enough.
Example: Q. Are you going? A. Rogerdilly. On my way.

rohitopomous: (adj) An awkward stench.
Example: Your car smells rohitopomous.

roid: (n) Asteroid (v) To take asteroids from another planetary system.
Example: 1. He took my roids 2. Let's roid that guy, he looks like a good target.

rok: Cool, excellent. From _Happy Gilmore_: Rock. R-o-k? R-O-C-K! Oh, the c's silent ...
Example: Yo, I'm comin' down today.'Rok.

roldivl: the word you always end up with at the end of scrabble
Example: Damn, i can only put down roldivl

rolled, jackrolled: 1. To be robbed in an overwhelming manner.
2. To be taken advantage of.
Example: The dummy was so drunk that the minute he left the bar, he got jackrolled and lost all his money.

roller: A police cruiser.
Example: You'd better slow down. I see a couple of rollers up ahead.

rollout: To leave, gangster style.
Example: Alex: Yo, I'm boutsta rollout. Herb: Aight, peace e-z.

rollposting: Placing a full roll of toilet paper on top of the an empty roll of toilet paper in lieu of
actually replacing the roll.
Example: I sure am getting sick of all the rollposting that's been going on in the bathroom lately.

romantical: act of being romantic
Example: My husband was so romantical last night

romantical: act of being romantic
Example: My husband was so romantical last night

roo: Cigaret, cigarette. Short for cigaroo.
Example: I smoke a pack of roos a day.

Roofus: Excellent, brilliant, the best thing in the world, cool.
Example: Skating is roofus.

roon: to ruin something, also rooned = ruined
Example: You rooned it!

roon: Slang for cigarette, shortened form of cigaroony.
Example: May Ii have a roon, please?

rope: To vomit.
Example: Don't rope in my car, Zak.

rosanthenascimiento: A sentiment of deep affection,
mainly romantic changing someone from a pragmatic person to an incurable dreamer.
Example: Amadeus was touched by rosanthenascimiento. In this way he became an artist.

roshamboization: The bringing about the settlement of a dispute by the
employment of the game rock-paper-scissors (roshambo).
Example: The argument over who was actually going to be the one to pay the bar tab was finally settled by roshamboization, thus ending hours of dispute and preventing a near certain brawl.

roshent: Would not, wouldn't.

Example: I roshent try that if I were you.

rot: 1. (n) Something insanely disgusting or annoying. 2. (int) Exclamation to denote extreme displeasure.
Example: 1. Mid-terms are such rot! 2. Rot! I deleted my files.

rotard: 1. One who has become stupid through the use of rotation.
2. Dizzy person. (Compare to actual English word dotard.)
Example: Look at those rotards getting off the roller coaster.

ROTFLMAO: Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off. Used to show that something is extremely funny.
Example: Yesterday, Jeff was about to sneeze, so he turned to the left. When he sneezed, his head hit the wall.
ROTFLMAO, I was crying.

rotisserie geek: Noun - A person obsessed with rotisserie or fantasty sports. They are becoming more rampant with the ease and convenience of leagues on the internet.
Example: I saw George last night and he couldn't put down the paper. He spends all day checking how HIS players are doing. He's becoming a real rotisserie geek.

rotted: Rotted is something that is plain awful. It can also be used to describe a person, place or thing.
Example: Geez, that guy is really rotted.

Rotten Ronnie's: MacDonald's, not in favour of.
Example: Where do you wanna go for lunch? Anywhere but Rotten Ronnies.

rovalert: One dog barking setting off all the other dogs barking.
Example: The man walking down the alley set off a rovalert from all the neighborhood dogs.

rowd: Noun form of rowdy.
Example: While the substitute teacher had poor anticipations of the pupils from the start,
their rowd and poor behavior proved even these low expectations to be too high.

rowdical: A word used to describe a particularly rambunctious reveler, protester,
or generally loud and over-the-top individual.
Example: Was that guy in the crowd ever rowdical!

rowr: A playful, cat-like sound. A cross between a growl and a purr.
Used when you want to say something is sexy.
Example: She rowr-ed at her boyfriend.

roxedo: The formal attire worn when attending a rock concert or rock related gathering.
Usually consisting of black jeans, black t-shirt (band name optional) and a black jacket (tassles are illegal).
Example: I am going to wear my roxedo to the Metallica concert tonight.

roxy: Funky, stylish girl.
Example: That girl at the club was a real Roxy.

royal sampler: A collection of objects that are all different; typically implies that they are more-or-less useless.
Example: I found a royal sampler of video adapters at Radio Shack, but there was nothing to convert from RCA to coaxial.

royally: adverb - 1. to it's furthest extent. 2.majorly
Example: After the scooter crash, his knees were royally screwed. (or screwed up, royally!)

RTG: Ready To Go.
Example: After five hours of shopping I was RTG.

Rubar: The shoulder of the road, not paved.
Example: Whoa! Stay off the rubar.

rubba: someone who is not of legal age to have sexual relations with; usually refering to little boys.
Example: Billy Bob, you can't do that with her she's a rubba.

rubbage: a combination of rubbish and garbage which refers to discarded envelopes, paper, letters, junk mail, etc.
Example: I burn my rubbage in the fireplace and throw my garbage in the trash can.

rubber mousing: hang around a site

Rubbie: A rubbie is a term used in Vancouver to describe an alcoholic, mentally ill, or drug addicted homeless person. They are generally found scattered around the West End and heavily concentrated in the Lower East side.

The history of the word seems to stem from the word rubbish. The rubbies are often dirty, and wheel around shopping carts full of junk.
Additionally, they often sleep in garbage cans, which might be the inspiration for the term.
Example: From the adjacent building I could see up on the roof and there were a couple of dead rubbies up there.

rube: Person or persons with little clue about culture. A clueless dolt.
Example: Josh is a rube, he needs to grab a clue from the clue bag.

rucker: Punk wannabe with mohawk or mullett.
Example: Chris changed his hair--yeah, it's a wig--and everything just to hang with the punks. Nothing but a rucker.

ruckinsnuckincursinfursin: A mild all-ages expletive, usually applied to family situations
beyond control or belief.
Example: Jim: Who put the wet towel on top of the clean laundry?
Family: (no answer)
Jim: (under breath) Ruckinsnuckincursinfursin!

rucks: RUCKS, meaning lots. (Used by all generations in Welshpool, Mid-Wales)
Example: I've got rucks of work. There were rucks of people.

rude o'clock: 1. Ridiculously early in the morning. 2. Any time before I get up
Example: What are you ringing me for? It's rude o'clock!

rudeling: pl. rudelings. def. a rude person. for starcraft fans, similar to zergling.
Example: The professor thinks the students were a bunch of rudelings for using their cellphones in the middle of class.

rudestrian: An able-bodied jaywalker who, being waved across the street by a courteous motorist, seems to cross slower than he or she would if there were no traffic.
Example: As Jeremy sat helpless and fuming in the cab, his train beginning to roll out of the station without him, he considered what a fine hood ornament this latest rudestrian would make.

rufferee: A referee who allows rough play to continue without calling penalties.
Example: Uh oh. This is going to be a rough hockey game. See who the rufferee is?

Ruffus: Really Cool
Example: That party last night was very Ruffus.

rufus: A person in power who thinks and acts as if she's the greatest thing in the universe--and makes sure everyone knows it. Taken from Rufus Shinra of FF7 fame.
Example: Christina Aguilera is no Barbra Streisand or Madonna, not even a Britney Spears. But she's definitely a rufus.

rufus: Cooler than cool
Example: That jacket is way rufus!

rufus: Crazy, out of control.
Example: The party I went to last night was rufus.

ruh-roh!: A form of the phrase uh-oh! compliments of Scooby Doo.
Example: Ruh-roh! We're out of Lucky Charms!

ruka, ruca: a female gangster. Girl involved in a gang.
Example: My ruka is hangin with the homies!

rule: To excel at something.
Example: When Dr. Peikoff appeared on a radio talk show to discuss his views on the terrorist crisis, he was bewildered by a caller who told him, Dr. Peikoff, you _rule_!

rule 0: v - In RPGs (Role Playing Games), when the gamemaster changes a rule for whatever reason, usually to resolve a problem
Example: It was being abused so I rule 0'd it to make it more specific.

rumble guts: That unsettling churning in your stomach, experienced when one has the intestinal flu,
food poisoning, or a dose of Montezuma's Revenge .
Example: I shouldn't have eaten that whale fat and blue cheese burrito.
Now I've got a serious case of rumble guts.

rumdum: A dummy, or dumb dumb
Example: What did you do that for you rumdum?

rumka: This is the official drink of the Amish Mafia intra-mural team.
It evolved from a drink labled rum, but tasting much more like vodka.
Example: Well, gentlemen, it wouldn't be a holiday humdinger unless someone puked off a shot of rumka. Merry Christmas.

rumpus: Noise, slang for news.
Example: So what's the rumpus from your world lately?

runnerbunny: An imaginary prey, especially one which presents itself at times inappropriate for pursuit.
Example: His new kitten was a delight, except whilst chasing runnerbunnies at 4:00 AM.

runted: To be extremely tired to the point of seeing double; inability to be coherent due to tiredness or other reasons.
Example: You were so runted this morning, all you did was say something that didn't have a vowel in it then rolled over and went back to sleep.

Runway bioch: A stuck-up, snotty girl who thinks she is it.
Example: Look at that runway bioch, walkin like she owns the place.

ruok: A single word pseudoacronym for Are You Okay.
Example: Old Man: Oww! I just dropped that anvil on my toe!
Response: Ruok.

rupafied: Similar to stupefied, to be in a trance-like state.
Example: Those who stared at the sun too long became rupified.

rurnt: southern way of saying ruined
Example: that car in the woods is rurnt

rush 'n' hope: when you are pressed for time and you have a difficult math problem to do, you put down any logical answer and hope for the best.
Example: I had fifteen minutes to finish my algebra, so I used the rush 'n' hope method. I only got a D-.

rushmore: The one thing you're perfect for or is perfect for you. A rushmore is the one thing that you're good at and should do it for the rest of your life. If your rushmore is a person, that's the person you should spend the rest of your life with.
Example: She's my rushmore, Max.

russell: A winner. (Bill Russell won 2 NCAA championships, an Olympic Gold Medal, and 11 NBA championships, including eight in a row.)
Example: The guy is successful in everthing he does--he's a real russell.

russie: This is a word we use when referring to a state of excitement that our dog gets into, often provoked by us.
Example: Sunny's just been sleeping all day. She needs to be russied up. OR Someone's a little russet.

Rutro: A term shouted in extreme displeasure.
Example: Jane: Astro, you're on fire! Astro: Rutro!

rydfom: Rid-fom. A toga in bad condition, usually found by archeologists on Fridays.
Example: Dr. Leaky, I think we've found another rydfom.